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  1. Hey knost, welcome to tif ^.^ Great bank, just as i expected. I saw most of it while you were getting an outfit for ranging in though lmao. Ttyl! ~x~ ~Snake
  2. Hmm... Thanks. I'll just keep it how it is for now then. ~Snake~
  3. Hey, I have made a working combat calculator on Microsoft Excel, but i need a way of getting information from the Runescape Highscores, and put into the calculator at the click of a button. Anybody know how to do this? Thanks, ~Snake~
  4. sct_snake


    I don't read them, it's wherever i go. Apparently they're doing a mass loggoff at 8pm gmt for 10mins. Doubt it will do any good.
  5. sct_snake


    Kimzon: I don't read them It's just everywhere i go, and whatever i do. Scars: Because i play the game to have fun, and this is just ruining it for everybody that still wants to play. Maybe they did this for a reason? Kill RuneScape off, and start afresh with mechscape? Just a possibility.
  6. sct_snake


    If you're quitting, then just go! All this ranting and rioting is ruining the game for the rest of us! When has it ACTUALLY made a difference? Maybe in a few bits here and there, but come on... it's just getting annoying now! Remember, it's just a game not life! If you don't like it, get used to it or leave already! Go play Warcraft or something, and stop bothering us. Thank you, ~Snake~
  7. Thanks. I'll get it up after 99 def :thumbsup:
  8. Ack! So, i have to get 85 first... I hate range so much Any suggests of an easy training method to get from 70-85 range? I'm a range narb tbh. Thanks, ~Snake~
  9. How much does 99 range with chins cost these days? Thinking about getting it, and would like to know :D Thanks, ~Snake~
  10. But that wouldn't make it a true pixel :shame: But the layers do help yes.
  11. Hmm... Strange moon... If people don't know what it is, that's probably a pretty good sign that it doesn't look right. Good luck on pixel making. Look at some tutorials on websites around the internet. Learn shading and 3d perspectives. Well done on starting on an avatar. I heard that was the best way to advance.
  12. Should go in 'The Gallery' That's where you will get the much needed advice, and crits.
  13. one of the points of a pixel sig for it to be unique to the person that requested it. I doubt you would get it. Try thinking up something original.
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