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  1. fakeitormakeit2, i hear that purple party hats used to look very pink in classic, but at that time party hats didnt contain colors in their names (i.e. blue partyhat and red partyhat were each just called partyhat). and then when rs2 came out they changed the pink to purple and named it purple, along with naming all the rest of the colors. taloopis, most of the movies that you watch have classical music in them. its just that the hero in this movie likes beethoven. just give the movie the old 20-minute test, if you dont like it then quit :P maniac frog, i do plan to get 120 dungeoneering, but i'm going to take my sweet [wagon] time. i'd say my main priority is to dump this vampire dust that i have, and i'm hoping for edibles to crash so i can get my pump, disk and egg back, i dont know about half wine and cracker. the cracker is the only rare that i've never held, and my chances of getting it are pretty weak, but theres always hope
  2. My ethics text book told me to, then I saw his sig and that was the final straw. 2 hours later i'd watched it and it easily resides in my top 5 of all time (pending further watches :smile:) Anyway, i'm rating the OP and not the film so 31/99 Just kidding, extremely well done! the movie had an effect on me, too. after i watched it for the first time i wanted to listen to beethoven's 9th, and then i wanted to listen to more beethoven, and now i'm a bit of a classical music fan... well, really, i dont listen to it very often, and when i do i only listen to masterpieces. but i'm glad that it opened the door to classical music for me
  3. youre right, i hid the text box because of spammers but i should have left it in there as verification that this isnt a hacked version of rs, lol i normally dont like to show off but i've just been trying for so long to get the white phat that my endorphans are making me crazy! for like 6 months i had all phats but white, and i at some point acquired 2nd red phat, and i eventually gave red phat+ 3 mask set+ extra red mask for white phat + 420k vamp dust, as youll see in next post btw the monkey's name is choo choo :P
  4. omg sirscrap <3 :) for my sig, rent the movie "A Clockwork Orange" probably the best 40-yr old movie in existence and noes i don't have much more than this, if you consider street prices then this is probably easily 99.9% of my bank
  5. ty silas i guess no one else wants to rate :(
  6. nice funorb rank fml

  7. i've never pk'ed much and i'm retired from skilling till there's a new skill
  8. tally, i been ok, ty for asking. 1 more week of instruction and i have my degree :D idk if i will make the guide, i'm lazy and the game has changed so much since i got my lvls 258forlife, the cash i have is negligible, i can barely buy a couple masks for it. i'm better off saving it for whenever an update comes and i need to buy stupid stuff. pinkbullet3, here's a tissue. :P xxxgod, yep gandalf, well i got nothin to comment on, just didnt want you to feel left out lol :P
  9. lol smellysocks, teach you what? you're maxed :o hawkeye, it was a movie. check it out, its 30+ yrs old but still is awesome even by today's standards and yes people im working on the white...
  10. natedog: I wont ever max my cash unless the rares market completely shuts down and the items are not ever sold nopnoob: im working on it. well, no, im not. im retired from rs but i am waiting for phats to crash so i can trade my masks for a white :P taloopis: lol funny, and hi how ya been
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