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  1. Yea, I dont think its something I will add anyways. Before autoers could tell you if you had catch :roll: we figured it out differently, and the means to do so are in the guide so it doesnt matter.
  2. No, you're quite wrong there.. PID is not about ping and connection.. you've got it all mixed up. Pid (player id) is the id you're given when you log in. If you have a lower pid then your opponent you'll be able to catch him. Good connection will not help you get a lower pid, quite the contrary, although it will allow you to have a lower ping, which means less lag so if you have a lower pid it will be easier for you to catch. Hope I made my self clear :P My understanding so far as I came back was it was similar, and I know its the ID given, and that bots can tell you what you and others have. Pretty much thats how we figured who had catch, or the best ping to the server.
  3. Pid is basically ping or connection, its already in there. if people cant put 2 and 2 together then whatever :lol:
  4. Sn1p3r Dark was Enpot, one of the original pure plates.
  5. Def has nothing to do with whether youre pure or not. Pure is low or no mage and low prayer possible. yea 1 mage is the best however, if you have 5 or so magic its not gonna hurt your char that badly. And prayer is kinda neccesary for a succesful pure. I know an original pure plate with 12 magic and he owned hard.
  6. its prob why all the newbs can catch now days I think its better that they can catch rather than auto catch :roll: pkings ruined on classic no matter what any ways. so wether some one can catch or auto doesnt really matter no more. its a good guide tho, youve about covered it all but theres a couple things id change. like on rightys ...just click their feet 5 times then right click ...it follows them perfect . good guide tho Yea I like that follow tactic, but I prefer my own method, I can add it, ill mess around with it soon, and add it.
  7. its prob why all the newbs can catch now days I think its better that they can catch rather than auto catch :roll:
  8. This is the original guide I posted on Tip.it about 1.5 yrs ago. A few mistakes have been edited, however some of the terminology may be out of date, ie - Ping/id, Seems people with programs can now tell you your connection ability to catch people. Anyways, I am posting this now, and as I become more familiar with terminology and new concepts I will add them. Mods, can sticky this if you want, it used to be on old forums. Please leave it unlocked so I can edit it as I need to. I'm not interested in rehashing old arguments about this guide, I posted it for legit people who don't know how to catch or want a few extra tips. Hopefully people will turn from auto catching some. GUIDE First of all you cannot always catch someone. In order to have "catch" on someone, you must have a better connection to the server than they do. In order to achieve this, make sure you only have rs running, and you have a good internet connection, ie. cable, dsl, t1, t2, t3. People on 56k modems are very easy to catch, because they normally have the worst connection. Having said that, only one person may have catch on a server between 2 people. The person with the lowest ping ( best server connection ) will have catch, and can catch the other all he wants as long as hes good at it. The other person being caught, cannot catch the other guy because the other guy has catch on him. So now you understand that if you have catch, your opponent doesn't, meaning you could stay longer in a fight because you know hes not gonna catch you unless you stop. This also means you can catch him to death. Another way to have catch on a lot of people, is to pk on servers where you have catch often, or a really great connection. Generally these are the servers you live closest to. I myself live near San Fransisco, so those are the servers i normally pk on since i have catch on about 90 percent of people pking there. When attempting to catch. First your opponent runs from battle, click about 5 squares ahead of his direction. Wait till his hp bar over his head has disappeared and your own hp bar is gone. Click another 5 squares ahead of him to give you time to catch. Then right catch or left catch which ever the situation is. If you do not wait until the hp bars are gone before you attempt either "lefty" or "righty" catch, your character will run backwards. If you do not have catch your character will simply stop and your opponent will get away. To catch righty. The person is above your combat or under 4 below your combat, (lets say your 80 combat, <-80-76-> anything that isn't 76-80 combat is righty and needs this technique). When your opponent runs from you, click ahead of them 5 squares. Wait till hp bars are gone. Click ahead 5 squares again, then right click on them and click attack. Do this in a timely manner, (not slow, not extremely fast), and if you have catch you will catch them, but it takes practice. To catch lefty. The person must be your combat or down to 4 lower combats, ( assuming you're lvl 80 | 80-76 | you can catch lefty ). In order to do this, wait till your opponent runs, click 5 squares ahead of them, wait for hp bars to leave. As soon as the hp bars are gone, left click really fast like 4-5 times. If you have catch, you will catch them. This is much easier than righty. You can also catch some one who is lefty to you, using the the righty technique. To make diags very simple to catch, use auto camera mode. The top of your screen is facing straight on a diagonal, all u have to do is click directly above your head and it runs diag. Or directly below your character, and it runs the opposite diag. Turning you camera one angle over, sets you on the other set of diags and you are set again. This takes practice but it's the best way to catch diags. When set on "auto mode" the Diagonals face the top and bottom of your screen. The straight routes face off to the corners. The reason this is easy is because straight routes are set side by side, very easy to follow it. Diagonals on the other hand are set corner to corner and are much harder to follow. By setting your camera to "auto mode" you only need to click directly above your character or below your character to run the diagonal. Note: none of this is possible to you unless you have catch. I suggest practice, it takes awhile, but get yourself a practice partner and try for a few hours. This guide should give you all the info to catch. If you do not have catch, you may catch someone if they run East or North only if you are following them 1 square and then catch properly. Ive yet to try this, but everyone I asked said it works, so try it with a friend :) Remember if you have catch on someone, you can run and they can't catch you, meaning you can stay longer in a fight, even to no food, because you are quite safe if you are a good runner. This is not an excuse to log. Make your way to Edgeville and gain yourself some respect and honour. A good way to tell if you have catch is to follow someone. Follow the friend you are practising with. If you follow very close like 1-2 squares away, then he has catch on you. But, if you follow 3-4 squares away then you have catch on him. This works both ways. The Black Area. When you are pking you might notice ahead of you an area which appears black. You can't click in it, making it hard to follow people sometimes. When someone is "in" The Black Area, thier status becomes lefty. Lvls 3-123 is lefty to anyone in the game if they are in The Black Area. Wild lvls still keep you from attacking them if they are too low or to high. To use The Black Area. If you are following someone in attempt to catch them and you are running down a hillside, chances are that they are in The Black Area. You can't click to walk in The Black Area, so the person becomes Lefty and only requires left clicking to attack them. The best way to know where Black Areas are is to go into the wild and look at hill and different landscapes. As you pk, you will learn to use The Black Area to your advantage. In order to make The Black Area more noticeable, press the button F1. This lowers the graphics on the screen, also some say it reduces lag. It will make more Black Area appear, thus making it easier to "lefty" People in The Black Area. Sometimes, when you have catch, you will notice for some reason that you cannot catch anymore, and the next thing you know, your opponent has caught you. It does happen, sometimes you will lose catch and your opponent will obtain it. I'm not sure why, my best guess is that your connections are very close and it causes the ability to catch to "switch" between the 2 opponents. You can use the map to follow your opponents, I recommend clicking on the actual landscape to be accurate then you can use the map to click even farther. There are a few other little varied techniques, but this is the way I was taught. Not only does it work well, as far as I know most of the great catchers use this or similar techniques. I hope this guide was helpful, I'm pretty sure i covered all necessary info to learn to catch and to get good at it. Get a partner and practice these techniques, nothing is better than "hands on" practice. If you have any questions or would like me to add something, please post. A lot of people need to learn what they are capable of, and learn not to be cowards. Just because someone catches you 10-15 times doesn't mean they are an "autoer". It just means they are very good, although autoers are out there. This guide has the info to make you a good catcher and when you get called an "autoer", take it as a compliment :wink: Thanks to Killermandie, Taught me how to use auto camera. Last but not least the first person that taught me the basics of catching and pking - Enpot and his friend Zulwarm, Both Original Pure Plates like myself, Miss you guys :P If you want to use this guide on your own site, please contact me first. I would like to know where it goes and what not. So please just drop me a line before you use it and inform me of your plans.
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