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  1. I personally train with bronze arrows, but that's because I'm cheap. I would probably use iron arrows between those, but if you were to want to spend the bit of extra money, I'd get mith just because it's only 5k more if you buy 1k of them (which is not very many for training).
  2. I miss the old crandor island, when it was all green and lush rather than how it is now.
  3. I'd say attack first, since it's lower. Thanks for the re-assurance as that's what I did. But I also got 71 strength due to the strenght doors, so I'm going to get 70 attack, 75 strength and whatever hp that brings me out to (should be 88 combat according to the tip.it calculator).
  4. I can't decide whether to work towards 70 attack or 75 strength while dungeoneering. Thoughts?
  5. To Isthatok, congratulations, that is a big achievement. Also, what is a good way to train magic for F2P, presuming I'm not interested in bones to bananas, high/low alch, superheat, any of the spells that use body runes, or teleporting?
  6. Where do you get the 55k mining xp? (I'm just curious, from now on I'll be banking my ore in the dwarven mines.)
  7. Ahhhh, that makes sense now... Sorry I didn't understand it that way, just that it wasn't first come first serve.
  8. To Excels about the clay, I forget which thread this was in but somebody deduced that regardless of who put in a offer first, the person who gets the produce when it hits the GE is determined randomly. Just thought you should know. Also BiJay has a good point
  9. Does anybody else remember the old Crandor Island? It was so much nicer and more vibrant than the current glum looking place...
  10. Either that or they just forget about it until somebody mentioned it at a meeting or something.
  11. Could you break even superheating the coal and mith into mith bars? Because currently I'm using the new artisans workshop to get xp (101 xp for the iron xxx with the I level, 111 when I'm smithing the right thing(about 80% of the time)).
  12. Would you guys say that 225k is a worthy investment to get from 67 smithing to 70 smithing?
  13. When the wilderness returns, what is going to happean to FOG, will it move away, or will it be gone forever? Because I still have some tokens which I'm planning or reedeming for rc gloves, as the runecrafting task is the only task I have left of the hard diary...
  14. ^^^This^^^ The graveyard coming back is awesome, it was my main way to train prayer back in the day. Nowadays i just kill hill giants with range when i'm bored with life and need something to do. Mind you, that probably won't be happeaning the upcoming week, as I have exams...
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