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  1. Got Pk Video 3 To Work For FileFront But You Still Have To Download It Lol
  2. I am going to add new filefront links to all the videos except for the last one because that one wont upload on anything but megaupload for some reason
  3. I understand that, I cant do anything about it though because the links for filefront die after a while for me, and now I cant upload the videos on it, Pk Video 3 Is too big for youtube lol. I will try to upload all of the other files to filefront again though but if I cannot do that then I will just put them on rapidshare/megaupload whichever one works.
  4. I have Re-Uploaded Pk Video #3 To MegaUpload, Enjoy, "I think it will be worth the download"
  5. Thanks for the notification, All of my filefront links died I think, I will upload as soon as possible on a different site if I can because it wont let me upload my pk video 3 anymore :?
  6. I would post a stat pic but I quit all of those characters Im making one last character which will be a Tank Ranger, Currently not very good stats but they will be :P. I am also trying to re-upload my pk video 3 because I have found 7 minutes of unneccesary stuff in it. X Saber Jr X, My Ranger, Got Permanently Banned :(
  7. Currently Working On My New Character, RanginTankr, Drop By His Clan Chat Any Time PLEASE POST IF YOU WATCH THEM. It's kind of pointless to make videos if nobody posts Range Pure X Saber Jr X (Video Number 1) Youtube Link: Filefront Link: http://files.filefront.com//;8335905;;/ X Saber Jr X and R 4 T 3 D K Youtube Link: X Saber Jr X (Video Number 2) Youtube Link: X Saber Jr X (Final Video On This Character) Youtube Link: Filefront Link: http://files.filefront.com//;8335906;;/ Berserker Pure X Sabre Jr X Youtube Link: Filefront Link: http://files.filefront.com//;8335908;;/ Strength Pure S a b r e Xx (Video Number 1) Youtube Link: Filefront Link: http://files.filefront.com//;8335911;;/ S a b r e Xx (Video Number 2) Youtube Link: Filefront Link: http://files.filefront.com//;8335914;;/ S a b r e Xx (Video Number 3) *This Video Is Too Big For Youtube* Megaupload Link: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=2OK6VVQR Filefront Link: http://files.filefront.com//;8336429;;/ Enjoy.
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