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  1. I guess I will just put in the time doing Slayer and training my combat stats in the meantime. Slaying is pretty boring for me because the slayer masters keep giving me crap tasks like Dust Devils and stuff which give such low exp. I suppose I'll try and go for the combat route because it ultimately makes more money than the skilling route unless I find myself someday with the patience to get 60k sharks from fishing from 91 to 99. I don't want to spend real money so bonds isn't an option for me, and well I've never flipped before and I don't think I'd like to risk it really so I'll just stick to hoping for rare drops from bosses or something. It's just a bummer that even with so few people playing only the hardest and most insanely rare items are actually worth any money any more. Things like Bandos armour and even the Hilt are worth nothing now....
  2. So wow.. I haven't logged in here in the almost 10 years... I've recently come back to Runescape after being a year absent. However I never really used my Tip.it account for anything. Today I figured I'll give it a shot and see what happens. Hopefully you guys can help me out and keep me interested in playing. I've been watching a lot of videos of famous RS players and Youtubers like MunclesOnkey talk about Runescape. However none of these guys really ever explain how any of them make so much money. I mean MunclesOnkey in particular threw away a bank worth 2 billion rsgp and then took a 6 month break. Only 3 months after coming back from the break he ended up having a bank worth 3.5 billion. How the heck??? So my question is simple.. where's the money at these days? Runescape has become so confusing and so meticulous that I feel like half of the new passives and bonuses and things like scrimshaws and blah blah are just a major detour from skilling up to 99 or making money. None of this really bothers me because almost anything can be bought with money. My in-game name is: Suomi Angst Feel free to look me up on the Highscores. I'd really like some advice on what I can do with my current stats on how to make big loads of money. I feel like only veterans play Runescape any more. Almost everyone running around has a trimmed max cape and half a billion in gold and another half billion in items without breaking a sweat. I've been playing this game for 10 years very 'on and off' (not much in the last 5 years). But I would actually like to max out a lot of stats or at least make a lot of money and buy some cool new stuff. So far I have basically no money, but some okay gear: Full set of Bandos + Arma GS Full set of Subjugation + Abyssal Wand & Orb Full set of Demon Slayer + Arma Xbow & OffH Demon Xbow All of my combat stats are 90+ (except Range which is 89) Prayer is only 71 and Sum is just 56. I'd train both if I had boatloads of money but I don't. So guys.. what's available to me past just killing dragons and selling the hides and bones like I used to do. I haven't even ever owned a pair of Drygores... I know that my account is better than that. So please help me out. Thanks.
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