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  1. So, I started playing again in June, somehow got into the beta, and all these new things have left me kind of lost regarding my pure account, Overbowed. When I created this account it was just supposed to be a 60 range d bower, then a 70 range staker, then 80 range edge pker, then 90 range, and finally I reached 99 this summer after quite a few years. For the most part I've had my fun with being a pure (or three def tank ftw), It's just not something I find intresting or skillful anymore (with p necks, teletabs, being two shotted by d claws, and no honor pking becoming the norm now). So I think I'm ready to move on with my prized account and get some def. Here are my stats: Combat: 77 (+7) P2P The fact of the matter is, low level pking is not profitable enough, and the def would unlock so much more content in the game. I could do more bossing,questing, etc. Now, my favourite style of pking is preying in medium wild on dragon trainers (actual ones, not bots) reminiscent of elvemage/bloodhoun3. In deeper wild pking, I could attack more of the trainers, and the def would definitely help with the 90+ combat accounts I fight anyways. Now heres what I'm considering: 40 def: This would bring me up to lv 86, but might not get me enough combat levels as many dragon trainers are 100-110 ish. I would be a tank, but still low def and limited. 70 def: This would bring me up to lv 94 (just like Bloodhoun3 :wink: ). This account would be a range tank but also my main (already spend the most time on it). Most trainers would sit in my range. I would have many gear choices and most of the content and the game would be avialable. At this point I'm leaning in this direction. And then of course I would get the regular things ( handcannon, veng) over time. THE BIGGEST CONCERN for me is the EoC. It's so hard to tell what is actually good/bad because its so distorted with the most expensive items and the uncertainty of changes Jagex may implement. I've ruled out 99 def... I don't want to face maxed players, but how are other range tanks fairing at 40 and 70 def? Is the range tank a totally dead concept? I'm also worried that after the EoC all the pures will get def and pures will be rare... making me regret not being a pure anymore. In summary, I want your opinions on whether or not getting def is the right way for me to go, and if I'll be screwing myself over by getting it later on. Thanks, and sorry for the long read, c_o_w
  2. Ok thanks, just wondering, is there ever a point in this game where accuracy overrules speed? lol.
  3. Hey guys, my 20 def pure has 75 atk and 84 str. Right now I'm training on monkey guards on ape atoll near the altar. So far I've been using an sara sword, I also have an sgs though, and when I use it, it seems like it hits better and more often. My question is would the godsword be better on higher def monsters like this because of it's accuracy, or should I stick with the fast hitting ss. On a side note: Any other suggestions for training a 20 def pure?
  4. I think I just might do this, thanks for the good idea :thumbsup:. I really don't want to put money into skills, I know they don't lose their value... but I really don't like skilling... I play for combat lol. Where can you play MTK, never used it before... there's a quest right?
  5. Ok, I guess the best thing to do is just keep it in coins. I'll wait till d claws are at least back to 25mil... any idea how far they'll rise?
  6. LOL, your right, I don't like skills, I pretty much came back for pking, and I've had my fun, I have like 11 pures though haha. The thing I worried about if I have a cashpile is from like 2006-2008 ish the prices shot up, whip went from like 1.6 mil to like 4 mil, and I couldn't afford anything because I had cash that had been devalued. Now I see that in general prices are going down, I might just risk keeping it in coins. Think the rs economy will stay on this trend for at least 3 months?
  7. Hey guys, I started playing again after I heard the old wild was back, and I have pked a ton, doubling my wealth. Now my membership is about to run out, and I winding down. I'm going to quit....again, although it always seems I come back to this game. For this reason, I want to keep my account in good standing and I'm looking for stuff to invest my money into that is stable, and will basically keep me where I'm at right now in terms of wealth. I currently have 11 mil cash, and two sets of d claws, a total of around 60 mil. Should I keep my money in a cashpile in my bank? I'm worried if I do that I'll be susceptible to inflation, and the cash will lose alot of it's value, where as items will stay around the same value. I used to just buy a BGS before I quit (around 18 mil) but now thats going down fast, same with d claws (lost around 10mil in 3 months). I was thinking maybe a rare, since those only go up... but at 60mil I don't think I can afford one. So what do you think the best option on the way out is: leave it in coins, or buy items (if so which ones)?
  8. Ok I think I'm going with whip and barrows and rest on a skill like herblore. Ty for the help =)
  9. Why is it breaking the rules? multilogging? what if I just get a middle man. Anyways, what about herblore, isnt it expensive to level?
  10. I was thinking of that, buy I dont want to lock in my wealth like that, I'd rather just have cool items I can sell if I want and move the money to other accounts. Although... Is piety a big help?
  11. Hey guys, with the new wild update I have decided to come back from a year long break, and I'm getting back into the game. I bought membership on my main (whose stats are below if my sig still works lol..) and I have about 21 mil to spend. I sold most of my gear before I quit, and now I want to buy new gear. I had a BGS before, although it was pretty useless I liked it, and I'm thinking of buying that with a whip and some barrows armour. Range is my dominant stat and I'm aware there are new "god" bows, are they useful? Or maybe I just might pool my money and start my 60 att pure back up and buy dragon claws (although I would be scared to pk with them lol). In short, I want your advice on what I should buy, A BGS with barrows, a god bow with other range trinkets and a whip for melee, or blow it on d claws? Glad to be back, and ty in advanced, Armageddian
  12. Hey guys, lately the prices of prayer pots have been spiking, and I'm not sure why. A few days ago they were 12.7 k, then 13.5k now its something like 14.3k! I'm planning to chin to 99 over the march break, and I still need to buy around 1k prayer pots. So I was wondering, is the price rise because of the double xp weekend? Will the price go back down? Should I just suck it up and make some more money because the prices arent going to stabilize soon? :wall: Ty in advanced, ~Armageddian
  13. But that would be inaccurate, considering I get more xp as my lvs go up? I think I've decided, I'm just going to earn more cash and use the 15% prayer :thumbsup: . Might as well, intstead of just wavering back and forth. :wall:
  14. Hmm I for sure cant make 600k per hour... I barely get 300 at aviansies. If that's true I wont use the 15% prayer. But one thing... Won't I have to make less then 600k per hour because Im saving money on the chins? I save 10 hours, meaning about 10k chins. 10k chins= about 3.8 mil 6440000-3800000= about 2.7 mil I saved 10 hous so 2.7mil / 10= 270k So I would only have to make 270k per hour... which I can do! 10 x 30k (because i make 300k per hour)= 300k I would save about 300k using the 15%... Is that right? Any idea on how I could find that out ?
  15. I think the main problem is that I'm working on a rough estimate for the number of chins I need. I was think of throwing 100 then measuring the xp I get, but that wouldn't work because at higher lvs you get more xp. Anyways heres what I did to figure the stuff out: I have 50 prayer which takes 193 seconds to drain with just the melee prayer on. 193 / 50= 3.86 seconds per prayer point 19 x 3.86 = 73.3 seconds per dose 73.3 x 4= 293.2 seconds per pot 216000 seconds (60 hours) / 293.2 = 736.7 prayer pots It will take about 740 prayer pots with no wrench. The cost is: Chins= 377 ea Ppots= 12.7k ea R pots= 7826 Superanti= 3284 = (12700 x 740) + (377 x 60000) + (7830 x 200) + (3284 x 100) =9398000 + 22620000 + 1566000 + 328400 =33912400 The cost no 15% range pray is 34 mil with no wrench. Now... With 15% prayer... You get 95 seconds with 15% prayer and protect from melee on. 95 / 50= 1.9 seconds per point 19 x 1.9= 36.1 seconds per dose 36.1 x 4= 144.4 seconds per pot 216000 / 144.4= 1495.9 prayer potions I'd need 1500 prayers potions no wrench both prayers The cost of 1500 prayer pots is about 19 mil where as 740 only costs about 9 mil. This means for the 15% to be worth it I would need to save at least 10 mil worth of chins... 25k chins is about 10 mil. I would need to save 25k chins to make using the booster prayer viable, this seems like a bit too much... but once again, I can't know exactly because I'm working off a rough estimate :wall: . I hope I remembered to write everything down :roll: . Saving 25k (almost half of my total chins) just because I'm using a 15% booster seems too good to be true... If i save less then 25k ish chins then the cost will actually be more, although it would be faster. I guess it depends on how much faster it would be too. :huh: *head explodes*
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