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  1. Will PM you when we are online @ the same time :) Tahnks shotdown :)
  2. THE STRONGHOLD OF SECURITY IS WIN! That is all My stats:-[/size][/b] [hide=Updated Regularly] [/hide] Goals. Lvl 30 Smithing (27 to go) Lvl 60 W/C (18 to go) Lvl 55 Mage (38 to go) I've just updated my stats pic guys! Now I'm mining ess and rc'ing earths in Varrock. Always on world 107. Come give me a hoy some time :) Donations [hide=Donation Screens] - Donation from Mpets17 - Drop party with mpets17 (except the 50k) She is the bomb.[/hide] I'd love to think that I'd get a flood of "donations" would pour in, but I'm a realist, it won't happen. But if some kind soul out their wants to make my day, I am in desperate need of tin, copper and mind runes lol. Thank Yous Mpets for the donation(s), you are the bomb! Good luck with your skill goals!!! All the people who have offered their assistance and support so far! The path out of noob-ism is set, and I am on my way.
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