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  1. On that note then, I would say the more pressing matter is the lack of recent options for the calculators. I don't mean to come off as hostile or pushy - and yes I do realize jQuery is a combination of JS and Ajax. Not sure where i was going with that original post - I've just always found javascript to be a lot of overhead burden when the entire script is written with it. I believe i meant PHP for more of the structure and back end maintenance of the calculator with js/jQuery taking the inputs to change the outputs' results. Looking through the JS it seems the entire page was drawn up in JS. Makes it harder to find people to work on them, I would imagine. I'm sure in terms of productivity they do fine - it's more the maintenance and updating them to include relevant information as the game evolves I was concerned with. I don't frequent the forums, but I often use the calculators for various reasons. Has the idea of re-introducing a 'fill it in' row been asked? eg. Enter the base exp for the not-listed item you want to calc? Other than that I have nothing else to add. :unsure: Edit: Oh, sorry if this counts as reviving an old, dead topic - This is about how frequently I visit the forums since I typically have no need.
  2. So I was just wondering why all of the calculators are unnecessarily complicated and written in (extensive) javascript? It seems like it would be more efficient to use PHP for most of it. Proper javascript isn't usually a popular casual language and it shows with the lack of updates and limited functionality of the current calculators. At the rate it's going, even jQuery would be more appropriate. I just think it would make the whole process of updating them and expanding them easier if it were in PHP or jQuery. On that note, several of the calculators give inaccurate or incomplete information now due to in-game updates.
  3. Who are you and why did you zing me?

    1. IlDemonlI


      I don't remember. o.o Strange.

  4. It shows up without zoom for me. :\ I only zoomed in to show it more clearly. <.<
  5. The menu: Oh. Well, it looks weird this way too. :P
  6. Not sure if it's been mentioned, but the left navigation at the bottom ('Info') seems to have an issue of showing an extra border at the bottom and pushing the separator down a bit further than the rest. On the topic of that section, shouldn't the titles "info", "Guides", etc. be aligned to the Left so it doesn't look so disorganized with the varying title lengths? or at least align their icons to the left...
  7. Not sure if it's been noted, but the last 'S' on the Community News headline is cut off - i'd imagine the element isn't large enough for the image. Changing clip: rect(395px 137px 425px 0px); to clip: rect(395px 139px 425px 0px); seemed to work.
  8. I would comment on tips for making it work better - but I think this is neither the place or time for it. xD I'm assuming this was some time ago and learning now would be utterly useless. I can't say I've ever heard the terminology... I've Googled it (when I read your post) and found a few people offering packages of it, but I've never heard it used. I would assume it functions similar to how the RuneVillage 2.0 release was.. we switched to a fixed width in 2.1 though. Sounds interesting enough, though; basically just columns, from what I'd read. Any news on the new Jagex website (with Wiki included)? Seems that'd have an effect on your release, unless you're confident new users will still choose you over the official wiki.
  9. Ahh didn't think that'd correlate. Thank you. Didn't know that's what they were commenting on ;D
  10. While I find it incredibly odd and distracting for the images to float above the borders of their boxes (Why have a box?).. It should be noted that the boxes may need to stretch their height for longer names. My example: http://open.tip.it/pages/view/minigames.htm Look at the bottom of the page on the left-hand side. Perhaps a better method of stating their risk would be more attractive and effective. Just a suggestion.
  11. You're doing it wrong, then. o.-; I rarely run into that problem - or at least it's not that big of a deal to find a better, more efficient method that actually works on both. Further, it's safe to say that in some cases not all features will be available for all browsers. As long as there is no single browser, this will be an issue. Nothing you can do about that, other than working with it. Oh, and jQuery has a cleaner method with that. It's entirely unlikely for someone who plays Runescape to visit websites with their browser's JS handler off.
  12. Well, because the current method involves embedding tables into tables.. this method of development was outdated years ago with the introduction of CSS. Tables are exclusively meant for displaying data - not for styling. Bad habits are just bad habits.
  13. So I was just wondering why you chose to stick to making the entire site as a Table. o.O http://www.chromaticsites.com/blog/13-reasons-why-css-is-superior-to-tables-in-website-design/
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