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  1. Well first of all, I was just testing what I think is happening. I can only say, try it, lvl 3 is high enough, some hot clothes and bang...you got items. Pretty unfair hehe, it is actually discrimination to boys :lol: Maybe a cencor upgrade would help, but there are many many ways so say something you want to say. And you cannot really make everyone unable to say what they want to say. You shouldn't stop it al or try to change it, thats true, I just noticed that the higher graphics you have, the more of this will happen. But thats no reason not to update heheh I love the update =D>
  2. well with the grapical changes I think it has increased. Maybe the youngsters get a little :shock:
  3. Since the new and improved Runescape HD came and blew us all away, I felt a slight change in the way people talk to eachother. My girlfriend irl has been playing for a while now, but since RSHD she suddenly has some players running after her with comments like, "you are hot!". Eventhough they didn't have to tell me that, I really felt I had to test this change of community. I made a new character, dressed her "hot"(how hot can you dress a computer image -.- ) and within the day....yes 1 day... 5 people came to me, telling me I am hot and giving me free items as a "gift", asking me to be their girlfriend. I know that alot of people who play runescape are right at the start of puberty, but calling a computerized image hot, and hoping that behind the hot girl there isn't sitting a 40 year old fat dude which likes to "hang out" with little boys :o ........sorry I have no words for this. This change of community (mostly on free to play tho) kind of worries me. Children play this game, and I do not think it is the smartest idea to let them learn from this game that girls are some kind of free objects that you can just have at demand. Eventhough I cannot change the chain of events that happens with the community, I would like to know what you all think about this. Is this what is going to happen in the real world when I have my own kids? I sure don't hope so Herochao
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