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    He said he will allow us to use a "cheat sheet" of our own design for the course, so thats a plus. I nearly forgot to add, its a four week course which probably accounts for the difficult :D. I learn well with memonic devices but my main problem is I tend to get OCD and memorize every word. When this happens, I am unable to finish assigned readings. Anyone else have (had) this problem?
  2. chi13

    Decide my fate!

    Hey, guys. Im a college student and I've just started Physics II as well as the lab for the course. The first thing that struck me when the instructor was reviewing the syllabus was how dense the material is. Since today was the first day, we reveiwed basic math, like logarithms and geometry. Tonight we are expected to read the first three chapters and understand them. Throughout the week we will go over them and be assigned 30-40 questions on each chapter. On friday we will be tested on the material we learned during the week. In a class like this I would normally learn what I need from the notes and focus on learning how to do the questions and work the formulas. I did this in the first half of the course but the teaching assistant is telling me I HAVE to read everything. I was expecting to study maybe 4-5 hours a night but he's telling us up to 8 D:< . I'm afraid that if I do this I'll get sucked into the details and won't even be able to finish one chapter (I'm ocd like that). My schedule is: M-F Physics II 10:30-12:50 W, F Physics II Lab 8:15-10:15 Takes me 30-40 minutes to get to school depending on the traffic. My study skills are not quite up to snuff. Can anyone with good study hygiene tell me how I might do well in this course but maintain some semblance of a life this summer :D?
  3. We've all lounged around in the wildy or in the duel arena for an opponent roughly our level. We finally find that yellow level with the appropriate gear. Time to look him (her) up. Wait s(he)'s named IlIl1IlIl11I. Players do this so that you cannot look them up on the high scores or in the adventure log (because non of us keeps our adventure logs private). Does this annoy you? Aggravate you? Alert you to the fact that this person is indeed a staker? Opinions? It seems to me the name can be just one layer of defence. After squinting at all those l's and finding the guy your guard is let down to the point you stake them their rules, or maybe you don't watch for the rule switch. Personally I won't stake them at all if I can't be arsed to look up their name.
  4. Hey everyone. Like most of you I created a pure to take advantage of the new wilderness update. Here are my stats- Combat: 51 Attack:50 Strength: 36 Magic: 72 Ranged: 72 Constituion: 59 Defence: 1 Prayer: 11 I have done desert treasure and am principally a mageboxer, though I am completely ignorant on mage boxing. I'm a bit of a sw product. I've got enough zeal and alches to get me to 82 magic at which point I plan to level my mele, and ranged stats. I'm also considering 70 attack for staff of light. I was wondering if any of you could shed some light on mage staking technique and give advice on how to find opponents to mage stake at such a low level. Also noob question, in a knife stake which is better obby rings or rune knives?
  5. The year I turned fourteen, my parents decided that I would return to America to finish high-school. I can't remember ever feeling so happy and full of potential as I did that first night back in America. It was so wonderful to see my younger brother and sister ,then there was the glorious warm shower as well as the xbox and all those tv channels. Because I had taken some college classes, I was promoted straight from the 9th grade to the 11th grade. I was enjoying my time there, becoming more an more social and interacting with the opposite and fortunately, high school was a small, private one. Unfortunately, I also began to experience bullying. The culprit was the de'Facto Italian tough guy, a weightlifter with a full five o' clock shadow at age fifteen. I was a scrawny, African kid short for my age. The first altercation took place in the classroom, while the teacher was present and all the students were seated. For some reason, the bully felt the need to wrap both hands around my neck. Rather than striking him in retaliation I put on an exaggerated display of fear to to get some laughs from the class, yelling "get him off me, get him off me". After what seemed like hours, the teacher broke up the "fight". The offending student went unpunished. Because this guy was in so many of my classes and sat at the same table as my friends and I; I was forced to interact with him and form a kind of grudging friendship. Another factor was the fact that we both used to school bathroom to get ready in the morning. Brushing our teeth and messing with our hair before class. I didn't realize it but this "relationship" was actually just a vehicle for humiliation and bullying. We both liked the same television shows the Boondocks and the Dave Chapelle show. These shows employ racism to get points across or to make jokes. The bully used this to his advantage. We'd be in the middle of class when he'd yell things about black people stealing, etc. At first I thought It was good natured ribbing and played along, but soon it turned to fully blown racist taunting. What's worse is that the entire school seemed to be joining in ( I was one of the few black students). The situation got worse and worse. I had a bottle of water poured on me, I was called a n*gger regularly. Kneed in the groin and told that it was an accident. Had phlegm slapped on my back and intimidated. I'd fought bullies literally twice my size but for some reason I just couldn't fight back. What would my parents think? What about my Christian upbringing? I was graduating soon, what would happen to my little brother? I had allowed the same jerk who had posed no threat to me at the beginning of the year to intimidate and debase me. To the point where I felt so defenseless, so much less than human. I started to stay up late at night playing video games because I was so unhappy with my school situation and began to believe my hair was falling out. Eventually, I started pulling out my own hair and picking my skin in the mirror. I didn't realize it but I was beginning to feel the effects of depression. I started to refuse to go out with friends and to wear hats constantly because I believed that I was going bald. I began to pick every inch of my body. I had dark leopard spots basically everywhere. The bullying culminated in a bloody scuffle a few months later. The boys gym class was changing in the school's locker room when the boy across from me called me a n*gger. I couldn't very well do nothing, so I picked up one of the many steel chairs in the room and half halfheartedly threatened to swing at him when I felt something strike my face. I feel to the ground and started to spit blood. Someone had hit me with a folding chair. The damage? I'd been hit so hard that one of my bottom teeth had torn through the bottom of my lip Begging me not to "tell on him" he explained that he'd been trying to hit the guy next to me and had struck me by accident. I spent the next few days at home, where the wound got infected and I developed a fever. When I returned to school, I was mortified, everyone knew about the event and treated me differently. That year passed and the bullying mellowed to teasing. The bully would mention every know and again how he'd hit me with a chair. I wanted revenge but never acted on those feelings. I went on to graduate and enter college but suffered anxiety problems which only got worse. I suffered from anxiety and low self esteem and pulled by hair until my scalp was raw. Picked my skin until I left myself with a cratered, ugly look to my skin all because I truly felt worthless. Later on, I found out that these practices were the result of obsessive compulsive behavior and started to make serious efforts to curtail them. I've since stopped picking my hair and my face. I started to become more out going, but felt that I was being held back by the scars left on my face. Gradually I became depressed to the point of wanting to kill myself. When I look into the mirror and see my "handiwork" I just feel gutted, knowing that I'll likely have these for the rest of my life. Every look into the mirror at my own face is a reminder of a time that I hated myself enough to want to die. Sometimes its just to much to bear. I think about these events to the point of obsession, thinking if only if only. I dream about them. I reach back in time and attempt to change them and when I wake up, its me standing there. Self inflicted scars and all. I'm seeing a psychiatrist but I feel so unbelievably stupid about the whole situation, about not standing up for myself, about picking my skin. When I think of how much better life could have been I just feel suicidal
  6. I was using my brothers laptop in the kitchen, and got egg onto the touch pad (I know stupid rite?). I cleaned it up immediately but the tap feature of the touchpad doesn't work. Also, In cleaning the touchpad click buttons i scratched the sensor on the left mouse button. The thing doesn't seem to work at all. What should I do, Its an hp product but they charge 50$ just to LOOK at the thing before repairing it. Help, please. How much would it cost just to repair that one button?
  7. You knew you'd die before your alarm clock went off tommorow. Personally, I'd be a little relived. I'm going through a low point in my life, at this moment and its gotten so bad I don't even really fear death anymore. I'd go for a jog, around 6pm in the evening. Come back around 6:30 and take a warm shower. Fix myself something to eat around 6:50. Watch the news for about an hour or so, maybe listen to some music. Then get into bed, close my eyes and just sleep. How bout yall?
  8. Yea, the only problem is the cord, which costs quite a bit to replace = /
  9. A few minutes ago, my laptop cord started smoldering. It let of a whole bunch of smoke with that toxic plastic smell and I unplugged it as soon as I realized it was burning. Now, my warranty expired a few months ago and I was wondering how I could get Hewlett Packard to send me a new cord, on the grounds that, well the thing started burning. Any help appreciated! \ Moved to Tech&Computers. ~meol
  10. Here are some of my favorite rap/ hip hop songs. I picked these because I feel that they are exemplary in their expressiveness (a few of them just have a cool beat). Under the Hood- Specifics Luv Sic- by shing02 Say What's Real- Jake And he gets the girl- Lupe Fiasco Hip hop/ rap/whatever the hell you want to call it is(are) like any other genre(s) you just have to look beyond the superficial crap.
  11. Couldn't have said it better myself. Also, I hate it when brothers 'own' their own food. Your father bought the groceries to share with everyone, what makes you think the icecream belonged to you? If you weren't in such a difficult time in your life I'd slug you in the back of the head. Don't be so hard on him. His parents (that's right she's your MOM now) are newly weds and probably have loud sex late into the night, directly above his bedroom.
  12. Indeed. If you don't know your [cabbage] about music, take a hint and shut the [bleep] up. As for me, I never really got into that whole pop-punk phase that swallowed up all of my friends. Didn't really see the point in dressing like Billie Joe. Damn, no need to go so hard. Quite honestly, I feel that a lot of people in this forum are intimidated by rap because the race/ demographic of the artist simply doesn't line up with their own. When this happens, someone will hear the foul noises of Soulja Boy emanating from the radio of a passing car ,then claim to have heard "hip hop" and may even assert that hip hop is all about [garden tools] n' dope money. If it's any consolation I'm black and I can't stand Soulja Boy. Also people need to learn the difference between rap, hip hop, and R&B. Soulja Boy is not a rapper, he's a hip hop artist. Eminem, however, is a rapper. GET IT RIGHT. :lol: Personally, I never cared to learn the difference. If it sounds good I'll listen to it.
  13. Indeed. If you don't know your [cabbage] about music, take a hint and shut the [bleep] up. As for me, I never really got into that whole pop-punk phase that swallowed up all of my friends. Didn't really see the point in dressing like Billie Joe. Damn, no need to go so hard. Quite honestly, I feel that a lot of people in this forum are intimidated by rap because the race/ demographic of the artist simply doesn't line up with their own. When this happens, someone will hear the foul noises of Soulja Boy emanating from the radio of a passing car ,then claim to have heard "hip hop" and may even assert that hip hop is all about [garden tools] n' dope money.
  14. I'm gonna lay it down nice and flat for you. Your dad's new wife is probably just a little different than what you're used to. I mean she talks loudly to her mother, cleans obssesively and buys different food than what you're used to but it doesnt sound all bad. If you look at it another way she's doing you a favor. I mean "She arranged my things in a way I don't like" doesn't seem like very valid complaint to me. Sounds like you're just po'd she's taking your mom's place. If you don't want her cleaning up after you, tell her you need your privacy, just like she does when she's making those long winded skype calls. Have you ever thought about how she feels? I mean she moved to a country where your family is the only people she knows and she barely speaks any English. Can you imagine how scarey that must by. If you look at it that way, you should probably be trying a little harder to make her feel at home. Well that's my two cents.
  15. Me neither man. The sisters have wayyy to much tude' for me :roll: Do yourself a favor and get a white girl. You won't even have to buy her anything ;) I'd have to say country, nickelback, highschool musical, nut huggers. As for everybody saying "rap, hip hop, gangsta" I'm afraid I can't agree with you. Rap is like any other genre, its got its good, meaningful moments and it has moments that can only be described as "soulja boy". If you can't find at least one song you like, well, you probably haven't done much looking. As for "gangsta" If someone's a poser then fine, but a lot of people are grew up in an environment where they have to act a certain way in order to survive.
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