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  1. Trying to get to the Ruins of Ullek, do I have to go through the shortcut in the Agility Pyramid or is there another way? Don't have enough Agility is why, but Smoking Kills requires none, just double checking. Thanks!
  2. I'm just talking about the best obtainable in F2P.
  3. What's the best F2P weapon & armor? Is it still Rune?
  4. I see what you guys are saying. It doesn't ruin the pure but it does ruin the stat-based portion of it. Instead of all combat skills being 1, they'll be brought up several levels. Using the calculator, no, it won't gain me any combat levels. In fact, I'd have to gain 145 Strength/Attack levels to gain a single combat level, so it wouldn't effect me even a factor of a bit. Still, the sacrifice of my 1's is a bit much. All I was trying to accomplish here was determining HOW to start the quest. If Desert Treasure requires all prerequisites to be completed beforehand (unlike some quests), then that's what I needed to know.
  5. I think you guys misunderstood me. I'm not talking about COMPLETING Desert Treasure, just getting far enough into it to start the Ghostly Robes mini-game. I naturally assumed I could start it once I met all the skill requirements but the Archeologist still won't speak with me. So that left me to believe that I need to complete some of the quest requirements, if not all of them. I've completed Dig Site & Priest In Peril, as well as gotten half-way through Tourist Trap. Now, with that being said, I find this a bit confusing as Waterfall Quest gives Attack & Strength experience as a reward, which would botch-up a mage/range pure. I know some quests can be started without having ALL the prerequisites completed, so I was optimistic that this was one of those quests. So how do I begin this quest? Or do I have to complete all quest prerequisites beforehand? That would mean all mage/range pures that wear Ghostly have indeed botched-up their skills, which would explain alot...
  6. I'm just curious on the procedure that range/mage pures take in order to start Desert Treasure for the minigame reward. I've seen many pures with Ghostly on, so I know it isn't unheard of. I currently have all skill requirements & 2/6 Quests complete (Dig Site & Priest In Peril). I'm assuming it's an issue with the quests but surely they don't ALL have to be complete (Waterfall gives combat experience reward, which would botch-up a pure). Anyways, if someone has an idea of how this will work, please let me know. Thanks!
  7. Surely not, I've seen range/mage pures (10hp) with Ghostly on. There are 1-2 quests that would be near impossible to beat for them.
  8. Well, do I need anything to talk to the Archeologist? I have 52 Thieving but I was told I could use a Bandit's Brew to get it to 53 .. and yet, still nothing. Just making sure of what quests I have to have (I have 2 of the required 6 completed).
  9. I'm starting Desert Treasure so that I can get the Ghostly Robes (no intention to ever finish DT). What are the minimum requirements to get this far into it? What quest have to be completed/started?
  10. What's the easiest/quickest scroll to get? Statistically speaking...
  11. I have both the Watch & Sextant in my inventory, but there is no "talk" option that'll allow me to get the chart. What's this mess about Murphy?
  12. I need to get one for a quest but I'm not having any luck. All the guides say that you get it it from the Observatory Professor but you must have a Clue Scroll in your inventory to do so. Is there another way to get this chart? If not, what's the monster that statistically drops the most clue scrolls, so I can get it ASAP? Thanks!
  13. That's what confuses me. It says 7 but it notes: "Killing this demon is the climax of the Demon Slayer quest. You will find the Silverlight sword you found very useful in weakening it, which turns Delrith into a level one Weakened Delrith when he is attacked with it. The weakened Delrith must be sent down a vortex by using the incantation given by the Gypsy. Weakened Delrith is nonmembers, and has no hit points." Perhaps it's so simple that it's confusing to me .. don't know. Does this mean I have to do atleast 7 damage to defeat him? Or if that 7hp just in regards to if you attack him with a normal weapon?
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