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  1. A mistake...should have been untradable from the first holiday item...but at least you can tell the experienced from the non-experienced.
  2. Shush I'm not a very good pure :P Heres a nice piccy of me and my mate almost twins :D I'm the one on the right...his outfit is same but instead: D Scim He actually has Zammy Book [bleep]y Red D'hide Vambs
  3. Welcome to the ~> What's your best combat outfit ? thread! On this thread we can discuss our outfits for combat and comment on each others and ask for help to improve them! You can also post you skilling outfit too if you want. Also feel free to put in screen shots of your outfits. I'll start you off: I'm a pure, My outfit for melee: Iron Full Helm Iron Plate Body Strength Ammy Obby Cape Combat Bracelet Red D'hide Chaps Brine Sabre Zammy Book (When I can be bothered with agility)
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