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  1. Where is a good place to train my level 34 range? I have 200-500 bronze through steel arrows, and I can get a lot more if I spend a day fletching (its like 39 or something). Where is a good place to train. I'd like to pick up my arrows, so the Sarim Jail/Ardougne Zoo etc I'd rather not go. Thanks, Vox
  2. I'm level 46 magic, and I don't know where to train now that I am a member and can craft some better runes (31 rc), so I am not stuck with fire strike and stuff. Any ideas?
  3. I got this in treasure trails: Blow a raspberry at the monkey cage in Ardougne Zoo. Equip a studded leather body, bronze platelegs, and a normal staff with no orb. Studded leather body, Bronze platelegs, Staff (can buy in Varrock shop or Mage Guild) Facing the monkey cage in Ardougne Zoo. So, I have Studded Body, Bronze Platelegs and a plain staff, standing in front of the cage blowing rasberries and nothing happens. What is the deal?
  4. I'm a level 70, 57 atk, 57 str, 51 def, 43 pray, 54 hp, and I was wondering the best place for me to train. p2p, btw. I've been training at the members dungeon on hill giants until I get 60 atk and can use my Dragon Baxe. When I get that, what is a good place for me to train? I like hill giants because it gives me a great boost in prayer, but its getting boring and very slow. Thanks, Vox
  5. I'm not 66 magic, so I guess I'll farm at Varrock. Thanks!
  6. What is the fastest way to mine them? Varrock, Draynor or the other p2p one? In Ardougne, right?
  7. Voxaprimo


    That's somed effed up stuff right there. Jagex are idiots.
  8. Voxaprimo


    What the heck? Every time I try and get some cider from my POH and teleport out the cider dissappears? What is going on?
  9. What the heck is ZMI?
  10. I'm a member... so I guess I'll craft some Cosmics. What about Chaos runes? Should I not craft those?
  11. I've got level 31 RC, and I think its the hardest and most boring skill to train (but with good rewards). Where and how should I train right now?
  12. ....Yeah...I said I did like 4 or 5 days ago.
  13. I've been waiting 4 days for a partner for the heroes quest, but no one needs help anymore. Are there any Black Arm Gang people out there ready to go to Brimhaven and do this part of the Heroes Quest?
  14. My fishing is level 55, and I'm wondering... which is more profitable per time? I can fish lobsters at Catherby and see=ll then for about 230-240 per lobster, or I fish Swordfish which is slower due to getting Tuna but they sell for 360-380 per swordfish. Which should I do? And if I should go Swordfish, what should I do with the tuna? Should I sell them at the nearby store or cook for XP and sell those too?
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