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  1. well they stated that some duels enable summoning, so it can be used in that particular single zone. I'm assuming thats why you would be concerned with the combat effect. On another note... I'm sorry it didn't work out. Maybe you can try for the first untrimmed summon cape. I reckon it will be even more rare than the untrimmed slayer, that is if it is even possible. best, nacht07
  2. Where to start? I'm out of breath, flabbergasted, argh my left arm (heart-attack for the less medically inclined). This, it seems, is the true apocalypse, Heimdall, sound the Gjallerhorn, Ragnarok has come. Ok enough pointless ramble, and on with the rant. Today, a day that shall live in infamy, Jagex killed the game i once loved. Firstly we have lost the coveted evil that was the wildy, only for a small volcano of restricted "hunting." Not that I ever Pked, ever, but I did enjoy the adrenaline while killing green drags, never knowing when a pker might just come. Now I just have [developmentally delayed]ed ghosts. How am I supposed to bribe the ghost not to kill me???? I do believe I can get over this though, that was until I saw the next hit (oww Jagex not the good ol' one-two) {or better yet the one-two-three-....} Trading is now completely controlled (dont say the GE adjusts, because it is hardly indicative of real market trends (one could note the diff. between forums and GE (yesterday, before D-Day) 3k, god dnt we all hate that number now. How can I give my bro an Xmas gift now (he lives in the US). Finally, no more death piles, not that I condone stealing from graves, but seriously, where's the fun. Dying is no longer dangerous at ALL. I can get literally anywhere in RS in 5 minutes, easy. Sorry for the lack of logic, but Im just shocked atm. I'll post a concise rebuttal to Jagex soon enough. In fact, I may drive down to corporate next week. hehehe.
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