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  1. have you ever broke the school rules i have well i did do what i write but just incase lol i brought mp4/phone into schoollol super fun hows about u
  2. *sigh* failed going to close k lol fell asleep
  3. alot of typeing there thank you for reading do not spam thanks
  4. IMPORTANT: DO NOT bring Religion and Evolution into this discussion because these topics can break the Code of Conduct, thank you very much. ANOTHER IMPORTANT: SAY WHY it is wrong to eat meat or not! I don't care whether meat is great or not, or whether it is good on your plate, say WHY IT IS RIGHT OR WRONG Hello Everyone and welcome to the thread! This thread is about the right and wrong aspects of eating meat, and if we humans deserve to come before them. This thread isn't just restricted to the discussion of eating meat. You can discuss animal testing, hunting, human superiority, morals, factory farming... the list is endless!!!! Happy Posting! ~*The Topic - Eating Meat*~ thread we will discuss eating meat, and if it is a right or wrong thing to do. After all we are all animals aren't we? Mind you, we are capable of making changes, arenÃÆââââ¬Å¡Ã¬Ã¢ââ¬Å¾Ã¢t we? That is one big question in this thread! ~*The Story of Billy*~ Billy was an explorer. He loved to sail the seas looking for new lands. On one of his trips up to the North, Billy discovered a small, mountainous island covered in forest. He decided to leave his crew on the ship and to go ashore in a rowing boat, quite alone. With him he took some Lemonade and Beef Sandwiches. Billy started to walk into the forest. After and hour or so, he began to see signs of human life. there were clearings in the forest and burnt areas that looked like they had once been camp fires. this made Billy very excited. He thought he was about to discover a new tribe! Eventually after several hours, Billy came to a larger clearing. And there, in the middle of the clearing, were three strangely dressed people. The three strangers stood in silence, looking him up and down. It seemed like they had been expecting him. Billy raised his hand as a sign of friendship. At this, the three strangers started talking to each other. To his great surprise, Billy found that he could understand what they were saying, for they spoke a language similar to a language spoken on a nearby island, which Billy already knew. And then, to his horror, Billy began to understand what the three strangers were planning. This is what they said: "He looks nice and big, enough for everyone, don't you think?" "Yes. Firm muscle, he should taste very good" "But I would like the Brains! I always get the brains!" "ok, you can have the brains. LetÃÆââââ¬Å¡Ã¬Ã¢ââ¬Å¾Ã¢s get on with it then" The three strangers were CANNIBALS! They started to walk towards Billy, who had only just realised they carried heavy clubs, knives and rope. Billy tried to run, but they were too quick for him. When he came to, he found himself quite bare and trussed up like a turkey. They had him suspended over logs and some kindling for a fire. It looked like they were going to barbecue him. A woman stepped forward carrying a big knife. "Wait!" cried Billy. Everyone gasped, They were surprised to see that Billy spoke their language. "Please don't eat me!" cried Billy. "Why should we not eat you?" asked the woman. "Because it is WRONG. Don't you see?" Billy said. "No I don't see. Why is it wrong?". "You don't NEED to eat me, do you? You all look rather well-fed to me. Why don't you eat some grain, nuts, a bird or something?". The woman looked puzzled. "But we like eating people. They taste good! Why shouldn't we eat them?". "Well why don't you eat each other then?". "But none of US wants to die. SO it is better that we eat YOU instead". "But I don't want to die! I am a living thing! I am enjoying my life! Don't you see? It is very wrong to end my life just so you can enjoy eating me!". Some of the others were nodding. "Perhaps he is right" said one of them. Billy thought he was going to convince them not to eat him. But then the woman searched through his rucksack and found the Beef Sandwiches. "What is this, then?". "Erm...That's my lunch". "What is it?". "It's a Beef Sandwich". "This Beef was part of a living animal?". "Erm...yes. I suppose it was". "It was a living thing. It enjoyed life. It didn't want to die, Yet it was killed so you could enjoy eating it's flesh". Billy could see where she was getting at. "Yes, but that's just an ANIMAL. It's all right to eat animals. But not humans. Humans are different". "But Humans are animals too. Why is it wrong to eat human animals, if it's not wrong to eat non-human animals? Please give us a REASON why it is ok to eat a cow, and not a human". You know what? Billy couldn't think of a good reason. So they killed him and cooked him. Then they ate him. After they went through his things and found some nice chocolate-covered mints, and they sat around munching on them. ~*The Big Question*~ The question the cannibals asked Billy was: "Why is it wrong to eat human animals, but not wrong to eat non-human animals?" Of course, many people agree with Billy that, while it is wrong to kill and eat humans, there is nothing wrong with killing and eating other sorts of animals. But there are also people who believe that if it wrong to kill and eat humans, then it is wrong to kill and eat animals. I dont eat meat, but I know many who do. Should they be doing something morally wrong? If they believe that it is wrong to kill and eat humans (And they DO believe it is wrong to eat humans), but not wrong to eat non-human animals, it seems they must come up with some difference between them. But what is the difference? That's another big question in this thread ~*Animals are stupid?*~ From our point of view animals have a much lower intelligence than us human beings. They do not have a sense of right and wrong and they go about killing whatever they need to survive. Does that mean it is ok to kill and eat them because they are less intelligent than us? Then that means we can eat and kill anything that isn't as intelligent than us. What if all new babies were born with a very low intelligence, like that of an intelligent animal. Let's say a Pig. They wouldn't be able to learn any language and they would not be able to feel sophisticated emotions like pride. They are perfectly capable of living long and happy lives, so how do you think we should care for them? We would obviously give them lots of care and attention and give them all the possibility of living a very long and happy life. But why not kill and eat them? After all they are less intelligent than us. But they are humans too. So why shouldn't we kill and eat them too, after all many people believe that we can eat animals because they have a lower intelligence. The problem is that we can't explain why it is morally wrong to kill and eat these humans, for these humans have the same intelligence as pigs, and we kill pigs every day to eat. So the reason is that we can't differentiate between humans and animals because of intelligence, otherwise we would have eaten those babies (yuck!). ~*Prejudice*~ It's just a fact that we humans think we are more important than animals, we always have been. Our needs and desires come first. That is just the way it is, human beings are more important than animals. But why are we more important? There still isn't a good explanation. And if we can't explain why then we are just being prejudice against animals, in the same way that some people are prejudice against other people and races. That means we are just killing them for no reason whatsoever, only because we want to eat their flesh. ~*Pets*~ Now dogs are very intelligent and quite sophisticated animals. You would be horrified to have to kill and eat your own pet dog (unless you dont own a dog, like me ), wouldn't you? Its just wrong. But in some countries, like China for example, dogs are eaten very commonly. There is really no difference between a cow and a dog, they both have roughly the same intelligence and emotional sophistication. It's just that dogs look cuddly and cute. So if it is wrong to eat a dog, then why is it not wrong to eat a cow? After all they both have the same intelligence and emotional sophistication. ~*The Species*~ Some people claim that it is the species one belongs to that is important, so far as what it is morally acceptable to kill and eat. It is morally wrong to kill and eat others of the same species. But why isn't it? Isn't that just prejudice of ours? Or can this claim be justified? So that means that it is ok to eat other species, but not our own. ~*A Very Smart Pig*~ Suppose there was a Pig with the intelligence to match Einsteins. This pig was a one-off, it could talk, it liked Shakespeare and was invited to lots of dinner parties. But because it is the same species as other less-intelligent pigs, then that means it is ok to eat it, if we were to listen to the 'Species Theory'. According to the 'Species Theory' then it is ok to kill and eat this pig, because it is of another species to us humans. But clearly it would not be acceptable to eat this pig, it's too intelligent and emotionally sophisticated. ~*My Opinion*~ I, personally, am a vegetarian (or a ©lacto-ovo-vegetarian, according to the definition in the FAQ below ). I see absolutely no benefit in eating meat in todays World, and am not afraid to express that. ~*FAQ*~ This is to answer any questions you have about vegetarians. Q: What is a vegetarian? A: Well... there are many types of vegetarian Total vegetarians - eat no animal food, eggs, or dairy products. Vegans - same as total vegetarian, and also do not buy items made from fur, leather, wool, or silk. Lacto-vegetarians - Vegetarian, but eat dairy products. Lacto-ovo-vegetarians - Vegetarian, but eat dairy products and eggs. Pesco-vegetarians - Eat fish but no other meat. Pollo-vegetarians - Eat chicken, turkey, duck and other poultry, but no "red meat". Mostly for religious reasons. Q: Is there an official club or something for vegetarians? A: Well, there is the Vegetarian Society and the Vegan Society. Q: How can you live without meat? You need protein!!! A: I have 3 words for you; Tofu & Mycoprotein. Mycoprotein contains basically the same amount of protein as meat, and tofu provides more. Not much protein is needed in your diet anyway. Q: NOOB! EAT MEAT!!! A: Get off my thread. Q: CLOSE THIS THREAD!!! A: No, in fact I will recreate it until I can no longer maintain it, so there I will add any more if necessary (well those questions were most peole who ask me at school lol) ~*Definitions*~ These are definitions of words or phrases that may be used in discussion that you may not understand. Speciesism: the notion that Humans are superior to all other life. You care more for humans just because you are human too. Total vegetarians: eat no animal food, eggs, or dairy products. Vegans: same as total vegetarian, and also do not buy items made from fur, leather, wool, or silk. Lacto-vegetarians: Vegetarian, but eat dairy products. Lacto-ovo-vegetarians: Vegetarian, but eat dairy products and eggs. Pesco-vegetarians: Eat fish but no other meat. Pollo-vegetarians: Eat chicken, turkey, duck and other poultry, but no "red meat". Mostly for religious reasons. ~*Questionnaire*~ If you have time, please fill out this questionnaire. Please note it is definitely not compulsory. 1) Do you eat meat? -Yes -No 2) If you answered 'No' in the above question then what would you call yourself? -Vegan -Vegetarian (feel free to specify type of vegetarian from definition in FAQ) -Other 3) Do you believe that you're a victim to Speciesism (See definition below if you need to)? -Yes -No 4) Do you think that it's wrong that animals are 'manufactured' just so we can kill and eat them? -Yes -No 5) Do you think Hunting is right? -Yes -No -Only in some cases 6) Is there any way I could improve this thread? If so, please state:
  5. woot ace guide going to try it now but soon :( it wont happen beacose of rwt vs rs
  6. hi all i did it 24 hours (atm) woot :thumbsup: im trying to alcomplish (soz for spelling) to see my record of staying up to see how long ~.t.z.t.~ the head range / half leader ever heard of falador masker i was in it
  7. what im trying to set up but it keeps geting locked
  8. hi well the first messge is do not spam this is my third and finaly thread that i can post well here we go agin hi im not going to try and sleep an ace idea so may i point out it is really unheathy so no 1 should join me only and i mean no 1 well here we go i decided to have an idea to stay up all night im going to keep a record of my sucess hours 24/90 *failed* cups of coffe: 17 failed* fruit juice : 6 *failed* power band lifts : 0 *failed* now let you post i will update later rember no spamming or flamming
  9. i did pm him but no responce
  10. im not spamming the last time it was locked becose over peole were now im crazy i dont spam (well i did by merstake)
  11. im crazy i know trust me im always hyper today i cyeled 3 miles in 30 mins oh yeah and i see stuff
  12. every 1 is so agest here lol i will do this and see who stands in my way!!!!!!
  13. this is a copy of my bros thread he made it for me but he wrote few thing wrong (like 16 insed of 13 lol)
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