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  1. I can use some more ideas..so keep posting.
  2. do you have to do any quests to get to the experiments?
  3. Best place for a guy with level 64 range to get XP?
  4. I am level 63 range, what is the fastest way to gain xp with range in F2P?
  5. Where is the best place to cast "Curse" for XP in F2P?
  6. I want to hear your opinion. What is the best place to train strength in F2P, meaning the best XP per hour.
  7. I mean like locations in the game..
  8. What locations are availiable for LOOTSHARE in F2P?
  9. My buddy and I tried it out and it did not work...is there certain areas that you can only do it in? If so, what are some good areas in F2P? We don't have P2P.
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