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  1. Loved the 1st article. It made a point. 2nd one was kind of Blah Blah Just my opinion. No offense.
  2. I'm usually very moderate. But this time I have to agree with NeoHero. It is a free game, if you choose. Why should P2P players pay for F2P updates? Hey! Call Microsoft, and tell them their free games need upgardes, then again go try to play another free game on the net. I've played F2p for a few years, got me hooked, and became a member. Still don't understand all the whining about F2P
  3. Good articles this week, great reading. I really liked Crocefisso one's about the "Impossible balance". Was interesting, top to bottom. And I feel the same way! Thanks Crocefisso.
  4. I'm a decent level. Can't say I ever got bored. Skilling and friends are what makes me love this game. Sure, can be boring at times, but you join a a greart clan, and it's talk, talk, all the time :) A;ways a choice. For me, a great game, make my useless nights fun :) Log on, don't always play But sure talk :) Don't get addicted, but don't knock it etheir. Solitary with a mission :) Racheya, always like your articles.
  5. All 3 articles were great this week! The history of RS is such a great read! Love it. Melee bias? Can't, or won't comment :), I'm melee based . (but sure seems to be an advantage to be) Being ethical is so personal, you are or you're not. A cashier gave me back 0.40 cents, instead of 0.30. I gave back the 0.10. Such a small amount, still, the principle is there. for me anyway. Bottom line, you are cheating others, not only yourself. I'm still trying to figure out why people are using macros. "Hey I'm maxed out", so? (started playing in 2004, why I love to hear about the beginning of RS )
  6. Would like to be a moderator. But don't post much, and not on often. Do like the tip.it site, been watching it since forever :). I read all the times articles, love them. Good or bad (judgement issue here lol ) Been a member for a while, here and on RS. I really like this site. The only one I use. If you need an article, in french, let me know :) I'm 52, l(francais) and live in Montreal. I love this RS game. My stats are ok. Not great in some area :( Andregiant.... You can all look me up.
  7. I also love the Forever Runescape series. Great read. All 3 articles this week, were entertaining. I do favor the left click on ALLl monsters. The reasonning, at first, was understandable, but the game, and the people have evolved. Unless Jagex still want to protect new players, the left click should be available for all, or at least an option. And could they please put d bones on top, when picking up drops, instead of steel or iron bars :) (And sure hope it's the 2nd of nth article in the Forever Runescape, really enjoy that series)
  8. Both articles were really good. I perfectly understand the first one, as I am a computer programmer myself. The language I use (Basic, 1980''s) lol, has a short 32,767, a single, 7 digits, and a long 15 digits. Back then, hard disks held minimum storage, so you had to work your way around saving space. So I sure understand the constraint they had at first. As for the 2nd article, I've been playing since 2003, and yes! the game sure has changed. It used to be, for me, fishing a bit, mining a bit. then stitting around with friends, chatting. No longer. It's 'give me an hour, getting xx level soon'. The friendship part is still there, but different Don't get me wrong, I still love the game, but it has changed a lot. Evolution you think? lol.
  9. I've been reading the Times ever seen I joined. Some articles, lots of times, I don't agreed with the opinion expressed. But if the article is well written, I enjoy reading. I completlely disagreed with Crocefisso, but thought it was well written, and got me reading till the end. All I look for every week.
  10. I've been playing since 2004, been a member since 2006. In my opinion, Dungeon is a mini game. But that's just me, most of my friends love the skill, and that's fime. Summon is one of my favorite skill. It brings a LOT to the game. I have used Bunyips and Granite lobsters ever since I could summon them. Now I can use Yacks. They are the BEST! Construction, and hunter are ok. Decent skills to train. So, I don't agree at all with the 2nd article, but did like the way is was written. Was a good read. As for capes, Racheya, I don't think f2p should have the same 'priviliges' as p2p. Having no stats boost is an option for sure. ( I still have my full rune set, for when I visit friends in f2p ) lol. Good articles this week, I enjoyed reading. Both were well written.....Andre
  11. I still don't undersand why RS brings out so much fierce reactions from people. It remains a game. If it goes, it goes. Life goes on. (Been playing since 2004) Been fooled, (under the influence, and saw 'runscape' lol), and got my account hacked. So what? I play the game, not to get rich,show off, or anything. For the fun of playing! Sure it's disturbing, all that is happening, but in the end, we are slaves to the game. We can all choose a different game. I don't want to, I like this one. Anyway, it's just my opinion, not trying to offend anyone.
  12. Both articles were good. The fictionnal was really neat. great to the end, I liked :) Some Mini games I just don't do, or care (dungeon comes to mind) The urns, for me, was a great update. I kill abyssals a lot, so it's a bonus. Really hope they have a super duper update for smithing soon
  13. "Economic Ignorance" I liked the article, reminds me of me :) I'm a pretty high level, and have no idea, or care, on how the 'rs economy' works. I buy at full, and sell at less, at GE. One thing is sure, Free trade will change some items price. (I know some friends who just can't wait till Feb 1 :) ) "Tip.it Times" I read the Tip.it times for the enjoyment of reading. I'm not looking for answers, or tips, or anything. What some people find obvious, "been said before", irrelevant, etc, I find entertaining. I look forward to every sunday, for the new issue. Keep 'em coming, I'll keep on reading.........
  14. I have to say, this was one of the most, if not the most, interestating debate since I joined. All replies were polite, articulate, and to the point. Got my attentiion. Read everything. I'm not a writer, but sure enjoy reading people that know how. While I do not agree with everything, all of you made your point, about why, and how you saw it. We need this every week :) Thank you guys. .....Andre.
  15. Both articles were great reads. And pretty long, which I like. For me, in any given week, the best two articles. Super guys, grats! And I agree with nifflin, runescape is going to be a thing of the past, real soon. What a shame :(
  16. This whole thing is a joke. A poll? Give me break. The RS world was doing fine as is. But seems Jajex needed money influx, thus this stunt. Hey! love the game, why try to fix, what's not broken? Pk was always about money. What's wrong with playing, skilling ? It remains a game, why is money so important? Never will inderstand. ...Andre, combat 136. And a few capes :) Edit: 18m in bank lol, nothing :) Ps: I really liked the fictionnal. Storm! Super! Racheya, you do a great job. Don't let the Naysayers bother you
  17. "eight years later and still a noob" I can really relate to that article. I started playing in 2004, and still like the game. I have a few 99's myself, but still think I'm a noob in many aspects. Really liked this article. 2nd article, I wasn't too sure where the author was trying to go (No offense). Fictionnal, waiting for the complete story. I will read from top to bottom :)
  18. Baby's First MMORPG? I couldn't agree more. I'm of the older generation :). Yes some recent games have better graphics, but so what? I like RS, I don't do quests or mini games. Just train, fight a bit, and talk a lot. I don't even consider looking at other games. Fictionnal article is really good. I like. Really fun to follow, nice job Storm. (When all parts are put together, I'll reread it.) Been playing since 2004 btw, .....Andre
  19. I'm combat lvl 136. Doesn't mean much. Well! I fight a lot. I have 11m in bank. don't laugh! It's all I have. Economy, inflation, deflation, mean nothing to me. I play because I like like it. If I have to buy an item 1k, when it used to be 400gps, so be it. I've played since 2003. Yes the RS economy is shifting, I don't dispute that. I gave away millions, before GE. But now, it seems, too many players are focused on 'money'. And TS! It was a good article.
  20. 1. Stormrage, your article was interesting. I enjoyed reading it, and it was pretty long. (which is good). 2. I don't do many quests, just the ones I need. But they are an integral part of RS, I appreciate that. 3. The fictionnal article was good. I liked it. Overall, I find the articles fun to read. And the discussions afterwards :) I look forward to every Sunday. .....Andre
  21. I totally agree with the 1st articlle. I play, don't do quests or minigames. If a minigame is to be part of a quest, then put it in game. The 2nd article is right on. Kids, yes I say kids, keep changing their names. They don't tell you, most times :) Hey Andre! this is yyyy, I'm now xxxx :) And I love the fictional. Great story there, following it.
  22. TS. It was a good report. But I, as so many others, resent the rant. I play, don't consider myself a 'nerd'. I work 8 hrs a day, and RS is unwind time. I see a level 5, and will say hello. I don't do quests or diaries. does that make me a 'newbie' ? I'm level 136, don't put it in anyone's face. I go to F2P worlds all the time, to help friends. Most of us could not even attend RuneFest. It's great that it was good though!! But, don't Judge the rest of us. It was uncalled for. And I'm french, so , me english might be so-so :) .....Andre
  23. for the record, I'm lvl 136. I dont see no 'geeks', no 'newbs', in this game. Some have attitude, to be expextected. But I find most respectful. Ts! Your article was good. But for the rant :( And the fun is out of RS, I disagree. I'm member, but stilll go F2P with friends :) for fun. Not all of us play this for money :) ...Andre.
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