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  1. sic_v1k

    Fletching Rant

    well i would just alchy them but the only way to make a profit from alchyin is from crafting your own nats
  2. sic_v1k

    Fletching Rant

    I cant sell my bows anymore and i am losing a lot of money from this please jagex just lower the yew long and mage longs prices so i can sell my yews and mages again :(
  3. this is a very cool idea i hope they make this skill i support it 100%!
  4. bump and i sold my 7k yew longs lol gained like 2mil from it \ :XD: now i bought enough yew logs and bow strings for 85 fletching!
  5. lol sry i forgot to post this yesterday XD 82 fletching ftw! im about 210k xp away right now from 83 fletching
  6. i added that i am selling 5k yew longs pm me in game if you want to buy them
  7. wow someone acutally responded lol but ye it is going really fast i was trying 99 fishing on my other acc but i got to 83 and got hacked then i made sic v1k but thanks for the support
  8. WELCOME TO Sic V1k's 99 Fletching Blog!!! Yes i am working on 99 fletching right now and hope to get it by the end of this month :mrgreen: [hide=About Me]About Me: Sic V1k was created around mid fall of last year, his current level is 57 and his stats are ok because i took a HUGE break in winter and early spring and then my friend got me back into rs! He was originally going to be a pker but since pking is gone im turning him into a main his current stats are here taken as of 1/2/08 - [/hide] UPDATES AND DATES OF ACHEVIEMENTS 1/3/08 - i actually sold my 7k yew longs got like 2 mil gain from it lol 1/3/08 - I got 83 fletching! and i fletched 2k yews to day i now i have 7k yew longs.....ugg i got to sell these some how or im not goin to make money at all :'( but im getting fletching levels so quickly! i love it lol 1/2/08 - I got 82 fletching today and fletched 1k yew longs today i already am trying to sell 4k need to sell these ffs lol DONATIONS LIST I will take donations if I am presented with them. YOU DO NOT NEED TO GIVE DONATIONS. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. SELLING STUFF here i will post stuff i want to sell just pm me in-game to buy something NONE RIGHT NOW I am planning to have the party around the end of this month or early February but we will see how it goes! Please support me i need it, it will be my first 99! And i am hoping to gross in around 15mil+ from it. I will keep this thread updated!
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