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  1. Recent News: Going strong! 4/15/09 - 70 Mining! 4/15/09 - 69 Mining! 4/14/09 - 68 Mining! Hey everyone! My name is Khorne Smash and I love to mine ores. I am going for 70 mining short term and 85 mining long term. I am currently free to play but hopefully will get membership soon. I will be training in a variety of different ways: Gold,Coal,Silver,Iron,and Adamantite will be mostly what I shall mine. In addition, I will occasionally be smithing so that is a seconday goal. Mining: Smithing: [hide=Mining Tips]1. Always use a rune pickaxe. Worth every GP you pay for it. 2. Iron is the fastest experience until 80. Then granite + sandstone is fastest to 99. 3. A BoB helps a ton while mining if you are banking. Use this to your advantage.[/hide] [hide=70 Mining][/hide] Proof Of Account: [hide=][/hide]
  2. Got my Guthans and am gonna try camping in some areas for lots of experience.
  3. Good luck on 99 range! You can do it! Remember good is nothing if you dream of being great.....
  4. Hey everyone. My name's Khorne Smash and my goal is simple, train combat! I will not be speed training a lot. I will try to make a lot of cash on my way to higher combat. [hide=Skill Goals] [/hide] I will also be gathering cash. My starting cash in bank is 3.7 mil. Starting Cash - 3.7m Current Cash - 3.7m [hide=Training Methods]Undead,Yaks,Slayer,Dragons. :twisted:[/hide] [hide=Charm Collection]Crimson:300+ Blue:20+ Green:100+ Gold:400+[/hide] [hide=Good Range Training Monsters]Yaks - Neitznot Aviansies - God Wars Dungeon(Tank Them in Armadyl's Erie) Experiments Dragons[/hide] [hide=99 Cooking!] [/hide]
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