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  1. It seems like your all absolutely [developmentally delayed]ED SO i'll post the picture again, and again if i have to YOU LOSE, your not allowed to come back up, and you did.
  2. Go fist yourself, if you dont know anyone there, then why the fauk are you attacking devils members
  3. errrr I put in the wrong img file :P
  4. You're obviously illiterate - my name is aI2isen and this was my sig
  5. So you guys were there early then weren't you? Darkpaladin had told Bronxie 3:40 central. But we were apparently late, even though you guys were early... Bronxie even said that leaders were to tell their clans it started at 3:30.. kinda stupid if it was actually supposed to start at 3:40. So seeing as though only 2 of our leaders actually knew it was at 3:40, and the rest of the clan didn't, we weren't really early. Ps. flame away i know you'll make some excuse. It was agreed upon by leaders 3:40 central... and we were to defend. You guys were there at 3:35 central and set up to defend. Was ZF suppose to be there at 3:35 central? NO, but they were. I guess agreements between leaders means spit... Wheres my excuse? Or are those facts? We GOT THERE AT 3:35 central, and we SET UP at 3:40 central. Thank you for proving bronxies point....according to the rules set by OUR CLAN LEADERS, NOT YOU, we were the ones who were supposed to set up defence at gds YOU WERENT SUPPOSED TO DO THAT. As far as the proof that zf cheated.... tiz rite here WoW - GOING BACK UP IN FULL RUNE WIH NO SKULL ( died and came back up ) You break the rules, you lose the war - fauking deal with it. edit - oops....sorry - that one is DI attacking devils - another form of PROOF that the war WASNT fair oh...heres where you guys went back up
  6. I called out slash, lasted like 5 mins lol
  7. How much do you want for it?
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