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  1. I'm currently at 67 thieving and am planning to slowly train it up to 99 and am wondering about the exp rates for menaphite thugs/monkey knife fighters/pyramid plunder at 71/81/91 thieving. Thanks in advance :D
  2. Only if you have those floors open, for the other 75% of occults you wouldn't get better exp. And that's not even considering the shorter floor time you get doing flesh (ie less xp in less time means the xp isnt really better). As for food, flesh doesn't exactly do much damage, i rarely use more than 3 salve eels and that's before even considering soul split.
  3. This so much. Often people do flesh floors without having a hexer in the team and I personally think it's really stupid because you run the risk of getting necro. If you get two flesh and one necro you would lose any time "saved" by doing flesh, if you save any time at all. Most of us don't have hexes and most flesh teams don't have hexes, so necro really slows down floors. It's not that hard for keyers and dpsers to coordinate while doing thundy. OK. Firstly I'm gonna say that the majority of DGS' best dgers have hex and that in most of the decent DGS teams I'm in there will be another hexer. Obviously if your team doesn't have a hex then f45+ MAY be the better choice (no data so I can't really say either way) but if it does, consider these two scenarios where boss is found 3/4 the way through the floor and no gds available. Thundy: So that nobody is idle, boss is started, 1/4 of map unopened so ~15 doors need to be opened. Assuming thundy specs every 30 seconds that's one door opened every 30 seconds when it's safe to do so. Ignoring the fact that the keyer is gonna end up dying repeatedly as he waits for calls from dpsers to open doors, and assuming thundy takes 2 minutes to kill, the keyer is able to open a maximum of six doors while his team kill the boss. This leaves 9 doors to be opened after boss dies. Flesh: Boss is started and keyer can open doors as fast as he likes. Assume an average of ten seconds to open each of the fifteen doors and a time of around 2 minutes to kill flesh. This leaves only 2 doors to be opened after boss is dead and will knock over a minute off the floor time as well as reducing the number of deaths of both the keyer and the dpsers. I encourage people to challenge what I've said, I really am interested in the choice between flesh and thundy.
  4. Necro is easy with hex(s). As for timing dl with thundy, it works a bit but it's pretty inefficient, there are quite large gaps between thundy's specs where the keyer would end up being idle. With flesh, doorlag isnt an issue at all so the keyer can open up the rest of the map at top speed which in my eyes will result in a far faster floor time. Unless I'm unaware of a way to time dl apart from when thundy is speccing...
  5. ARE YOU KIDDING ME Haters. Recently I've noticed that in lots of 3bo pro teams, flesh floors are far more popular than thundy ones. I have a feeling this is so that boss can be started earlier and the keyer can safely open the rest of the map while boss is being killed without killing the players in boss room. What do people think about this? In my opinion flesh is just as easy/fast as thundy (though I do have a hex so others may not agree) and it probably does speed up floor times, the only problem I can think of is that you're more likely to get annoying/slow bosses like trio but I'm wondering if that risk is worth taking.
  6. Nice one, I'm always glad to hear of people practicing solo :D As well as what Tui said, the other main thing that's likely to make you mess up is people talking. This could be because you see their sentence and mistake it for one of thundy's specials or because you're busy typing a reply and your cursor isn't in the right place and you don't make it safe in time. Also be aware that door lag is likely to get everyone killed while killing thundy so if you have a door to open make sure you have someone in the boss room tell you when to open it. @Callisme: Don't get your hopes up for a hex, they're extremely rare :P
  7. OMFG dat noob Matt Marche gets credit for trivia when it was all my idea?????????? P.S. Grats on medal Chee <3 P.P.S. ILY rly Matt. Oh and to make this non-spam, a suggestion to people doing the coloured blocks puzzle. If you're in the room and not under attack then it's really useful to get the vials ASAP. I often see people waiting until all the blocks are in place before grabbing the colours which is really innefficient, and if there are multiple people getting vials then make sure your teammate(s) know which colours you've already got so as to save time.
  8. I took a short video of this, I can make it into a gif if people want it. Sounds like a good idea for the weekly trivia although they don't seem to want to update that atm for some reason :P
  9. A tip for people who struggle with the 'powering the central light' puzzle, if you click to charge the lodestones when the moving lights are at the stage just before they enter the centre, the light you have just clicked will be in time with previous moving lights.
  10. Geomancer doesn't appear to regain HP from his prayer disabling attack unless you have a protect/deflect prayer up. Sp you can use soul split/wrath etc without him healing?
  11. In the common abbreviations section, it says to not make bloodragers without scrolls. Since ragers are very useful to have in gds should this statement not be changed?
  12. Although I haven't been noting anything down, I've been paying al fair bit of attention to which is better out of slash/crush on hobgobs and it seems to be crush with ba. If I have time tomorrow I'll probs do a bit of research but I have to pack all my stuff up to go home on friday so it may not happen.
  13. This or the fact you can create a new gatestone as you teleport to your previous one would make a good piece of weekly trivia :P
  14. Don't you need to use the quick-cast though? The gatestone only breaks after teleporting to said spot, iirc. You don't need to quick-cast. After clicking to teleport, as soon as you see the 'Loading' sign, just click to cast a new gatestone and you'll have one in your invent when you arrive. I recommend watching dungeoneering videos to learn this sort of stuff, it's surprising how many random things you learn (like you can drop an item, for example a key, during the time you're group gatestone teleing).
  15. There are some people that make me wish I could have an ignore list on tif :/ On topic: I noticed the trivia hasn't been updated in a while, my suggestion would be pictures of primal warriors, one with chain, other with plate and instructions on which to attack with what. I've noticed alot of people get confused about this (including me sometimes).
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