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  1. Alright guys, this is the last part of the summary of the last several weeks. Depending on my workload, I might have to stick to this format in the future (posting everything when I finally find the time). I'll do my best to update this as regularly as I can, but don't hold your breath! Part 3 (Mostly Questing): And that's about it for now guys!
  2. Thank you very much for the support! I'll start retyping the last part soon, I should be able to get it out before I sleep.
  3. Alright, here's the next part! Soon after the above events: Ugh, I had a lot more typed up, but the browser messed up and deleted 30 minutes worth of work. #-o Thanks to the save feature it's not everything, but I'm pretty put off right now... I'll probably type the rest up later... :wall:
  4. Hey guys! I'm finally back...! Sorry it took so long, I was very occupied with work,and anytime I could find I found it better spent playing than typing :oops: I've done quite a bit though, so here's the update! In the next section, I will cover my adventure in Canifis! (I'm scared this will go over the word limit).
  5. That's assuming there will be a new playerbase. The truth is, a lot of newer, better games are free now and computers that can run those games are getting cheaper and more affordable. There is little incentive for someone to pick up Runescape, especially since its subscription based but isn't that much cheaper.
  6. Hey guys, sorry about the huge lack of updates! I'm still alive and kicking! I've been dealing with midterms and between studying and digging time to make use of my newfound membership there really wasn't a lot of time to go through and upload photos :( I've got one last batch of work tonight, and then hopefully I will still have enough energy in me to upload and narrate :)
  7. Here's my dog. I miss him. I came to America to college and couldn't bring him over (not that I could take care of him while studying, but...). Fortunately I'll be able to see him at Christmas! I can hardly wait!
  8. Sorry for the lack of updates guys! Schoolwork is hard, I haven't even been able to get on to do a quest or anything... I'll try and push stuff out but I'll most likely only be able to make 1~2 updates during the weekdays, sorry! Edit: Here's the week so far! 10/7~10/10 [hide] So, I tried to be smart when heading to the GE and teleported to Edgeville, knowing there is a shortcut there, and I found this guy: So awesome! there really should be more treants in this game! As a side note, My agility level wasn't high enough to use the shortcut :( Well, Off to agility training! I then went to Chaeldar to get my next task: If I finish this task, will you marry me? So, Following the advice earlier, I decided to get a Dragonfire Shield! After heading to the G.E, (making sure to use the shortcut), I found this: Penguin in a pumpkin?? Anyway, I went and put an offer in: and sooon...... Hurrah!!!! After this, I decided to go kill some stuff for my Emissary tasks in Karamja. However, I got COMPLETELY distracted by this : There's cool statues inside! I took a photo with one with the same high-5 pose: After wandering around, I found these guys: So, I tried to find out what they're doing (he's shooting at the cracked ball): WHAT! WHAT DO YOU MEAN I'M NOT SKILLED ENOUGH *RAGE* I spent the next hour or so slaughtering the innocent citizens of um...Lavatown? The spoils: I got a ton of charms, but they don't seem to stack... How odd. I didn't feel happy after slaughtering innocent citizens, so I went and did something which didn't involve killing: Thieving! Master farmers are very sensitive in their pockets While I was training in Varrock, I ruined some poor fellow's life: It left a sour taste in my mouth, so I went to pickpocket some people who are more annoying: and I found my first clue scroll! The adventure of the clue scroll: [hide] On the way..... Creeeeepy....!! AAAAND....... *drumroll* Not bad for my first Clue ever! [/hide] And that's about it for now! the second half of this week is a heck of a lot of work though, so I might not be updating this until the weekends. [/hide]
  9. Thanks! I'm glad you like it! :) Kalphite Hunting: [hide] The Kalphite Lair; looks dangerous The man is really weird though :o Fighting workers! They dealt a little more damage than I expected, had to run and restock after about 80 workers. Here's the loot from the first section: When I went back, I went and challenged some soldiers, and when I had two kalphites left on my task, I went and killed two guardians, one of which dropped the super attack :) I found out the bonus of Warpriest armour can proc on poison! The charms are the total from both trips, I didn't bank them because I didn't include them in the loot picture the first time. :P My slayer level literally shot up during this task (27 now)! I also got another task from my emissiary: Sounds like I have more hunting to do! What are jogres though [/hide] On a side note, I bought this off the G.E. I wanted a dragonfire shield, but it still costs a fair bit (1.2m). This shield has the SAME stats, in fact it has one more prayer point, and it costs 72k... What a steal!! ;D I guess I can only use the anti-dragon shield now for dragon hunting though :/
  10. Hey guys! I'm back! Got caught up in some work, I'll try and put two days in one post Day 3 [hide] a good start :) While wandering around Catherby, I found a quest marker: Off to the fishing competition I go! Forgot to take a photo at the competetion, :( I then found this while practicing my thieving skill (I need 50 for my God helmet) Sounds Great! Time to become a master thief! While hanging around lumbridge, I decide to finish the quest I started by accident when I was trying to recover my Saradominist token: Lost city. Entrana's a beautiful place. ZANARIS IS SO AWESOME! Spending the night here! [/hide] Day 4/5: Stayed up pretty late so just counting these days together :P [hide] I decided to hang around Zanaris and kill some otherworldly beings, maybe they'll drop me a dragon med! I decided to take this opportunity and hit 75 attack to use my shiny new sword too :) and eventually.... HURRAY! Here's me with my smexy new sword, along with the loot from training: (No D-med unfortunately :( ) Well, That's enough Zanaris for now, but before I left, I decided to grab a slayer task from the slayer master: She's so cute My god emissiary agrees: However, I think I'll get some thieving levels first: Some quests I unlocked through the way and selling my loot! Alright, I think that's enough thieving for now... let's go kalphite hunting! Here's my setup for the hunt: Exciting!! First time venturing into the desert! I hope I brought enough waterskins :/ [/hide]
  11. I'll add you :) Next part is coming up soon! I've had some work so I didn't have time to upload the photos :/ I got a little bit of work to do, I should be back in one or two hours.
  12. ! I can get membership back on my lower level character and we can fool around in P2P. That's my real name, not my IGN, haha :)
  13. Good Morning! Start of day 2! [hide] Upon logging in, I found a message in the chatbox: I ran over asap, and found a massive demon fighting a group of players! I died many times, and accidentally lost my dragon saradominist token :( however, here are the rewards: I went back to the crater to try and reclaim my token, but there were no recruitment officer to reclaim it from... Is it gone for good? I wandered around the back and spotted a quest marker! I would love to help, but... Oh well... I'll help you later then. After that disappointment,I dropped by the wizards' tower. I remember a members minigame being on top, and went to investigate what's it all about. I want that hood he's selling! Yes!, finally got enough points for the hood! GIMME!! WHAT!? Why didn't you tell me earlier?! Yes please... With the hood, I decided to complete some more of my God emissary tasks Looks like we're heading on a roadtrip to Ardougne! What a view! Catherby's such a relaxing place! I decided to spend a night here: The room even comes with free wine! Alrighty, let's head towards Ardougne! Finally completed the task! aaand the next task is at Yanille! I'm not sure I really need to travel that far yet, but I do kinda want to finish this set of tasks. I might just go for a short visit and fully explore Yanille/Ardougne later! [/hide] Short break for now, got some work to do.
  14. Thank you very much for the support, this is my first time becoming a member as well as my first time writing a blog! Any comments/advice is welcome! Edit: I couldn't sleep. This is too exciting! After helping the lady in Varrock with her cat, I decide it might be time to venture into some member territory. I began my travels at Burthrope, a city I have already been to. However, things have changed, and I'm here to explore what new things I can do! This man is incredibly tall :o, by the way, those statues are amazing! this guy's tall too. I sharpened my attack skills for a little while The exhaustion's finally caught up to me. I think I will finally call it a day now. I went and got the 5 year cape & hood, and I'll use it for now until I can find something better! I can't wait for tomorrow!!
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