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  1. why do they have a world for it in f2p???
  2. i am a level 71 member with 60 att 61 str 45 def 43 prayer full rune, berserker, rune guantlets and boots. what monster should i fight that has decent drops
  3. would u guys think that with this new pvp update coming there will be a rise in people investing in certain combat related items??
  4. wheres a good place to train with a cannon?? any monsters that have decent drops and any safe spots?
  5. what is a good monster to train on for a level 30 member, i have 20 att, 45 str, 24 rnge, 35 magic, 1 def. i want to train on a monster with decent drops, or one thats pretty close to a bank...
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