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    Newburg Alabama, Trust me you cant find it on a map :)
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    Currently training for the Marines.. and yes its intense.
    Um I love to work out and im always looking for new ways to push my body.
    I do have a lovely Girl friend. Her name is emily and she means the world to me. Go me =D

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  1. so. the title pretty much sayes it all. Im looking for a Fun, Social, Active skilling clan i can have fun with. you can check out my stats in the highscores if you ant but trus me their high enough. I've held many ranks in previouse other clans. and the one i most enjoy is the events staff because i make crazy fun events lol. I'd also prefer the skilling clan to be small like under 100 people so if your this clan please post
  2. http://img706.imageshack.us/i/mybike.png/ http://img692.imageshack.us/i/meandemily.jpg/ http://img692.imageshack.us/i/facebookdz.jpg/ http://img442.imageshack.us/i/bando.jpg/ i couldn't get them to work the other way but... the first one is my motorcycle, second is me and my GF, third is just me, and the last one is of me playing in marching band at school.
  3. ok so after about a year i decided that today i would get back into the swing of runescape. and oh my god so much has changed!!! now... my stats are in my siggy and im trying to come up with ways to make money since i have my minimul 2M but thats gone lol. i decided to try to take back up slayer but all the equipment has SKYROCKETED!!!. all in short. i need help
  4. i can already superheat but that takes a while doing 5 bars at a time.
  5. im f2p now i cant get any more members things. what f2p items will go with what little members stuff i listed?
  6. my stats are in the siggy. im wanting to know how i would get to 70. im not expecting to make any cash at all seing as its f2p anyway.
  7. so im back to f2p again and i want to know what goes good with this legends cape white boots/gloves these i've kept on and want to know what would look good with this besides sara armour
  8. what's the quickest way without losing a whole lot of money?
  9. if you would read my post in the other thread about confessions or whatever that sticky was im bisexual.... any more questions??
  10. sayes June/14/07 and im tired of getting flamed... seriously believe what u want dont realy care. Posted a picture ,THAT IS ME. so if you want to believe it or not go ahead. But once again im sick of getting flamed so can you please get over this.
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