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  1. I have a 180 waterfiends for a slayer task. I have about 6m cash. 968 gold, 784 green, 1798 crimson, 394 blue charms. I have regular super sets, regular pray book. I also have 54 summoning, was thinking maybe these charms and 6m would be enough for bunyip? If so how would you suggest going about it? Also given my current stats (Ive never fought waterfiends befrore) is there any way i could do it with out a summoning familiar? If anyone is interested 41herb..lol. Im trying to make money for extremes..obviously i need to upgrade that. But i believe the best option is to get bunyip, but then i don't know where id go from there as far as invy and gear wise. Ignore quest point total. if for some reason you would suggest me doing some quest..How can i put summoning and member stats in signature? i was quit for a while just came back in feb. First day back on tip.it
  2. would it help in the future to mask my IP address? can you send me a link if that'd be beneficial? (to a good free masker) I'm not so much concerned w/ how it happened, as to what i can do to stop it from happening again and insure a safe account
  3. how do i do safe mode? i think last time i did safe mode i couldn't get it out of it.
  4. Ok yesterday i got hacked on my nub account..i think some1 got my ip address.. But I've heard credible sources say that its impossible to hack with just an ip address So im thinking maybe a key logger? I haven't botted or anything like that, that would make me vulnerable Ive changed all my pws and recoveries etc.. I'm not sure how i got hacked..nothing happened to my account besides my pw didn't work I scanned w/ avira and malwarebytes i didn't find anything. What is the next step to insure security?
  5. if i do this how much are we talking per hour? EDIT: NVM i can figure that out myself didnt't read the entire thread..lol Thanks for all your help ill look into all of your suggestions!
  6. yeah Ive heard lots of good things about farming, at the moment my farming is a measly 42..thanks for the input! Reliability is what i want. Any other suggestions for a reliable income? or maybe to raise my farming from 42-62
  7. well, what i was planning on is a good cash maker that would never get full like if i were to get 85 dungeoneering (i think) frost dragons? From what i hear there super full. I'd like a skill that doesn't rely on melee i mean i could slay for a while but how much cash does slayer really make you unless you get a random visage..and even then visages went down alot. for instance rcing..no1 can ever stop me from rcing by having a full world..i can do it when i want and no circumstance can stop me (other then boredom)
  8. Agreed - with max melee, you could a hundred times better such as? im not really that into members, havent been a member in forever and don't kno the best options
  9. hey Tip.it community, I am attempting to get 57-91 rc for hopefully obvious reasons.. and i was wondering what quests or maybe items would be most benefitial before i started, so that it could go as smoothly as possible maybe even levels? higher agility? more summoning for beast of burdens? any suggestions will help how long would you predict it would take to get from 57-91 rc using ur personal suggestions
  10. hey guys i have a noob account w/ 63range. I don't wanna do major quests on it, i got 55 slayer on it today Was gonna do waterfall and pc get void and broad bolts vs fire giants But I know my friend got from 70-99 range w/ black knives at flesh crawlers and made 50m in like 1.5months or somthing Anyhow i was wondering wats the better ratio of speed and cash if u were to camp out in 1 of these spots which spot would u recommend? Or do u recommend other spots? i got 99range in f2p, so i dont know member spots very well.
  11. ok so i want to get my level 83 he'll prob be bout 90 by the time he gets members 99range the only problem is he cant do any quests that train defense and hes only 45def but id also want a place with solid xp and good drops
  12. hey this will be my first trip to armadyl..i got mostly everything i need..just need an affordable shield (not more then 1.5) and i need to kno how i should use my terrorbird..only 52 summoning 99def 99range thou..late summoner ;P right now im thinking anti-dragon shield or the obby shield.. not sure thou any suggestions would help i have more then 42 quest points..haven't updated it lately u could also suggest wat to wear..and wat to bring in invy..but i think i got that covered
  13. hey i was wondering wat would be a good way to get 99 mage w/o loosing alot of cash in p2p im open to any suggestions can't do anything but normal mage atm..suggest some quests or somthing w/ mage bonuses..or mage books..like lunar im fine w/ doing some quests if it will help me
  14. yeah ik monks r totally faster but sharks r..140m profit?>.> i just wanna see what the difference in weeks/months is whats the difference in xp/money earned in 1 hr?
  15. bout how long will 77-99fish take if i fish monks at the colony and how long would sharks take?
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