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  1. Sorry for the lack of updates, I had one ready before I left for a week away in Portugal, but was being lazy in uploading it. I got 65 attack finally! With that, I could finally enter the Warrior's guild: So my defender farm began. All together it took around 1500 for the rune defender and ~50 for the dragon defender (lucky!) [spoiler=defender hunt] I went from bronze to mithril in less than 500 tokens, but I think it took over 1000 for the adamant one to drop. I had been farming barbarian spirits for the grapples, and lucked out with another Rune Scimitar. Nothing special now that I upgraded to a dragon scimitar, but something cool to remember: Whilst farming defenders, I got many hard clues, but had to drop two, as both required a rune heraldic item :( But I did get another unique (not sure if it was from a hard): With 65 fishing, I also went back and finished up Tai Bwo Wannai Trio, and grinded out 100% favour. No luck on the goutweed front, but I did get enough to do My Arm's Big Adventure. Can't remember why I screenshotted this one, must have been a quest requirement. Got the slayer level for black masks, but I'm not really in a rush there, as I still need to do quite a few quests to get to the caves.
  2. Finished up a couple more quests (most of the ones I can do with my current stats), so the grind for levels has officially started! [hide] 50 firemaking for Desert Treasure. 65 fishing for Tai Bwo Wannai Trio. [/hide] Done a bit of mining in MLM and smithing steel/gold bars. Fairly slow exp, but I need 60 mining anyway for Lunar Diplomacy, so I'll think of a faster method if I still need to at 60 mining. Fairly straight forwards quest. Might pop back for Lessers, if I get bored of Catacombs. Had this mostly done a few days ago, just was waiting for the tree to grow and remembering to collect branches. Will unlock routes as I need them (luckily most of them are diary reqs or quest reqs). I totally forgot disease required 3 whole doses to cure, so I didn't bring enough for the final boss fight. Luckily, non of the disease splats hit combat stats, so didn't make the quest any harder than usual. I'm glad I read that the sled is still a clue req after the quest, so I'm keeping mine in the bank. Otherwise, easy quest with pray. Most of the boss fights in these pre-2007 quests are really easy imo once you get 43 pray. You don't really even need to use prayer potions. Guess I still have the more difficult ones to come (DT, Lunar series, RFD). 65 Strength done, 2/3 more levels for 65 attack. Unfortunately I got another Infernal Mages task so I might not get it for another couple of days, depending on how long I put off doing Infernal Mages. For the next update, I'll probably continue to work on Mining/Smithing, and maybe some RC, since I'm fairly close to 35 rc now.
  3. After a couple of days, finally got this: Was pretty tough actually, hopefully I'll have stuff to alch next time so it's not quite as mind numbing. With that level, I could finally go do Regicide and talk to the person in Zulrah's town for my hard clue step. I'm not sure if I needed to do the quest, but figured I might as well. Funnily enough, my next few steps involved talking to Eluned, so I figured I should do Roving Elves as well: Did a few silly things since it was fairly late at night, like accidentally put sulphur into my spare barrel of naphtha I needed for ME1 and forget to enchant my consecration seed for Roving Elves when I collected my clue scroll step. But the reward was: Fairly decent alchs, and also a Master Clue! The first step was a coordinate: This is on Mos Le Harmless, so I still have a few quests left to do before I can do this. Think it spawns either Armadyl or Bandos minion too. Not in a big rush to grind out the levels I need for those quests (mostly farming I think), since it's very very unlikely I can do all of this Master clue. Did a medium though: And the yew comp bow is actually fairly useful, since I need one for Temple of Ikov. I think these should work for that quest? Also spent my entire cash stack for this: Upgraded Iban's Staff should be worth it, since I'll be using it for Barrows very soon. I'm going to start on those soonish, once I upgrade my range options from my current bone cbow/bolts set up. Otherwise, I basically went down the list of quests I could do: [spoiler=Quests] The boss fight itself was actually pretty easy, but I died trying to get back to bank since I fell into that cave with multicombat and scarabites spamming mage and range attacks for 12s at you. Managed to get back the valuable stuff though! Sadly rip keris, but since I don't need it right now (unless it's a clue item), I'll wait to buy it back. Nice for the sand daily I guess. Died once during the boss fight, but luckily the fight wasn't instanced, so got all my stuff back. Swapped to mage instead of range the second time and killed him easily. Bought a slayer ring to cheese the Tarn's miniquest, so I now have my Salve (e). I then did the three steps of RFD I could (hitting 200qp in the process! hype!), and bought the addy gloves: Think I still have a couple of quests I have the reqs for (am waiting for my willow tree to grow branches for Enlightened Journey), before I start on the stat grind.
  4. Hey! Thanks for leaving a comment. My long term goal is going for the quest cape, so I recently updated my goals on a post somewhere on p1 with a list of all the quests I have left and the different requirements I need. In the short term, I'm slowly aiming for Legends Quest as the next "big" quest I want to be able to do (I'm getting pretty close there) and then most likely trying to complete all of RFD. Slowly doing slayer and clues as I get them as well.
  5. Was finishing up my slayer task of Hellhound, and got my final melee goal: Will eventually push for 65 defence for King's Ransom, but I figure I should probably go and get a defender first. I got two clues this task, the first was fairly boring, it mostly consisted of fairy ring clue after fairy ring clue and also had fairly boring rewards (sweets being the "unique"). Second clue got me to this step: Eeek! Looked it up, and I need to talk to someone in the zone where Zulrah is. So it requires me to go do Regicide. I used it as motivation to finally complete underground pass: My amazing mspaint sketch of the correct path for this section. The section with the bridges legit took me an hour of failing the same jump over and over. I probably should have brought along telegrab runes and a range swap tbh to skip having to jump over to the last demon, but I stuck it out (including failing to jump to get to Iban himself over and over): And Iban's Staff get! I currently still lack the money to upgrade it, but once I do I think I might attempt a couple Barrows runs. Have 20 or so 4 dose pray pots I can chug through, will be good for some magic training if nothing else. Currently on the slow agility grind to 56 for Regicide. I'm pretty close (54/56), but I'm doing a level or two a day, since I get burnt out on agility courses really easily. Could probably go do it in <1 hour at the wildy course, but I'm grinding marks as well from the Canifis course whilst I still can. You guys probably already know this spot, but it's pretty good for camping to get a rune kiteshield (though I'm dry on kiteshields, but have gotten two granite shields instead >.<). With 57 magic, I could boost the final two levels (I didn't realise I could have done from 56 with a mind bomb already until after I got 57 magic :P), and I managed to finally complete: I then cooked all the raw swordfish I had saved up (about 1k odd), and got enough for monkfish: The long grind begins for the magic req for Swan Song I guess too. Will try to mage slay where possible. Currently on an awful task of Infernal Mages, so ranging those. Also been playing a bit of RS3 ironman mode. Afk'd my way to 50rc in runespan, and did the odd quest. Nothing exciting to show to be honest.
  6. Got a Hellhounds task, so figured it was time to upgrade to a dragon scimitar: I definitely wasn't expecting to get hit constant 13s by the tiny scorpions! And I also forgot just how annoying that dungeon was to run through. Went back the second time (when creating the greegrees) with energy pots which made it a lot easier. I definitely made all the greegrees I could for RFD, though I'm not sure if I needed to make any for MM2. Alched my rune full helm to have enough money, since I had already upgraded to the helm of neitznot. And it's definitely made a big difference at hellhounds, can kill maybe 18 now per inventory of tuna as opposed to <10. Got this too from the quest rewards, another nice round 60 combat stat. Only a couple of levels for defence left! Will definitely get it before I finish off this hellhound task. Apart from questing, I did some afk willows wc, and some fletching, since I wanted to get up to the level I could fletch maples (which I get tons of from kingdom) Will probably get 65 attack/strength next so I can farm for a dragon defender before some more slayer.
  7. Only a short update today, been splitting my time between my RS3 and OSRS ironman. Will update my mega quest goal post at some point. Got 60 Strength a while ago actually, so I've moved onto defence. I got bored of my Bloodveld task because I was ranging them in Catacombs, but I got a totem drop before I left! I swapped to meleeing them in the Slayer cave (the easier versions), and dinged past 55 def, so I can wear my fancy helm now: Did a couple of quests to get farming up (and have now got 30 base :) ): I literally sat next to my plants as they grew, and somehow the onions still managed to die on me :( Lastly, noticed I could unlock Prossy armour now after weekly tears, so: Don't remember the slug being quite so ugly! Shame I can't do the next few parts of this questline on OSRS (and I'm still a bit away on my RS3 ironman), but it did get me reading the wiki on them, and I totally forgot how hated the finale was! I remember reading all the pillar memes here and on RSOF for a while after that quest haha. Considering buying a bond on my main to play RS3 a bit, do you guys think it is worth selling off some of my bank? [hide] Also have sets of Veracs/Ahrims random stuff in bank, but almost certainly won't cover however much a bond costs. What's a good money making method with my stats/gear?[/hide]
  8. Does anyone know how I can change the title of my thread like everyone else seems to do? I've also hopped onto RS3 for a bit too today, but got ridiculously lost immediately. Is there a guide anywhere I can read to catch up on what's changed since Divination came out? Might play some f2p there for a bit whilst I afk woodcut or afk fish on my ironman.
  9. Use the embed option: [ img] URL here [/img] Or click on the imgur picture itself and copy and paste the BBCode option. The second option works better for me, since occasionally the first will tell me I'm not allowed to use that image extension etc...
  10. Goals Update Quests Basically the rest of the quests, with a handy list of reqs/items I need [hide] [ ] Between a Rock - Requires 50 smithing (Currently 46) [ ] Cabin Fever - Requires 50 smithing (Currently 46), Completion of Rum Deal [ ] Cold War [ ] Contact! [ ] Desert Treasure - Requires 50 firemaking (Currently 49), 53 thieving (Currently 48), Completion of Temple of Ikov, 12 magic logs [ ] Devious Minds - 50 runecrafting (Currently 32), 65 smithing (Currently 46), mythril 2h sword, large pouch [ ] Dream Mentor - Requires 85 combat (Currently 76), Completion of Lunar Diplomacy, difficult boss fights (?) [ ] Enakhra's Lament - Requires 50 crafting (Currently 49) [ ] Enlightened Journey [ ] Fairy Tale Pt 2 - Requires 49 farming (Currently 32), 57 herblore (Currently 46) [ ] Family Crest [ ] Forgettable Tale... [ ] Garden of Tranquillity [ ] Great Brain Train Robbery - Requires 50 prayer (Currently 46), Completion of Rum Deal, Completion of Cabin Fever [ ] Grim Tales - Requires 45 farming (Currently 32), 52 herblore (Currently 46), 59 agility (Currently 56), 58 thieving (Currently 48), 71 woodcutting (Currently 58) [ ] Hand in the Sand [ ] Haunted Mine [ ] King's Ransom - Requires 65 defence (Currently 60), full black armour [ ] Legends Quest - 50 crafting (Currently 49), 50 smithing (Currently 46), 50 thieving (Currently 48) [ ] Lunar Diplomacy - Requires 65 magic (currently 57), 60 mining (currently 52), 61 crafting (currently 49) [ ] Monkey Madness Pt 1 [ ] Monkey Madness Pt 2 - Requires 69 slayer (currently 55), 70 crafting (currently 49), 60 hunter (currently 34), 55 thieving (currently 48), 60 firemaking (currently 49), completion of Awowogei (RFD), completion of Enlightened Journey (unlock grand tree route) [ ] Mourning's End Pt 1 - requires 60 ranged (currently 56), 50 thieving (currently 48), magic logs, toad crunchies [ ] Mourning's End Pt 2 - completion of ME1 [ ] My Arm's Big Adventure - 60% tai bwo wannai cleanup [ ] Recipe for Disaster: [ ] Lumbridge Guide [ ] Evil Dave [ ] Skrach Uglogwee [ ] Sir Amik Varze [ ] Awowogei - requires 70 cooking (currently 64) [ ] Final Battle - completion of desert treasure, hard fight [ ] Regicide [ ] Roving Elves [ ] Rum Deal - requires 40 farming (currently 32), 47 prayer (currently 46, boostable), completion of Zogre Flesh Eater [ ] The Slug Menace [ ] Swan Song - requires 66 magic (currently 57) [ ] Tai Bwo Wannai Trio - 65 fishing (currently 62) - burnt my free karabwan :( [ ] Temple of Ikov [ ] Troll Romance [ ] Underground Pass [ ] What Lies Below - requires 35 runecrafting (currently 26) [ ] Zogre Flesh Eaters (Miniquests) [ ] Architectural Alliance [ ] Bear your Soul [ [ Curse of the Empty Lord [ ] Enchanted Key [ ] The General's Shadow [ ] Lair of Tarn Razorlor [ ] The Mage Arena [ ] Rag and Bone Wish List [/hide] Will go back and finish up later. My main goal at the moment is probably to try and get all the requirements for Legends Quest once I complete all the other quests I can with my current stats. Been putting off U Pass for so long haha.
  11. Non Quest Updates :P So I realise I've mostly been updating you on quests, so here are some other cool things: Dinged 1000 total level! I think I said as much in my last long post, but I managed to get a Rune Scimitar drop from fire giants! Didn't take that long, 13-50magic and then 23-30 range worth of exp. Was doing my werewolf task, when the Stranger from DT popped up chasing me. I haven't even started the quest! Kept me company for most of the rest of the task. Champion Scroll drop!! Think this is probably my first one ever haha, never did get any in RS3. (Hill Giant) Been doing my tasks when possible at the Catacombs, up to 2 Ancient Shards now. [spoiler=TT rewards] First TT unique cosmetic. Two more pages. My "luckiest" clue so far probably, got two uniques My first hard, and it was awesome! It gave me the rune axe and the rune plateskirt/legs I still needed to complete my rune armour set. Think Black D'hide chaps are also a potential clue requirement, so having one is handy too.
  12. Quest Update I've done quite a few quests since I last updated my blog. Basically I did most of the ones on my goal list, and a couple more that I felt like/needed. I'm no longer sure on the chronological order, but hopefully I'll present these in a way that makes sense. [spoiler=Watchtower Quest] This wasn't too bad, a bit of running around Yanille. The hardest thing was probably that I needed dragon bones for a part of the quest, so I went to Blue Dragons in the Taverly Dungeon to farm a couple of bones for the quest and some prayer exp. Nice amount of magic exp from the quest. The dungeon you get after was fairly useful, I think it's slightly closer to a bank than Taverly blue dragons since I don't have the agility level for that pipe shortcut. Wasn't too difficult to find a safespot. [spoiler=Troll Stronghold] I needed to at least do this quest part way for the Fremnnik Easy Diaries, so went ahead. I used the safespot for Dad, but luckily by this point I had 43 prayer and protect from melee already, so could just pray through the Troll General for the latter part of the quest. [spoiler=Tower of Life] One of the last remaining easy quests I had left to do. I trained construction using the planks I had picked up throughout the time I've been playing, plus did a bit of grinding using soft clay and fireplaces. Was an easy quest, though I do wonder if anyone ever uses the dungeon and the chimera monsters in either OSRS or RS3 lol. I might give it a shot for unicorn horns at some point, but I don't need those yet really. [spoiler=Throne of Misc] Noticed that I already had all the requirements for the quest, so went ahead and did it to unlock Kingdom Management. I forgot just how much running back and forth this quest entailed. Don't really have much cash up front for the kingdom coffers, but I decided to go with herbs and trees for now - I've got plenty of fish from training fishing already [spoiler=Royal Trouble] Doing this quest made me super nostalgic for the rest of this questline. Sadly OSRS doesn't have anything after Dream Mentor, but I remember really enjoying the Memories quest that came after dream mentor. Might hop on back to my RS3 main at some point and just quest. But yeah, don't really want hardwoods yet for construction (probably want the magic for Make Planks in either case), and the farming option is awful iirc. [spoiler=Tears of Guthix] The shortest quest in memory. I spent longer getting the firemaking levels to light the bloody lantern than I took doing this quest. Didn't do tears immediately (since I wanted to use it on Construction), so trained RC up two levels first. Need to train up my farming before next week, so it can go onto RC probably, since farming is relatively easy to train. [spoiler=Spirits of Ellid] Awesome rewards, making Nardah a proper town makes desert activites much more bearable imo. Somewhat nostalgic again that OSRS never got Smoking Kills and the rest of the desert questline though. Still, at least I have yet to do Contact, so there's a bit more of story left here to do. [spoiler=Shilo Village] Another quest I could do easily after I got 43 prayer. The gem mines weren't that useful (though I needed them for One Small Favour), but the bank is really useful. [spoiler=Shadow of the Storm] RFD req, but I'm otherwise sad about Darklight. Tried it out against my Lesser Demon task, but it was awful. Definitely found Rune Scimitar more reliable and useful. Chose Magic exp because I think I wanted to get to 55 for High Alch instead of relying on Low Alch asap. [spoiler=Ratcatchers] What an awful quest. Not only was it super long for some reason, and has awful rewards, but that guard section took me an hour or so just to get down. So frustrating. At least it gives me fairly useful minigame teleports (Port Sarim mostly). [spoiler=Pirate Pete RFD] Got the crafting I needed to make the fishing bowl, so the rest of this subquest was fairly easy. [spoiler=Olaf's Quest] Found this less annoying than Ratcatchers, but only just. That bridge haunted me for an hour or so, nothing I did seemed to work. Love love love the mechanic that makes it easier for every time you fail. Looked up in RS3 had done anything with the treasure map from the end of this quest, didn't look like it. Could have been cool. [spoiler=Myreque] Did this mostly to unlock the bank in Burgh De Rott so I can start my Barrows grind eventually. Another questline that made me super nostalgic haha. I have fond memories of sitting near the blisterwood tree doing Vyrewatch slayer tasks prayer only. Don't miss the vyrewatch burning itself one bit though :P. [spoiler=Icathlarin's Little Helper] Fun quest. Not quite ready for Contact I don't think though, will train up combat stats a bit more so I don't die embarrassingly. [spoiler=Horror From the Deep] I never got the story of what happened to guy's uncle. Did he become a Dagganoth somehow? Weird. Got a Zammy book, though I don't have of its pages, but I think in OSRS you can start on all of the books at once anyway for a fee. [spoiler=Fremnnik Isles] Got to love the fancy helm reward, though I still need a couple of Def levels to wear it. Loved the quest itself, one of the better ones I think. [spoiler= Heroes] Felt a bit meh about completing this one, to be honest it wasn't that big a step up from Dragon Slayer. But either way, a goal complete! Onto Legends now. [spoiler=Fairy Tale Pt 1] Had a bit of trouble with the final fight (was before I had 43 prayer), but food helped me through and I unlocked fairy rings! So much time saved, I'm loving them. [spoiler=Animal Magnetism] Got the mythril axe for the quest from camping Tree Spirits from the fairy ring realm. Sadly, didn't farm a rune axe, but did get an adamant one and tons of nature runes! Didn't have 50 range at the time, but went back and upgraded once I did. [spoiler=Chompy Bird] Somehow this is a req for multiple sections of RFD, so that's done at least. With this and Shadows of the Storm complete, I can probably start another couple of sections [spoiler=Eagle's Peak] Never did use the Eagle system for travelling in RS3 (though I seem to remember one being near Jadinkos?). Don't see it changing here, but I did do the ride on each one once for diaries. [spoiler=Glouphrie] Last but not least, loved the quest, but it gave me bad memories of the crystals in ME2 or EW4(?) puzzle haha. Was fairly simple, and loving the runecrafting exp from this.
  13. Thanks for the bump, and making me realise I haven't updated the blog in a while. Update to come today, have done quite a lot looking back at what I last updated! Definitely gotten over the starting hump of ironman now. Will also update my goals as usual for each skill/next quests to target.
  14. Update 8 Quick update of stuff I did before I leave: [spoiler=Quests] [spoiler=Levels] From Fire Giants, still no luck with Scimitar: From doing range slayer to unlock the bone crossbow: Also hit 41 prayer Next update in a couple of days.
  15. Update 7 Quiet day today, spent most of it afking tuna at Catherby and training cooking at Lumby to get closer towards Heroes requirements. Still, here's some quest and skill progress to show you guys: [spoiler=Quests] Relatively easy and pretty fast quests. Nice exp rewards. [spoiler=Skills] Firstly, the cooking/fishing levels: Pretty close now. Not in a rush, so will keep with the tuna/swordfish chance. Might swap to lobsters at 53 though for a change. Did the quests then, and got the next protection prayer: Decided to also train an Agility level or two a day, to keep it from getting too stale: Have enough marks for one piece of Graceful, not sure what to go for atm. Went back to doing my slayer task of Ice Warriors. Really should just mage them from the safespot, but wanted to train melee. Got this: Also, the Ice Warriors dropped a medium clue! Luckily, I could do all the steps, and it ended in: The Bandos page is neat, but the law runes are really useful (yet to go back to Mage Arena to buy more) and the adamant platebody is an upgrade in gear - hurrah! Am leaving on holiday for a couple of days, may not have anything to update.
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