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  1. i dont intend to make my pure a member. So probably the basic skills would be best Is woodcutting good money?
  2. On my main I tended to level all my skills to about 60-70 but now i have started my new pure PVP/BH character which one should I focus on. I'd prefer to be master at one skill than Ok in them all. Basically which one makes the most money? Thanks
  3. ok heres my update Combat: 29 Att: 20 (probs gonna get 30) Str: 42 Def: 1 Range: 40 Hp: 38 Prayer: 1 Magic: 1 Ranging is working out better than melee and i keep hitting 0's with my 2H ive started brining a mith scimmy but never needed to use it as range just kills them. Wearing plate armour just gets me owned - even if i have green drag legs Atm i seem to be at a slight disadvantage as everyone my level has higher range and to get higher range myself i would go up a combat. Just need to get my sword swinging better but i fear having 30 att would get me killed by higher level rangers etc.
  4. XP problem solved - Firewall blocked it after i got a virus from playing runescape - entered PC through Java.
  5. I have 3 PC's each with a different operating system. My laptop with Vista on it works fine with runescape however the other 2 don't The windows XP one just loads a huge white box and says that Java failed to start - I have installed and made it upto date but it still dosen't work. The Windows Seven one just loads a black space and i reinstalled Java on it too and it still dosen't work. Any advice on how to fix these problems. Dont just say use the vista one because we all know how much it fails. Thanks on advance
  6. So I take it i can be either as long as i keep range below strength. Also at 41 Strength is it about time i got 30 att? (20atm)
  7. Uktimate Question: Pure Strength or Range/2H? Which gets more kills?
  8. ive been editing videos for a long time just never directky froma screen. I can render videos in HD which slighly improves quality. Thanks ill try hypercam
  9. I see these very high quality videos on youtube of runescape. What sofware do they use? Also does anyone know one that also captures audio? Many Thanks
  10. Coif Power Ammy/Strength Ammy Leather body (Monks robe if you have prayer) Green D'hide Chaps Green D'hide Vambs Maple bow 30 Adamant Arrows + Rune 2h Personally I bring a 2h, scimitar, and bow. Protect the 2h, risk the scimitar. Bow -> Scimmy -> 2h is pretty good too Hmmm this sounds interesting but it will be a while before i get the appropriate range level. No Iron armour? and...this isnt really a strength pure anymore is it? or is it? lawlz
  11. Fantstic, I take it they just range till there low on hp then swing the 2H? What would I wear? Thanks
  12. I just keep getting owned by rangers. If i train my ranged will it ruin my "pure" status like getting 2 def would
  13. Thanks for all the advice guys. But Should i get 40 range for dhide? And what do Strength pures wear?
  14. so your pretty much the same as me. Out of interest do u bring a 2H and swing it when there low on hp. Ive been trying it buut 9 times out of time its a 0 :pray:
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