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  1. well it depends on what perspective you look at it, any statistician /applied mathematics professor will tell you its the same chance of getting steads once is same as getting them b2b due to the nature of "TRUE RANDOMNESS." But if you ask another mathematics professor in the discipline of algebra/trigonometry/calculus etc... they will tell you its either [the chances of getting a steadfast boots]^2 or [the chances of getting a steadfast boots]X2, so in a way your both right, it just depends on what perspective you have and which kind of professional you ask :P Point here is though, if it was chance of steads x2 or just the chance of steads, then I'd have b2b steads 3 times already :P I have not found any evidence/claims of this posted ANYWHERE and I've searched trying to see if anyone has claimed it yet. Leads me to believe I am the first to do it and that it is much more rare than that. By the way, I use swiftkit, that is swiftkit's adventure log center.
  2. Well I'll be damned if that's true haha. That would be 10x rarer than my b2b steads. About 1/5,625,000
  3. Congrats forsaken :) Do slayer next :D With farm in between tasks
  4. Haha your pics made me want to try your 'lets stake 5m and see where it gets me' method. Won the first 3 fights lost the 4th :P Some nice stakes dude, pretty intense. I just need to learn that staking and gambling is not where I get lucky :P
  5. We aren't debating the chance of steads here though :P We are debating the chance of back to back steads. Same as flipping a coin. 1/2 chance it'll be heads, 1/2 chance it'll be heads again. Now you have to multiply meaning 1/4 chance of it being heads twice in a row.
  6. Thanks haha. Definitely lucky. Think I'm gonna try my luck at corp, haven't been there since before gano. It's not quy. To figure out probability of two events happening back to back you have to multiply the chances. Chance of any boot at glacors is 1/250, making the chance of getting steads 1/750. Multiply 750*750 = 562,500. I'm also sure I am one of few who have done this since the release. If not the first, proving that the chance of B2B steads is far from 1/750.
  7. Hey guys. Haven't been on here in years, however, this lucky luck has made me want to show it off. Before I show you the pics, going by average drop rates, the chance of this is 1/562,500. Without further ado: Of course it's not a sigil, but the extremely low chance of this happening had me shocked.
  8. meh my f2p hybrid is 34 cb with 35 str 40 att 1 def 1 pray 28 mage 39 hp 40 range.. best way to make cash?
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