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  1. I'm currently lvl 63 Agility. Which course would be the best xp/hr? Or do you recommend a different course and why?
  2. I'm trying to complete the Karamja hard tasks and I need to win in the Fight Pits. I was hoping I could find someone to come with me and let me win so I can complete it quickly. If you would be willing to help please pm me in game when you are available.
  3. I need to level my prayer to complete a few tasks, but I hate training prayer. I need some suggestions on how to it. I don't want to bury, altar, or use the the ectofuntus. I already know that I can use penguin points, pest control commendations, and soul wars zeal. Also, I can't use tears on prayer since it isn't my lowest skill (I have 9 skills lower). Any other help is appreciated.
  4. I'm currently lvl 76 fletching and I'm going for 80 so I can complete the Seers' Village hard tasks. I wondering which methods of training give good xp while still profiting. I'd like to know the xp/hr and gp/hr of the method your suggesting. Also, If there is a method that losses gp, but greatly improves the xp/hr go ahead and list that too.
  5. So, like the title says, I'm looking for a skilling clan. Tell me what your clan can bring to me as far as training and community. I don't really want a clan that pushes it's members to be more efficient with their training, but one that creates an environment in which it's members have fun while training.
  6. #-o D'oh, I was tired when I replied, didn't even think to see if you were 99.
  7. tigershelby2- As part of your set up you said mage cape. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I take this to mean the cape of achievement for 99 magic? If that's the case then I think I need a bit more magic boost than you since I'm only lvl 70 magic. homer205- I'm going to switch to broad bolts, I knew they were better, but I never looked at the numbers before. Also, I've already done both quests you mentioned. Mythrandir- I am working on getting that last range lvl now. And thank you, I'd completly forgotten about salamaders. Any other suggestions?
  8. I've just recently started doing Barrows runs and I'm kicking myself for not starting sooner. It turns out to be a lot easier then I made it up to be in my head. So, anyways, here's my question: Based on my stats, what equipment and inventory set up do you suggest I use for Barrows? The set up I have been using is: Helm: Dragon med helm/ Sacred clay coif/ Ahrim's hood Cape: Ardougne cloak 2 Neck: Amulet of glory Ammo: Mithril bolts Right Hand: Abyssal whip/ Rune crossbow/ Slayer's staff Body: Dharok's platebody/ Red d'hide body/ Ahrim's robetop Left Hand: Holy book Legs: Dharok's platelegs/ Red d'hide chaps/ Ahrim's robeskirt Gloves: Gloves (Adamant) Shoes: Dragon boots Ring: Ring of life Inventory: 3 prayer potions, holy wrench, 10 lobsters I'm open to all suggestions, but please don't waste your time posting the best equipment possible (e.g. Bandos). What I'm really looking for is equipment that is a good balance between stats and cost. Thank you in advance for your suggestions.
  9. Which teletab puts me closest to a bank?
  10. Up until now I haven't really used Magic for combat, I've gotten most of my levels through non-combat magic and the circus. I want to be able to use magic in combat situations, but I have no clue what equipment I should be using. At this point I have Slayer Staff+magic dart runes and SC robes. If you can, list the best set-up for my levels and a cheaper set-up that still has good stats.
  11. Oh well, I guess I'll just have to deal with the penalty when I'm rushing lower floors. Thank you for the replies.
  12. I just did floors 1-4 on c2 and even though the Guide Mode box was unchecked I still got a -5% penalty for it. I've even checked my map and there is nothing showing me the 'Critical Path' so I'm being penalized without getting any advantage. Does anyone know why this happening and what I can do to fix it?
  13. I know the best way to lvl is to build/remove/build/remove etc. I was just wondering which type of plank I should be using.
  14. Does this mean I won't need any food, just p pots?
  15. I just got my first cave horror task for slayer and I'm a bit confused which armour I should be using. RS Wiki says they attack with melee and magical melee, but it also says to use ranged armour. If you look at my stats you can tell that I'm still using red d-hide, so should I wear that or my Dharok's? Also, which prayer should I use? And any other tips or suggestions are welcome.
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