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  1. OK so im fat and happy and very tired from turkey day. some guy comes up hey join my clan, why not. He says a website and says its a link(not saying will tell if you ask) Me being drowsy thinking cool.It loads up a copy and pasted whole runescape like if i clicked home they would have the current updates etc. so i go to log in and the box wouldnt work, i think whatever dum computers slow again. i enter my pass etc log in and then try to go to page 2 of there forums.It says cant load then i start to wake up out of my half asleep daze. im like wait this is a [LikelyScam] website this couldnt be a link! so i open up my runescape and good old jagex me being a 5 yr member dosent even know how to change his pass. So i figure it out i think (pass recovery thing going right now). So now i have to wait for 1 to 2 hours for it to go through. the bad news is i set my recovery questions 4 yrs ago and lost the paper i wrote it on, lost my first account id (had it written down im my wallet that just got stolen along with my id and 200 cash, better and better, eh) so i got my zip code, email, down i think (ffs i was 10 i cant even remeber what stuff i used) So please if anyone has some advice or some encouragment, because my lv 111 pow400 (my baby T.T) is in some dirty scammers hands.
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