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  1. so i spilled about a table spoons worth of mouthwash on my laptops keyboard this morning. i got most of it out however there was a small amount left. i tryed my laptop now and everything works fine except the keyboard which is unresponsive. anyway i could fix it or is it just better to get another keyboard..
  2. i need help finding the best way to kill steel and iron dragons, this is on a slayer task. i have 43 steel dragons to kill and need help with what to bring and what to wear? stats:
  3. I really hope its this one, anyway i could find out?
  4. so i recently lost members and decided to do a few dungeons in f2p, however the moment i started the dungeon both my binds have disappeared. please tell me this is temporary and they will reapear when i get members back, I really dont fancy SSH hunting again. -_-
  5. i am currently level 37 and im trying to make my way towards a chaotic rapier, i need to know how to get the fastest exp possible while soloing. i dont really know where to start or how to level it effectively however if it matters i am upto floor 17.
  6. i died during one of the last stages of the quest and now i need to get the crystal trinket back. however i cant get inside the temple without one and Arianwyn is in the temple. this leaves me no way to enter the temple. how do i get another trinket?
  7. so i've decided to get 2.7m tokkul for an uncut onyx. i know this might seem like stupid idea but it will get me around 3 million ranged xp at quite a good xp/h. i want the gem so i can make a fury amulet out of it requesting assistance of other players for the cutting etc. i know i can make gp much faster and just buy it, but it is a goal of mine. but i was having second thoughts about turning it into fury as i've heard it has street value. does anyone know how much it is going for? btw im 425k tokkul on my way :)
  8. i heard smelting gold is good exp. but when i looked on the tip.it calculator it seems low exp, can anyone help me on getting the higher exp?
  9. im trying to level my mining from 56 to 65 what should i mine and where at? also how should i level smithing from 53 to 65?
  10. i trap it behind a vent, then i have to run out and get the 360 which just makes the 90 get out and range me.
  11. Im up to about wave 40 and realised i cant tank the 90s while mage praying. im having trouble luring the 90s it just seems they range me whenever i try to trap them. anyone got any hints?
  12. what i mean is. will the salve amulet stack with the black mask, so theres a 30% boost to attack and strenght. and then would super attacks and super strenghts stack on top of that?
  13. I was wondering if it's better to use a salve amulet over a glory when slaying abberant spectres. does the bonus of the amulet stack with the slayer helmet and also super strengths and super attacks? also i seem to get this task an awful lot a typical slayer task list would go something like this for me: spectres,bloodveld,spectres,basilisk,spectre etc. i was wondering if cannoning them in pollinveach dungeon is worth it? thanks in advance
  14. My laptop randomly freezes when playing RS and running tip.it at the same time, it usually occurs when switching between the two. The screen will become completely unresponsive but the mouse can still move around. Also ctrl+alt+delete doesn't work as when i press it the screen will just freezee. I am also using vista if that helps
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