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  1. Thanks! :D I'm hoping this helps as many players as possible. :) Also #theoccultists
  2. Thanks! I will keep updating it as I go! Yeah I got a couple warpiest pieces I forgot to log or on kree'arra runs, but I have decided to keep those for the heck of it. :)
  3. So I used to have a slayer drop log from level 45-80 showing all my drops from every task (including bad drops and such,) but that hard drive is long gone, so I have decided to do a new one when I returned to Runescape a couple months back. So here is my level 85-99 Slayer drop log for people who are curious as to what drops you can get and the frequency. I will update this from time to time. Also, keep in mind a couple things, for some tasks I stayed a little longer sometimes, forgot to log some things, or forgot to log levels, so it is slightly incomplete, but hey it's something right? So here it is. :) ---------- Level 85 ---------- [spoiler=SHOW] ------------------- 297 Abyssal Demons ------------------- 2 Blue Charms 81 Crimson Charms 9 Green Charms 6 Runite Bars 4 Runite Ores 20 Adamntite Ores 90 Gold Ores 2,037 Pure Essence 84 Magic Logs 162 Raw Lobster 24 Fire Orb 3 Uncut Dragonstone 2 Ferocious Rings 116 rune Arrowheads 2 Tooth Half of a key 2 Uncut Emeralds 37 Uncut Rubies 14 Uncut Diamonds (663,441GP) ------------ 150 Aviansie ------------ 1 Grimy Dwarf Weed 25 Maple Logs 1 Frozen Key Piece (armadyl) 33 Blood Runes 172 Adamntite Bars 1 Uncut Emerald 1 Uncut Sapphire (500,438GP) ------------- 161 Aviansie ------------- 36 Law runes 12 Chaos runes 55 Blood runes 48 Body runes 390 Water runes 152 Adamant bar (455,482GP) --------------------- 127 Ascension Members --------------------- 11 Crimson Charms 13 Green Charms 4 Magic Logs 292 Maple Logs Countless rune items 1 Ascension Keystone Quartus 1 Ascension Keystone Secundus -------------------- 108 Shadow Creatures -------------------- 8 Grimy Cadantine 13 Grimy Irit 8 Grimy Avantoe 7 Grimy Ranarr 9 Adamantite ore 9 Crimson Charms 11 Green Charms 16 Blue Charms ------------- 154 Aviansie ------------- 1 Grimy Kwuarm 22 Blood Rune 64 Adamantite Bar ----------- 114 TzHaar ----------- 3 Onyx Bolt tips Tokkul 1 Uncut Ruby 1 Toktz-ket-xil ------------- 254 Nechryael ------------- ------------- 178 Aviansie ------------- 116 Adamant Bars 22 Blood Runes 25 Maple Logs ------------------ 248 Abyssal Demons ------------------ 162 Raw Lobster 24 Fire Orbs 6 Rune Bars 973 Flax 5 Runite Ore 2133 Pure Essence 78 Magic Logs 20 Adamantite Ore 78 Yew Logs 2 Abyssal Whips 1 Crystal Key 1 Shield Left Half 1 Uncut Dragonstone 80 Crimson Charms 1 Blue Charm 1 Ferocious Ring 1 Uncut Sapphire 28 Uncut Rubies 13 Uncut Diamonds (824,722 GP) -------------- LEVEL 86? -------------- [spoiler=SHOW] --------------- 81 Iron Dragons --------------- 8 Blue Charms 18 Crimson Charms 81 Dragon Bones 48 Rune Javelin 27 Rune Dart 15 Rune Knife 1 Uncut Diamond 60 Adamant Bolts ---------------- 86 Steel Dragons ---------------- 6 Blue Charms 36 Crimson Charms 40 Soul Runes 60 Rune Darts 14 Rune Knife 84 Rune Javelin 3 Runite Bars 733 Yew Logs 86 Dragon Bones 25 Runite Bolts (219,731 GP) ------------ 156 Aviansie ------------ 1 Warpiest of Armadyl Greaves 20 Soul Rune 1 Water Talisman 118 Adamant Bars ------------------------------ 128 Order of Ascension Members ------------------------------ 58 Maple Logs 199 Battlestaffs 1 Ascension Keystone Quartus 65 Mithril Bars 3 Rune Bars 58 Adamant Bars 1 Loop Half Key 44 Magic Logs 91 Crimson Charms 9 Blue Charms 465 Ascension Shards 1 Ascension Grips ------------- 209 Gargoyles ------------- 20 Mort Myre Fungus 224 Steel Bars 56 Mithril Bars 16 Adamantite Bars 1 Clue Scroll (HARD) 2 Ferocious Ring 15 Blue Charms 9 Crimson Charms 36 Uncut Emeralds 16 Uncut Ruby ------------- 202 Aquanites ------------- 1 Tooth Half of Key 23 Grimy Cadantine 18 Grimy Ranarr 8 Grimy Irit 13 Grimy Avantoe 1 Yew Seed 4 Pineapple Seed 20 Watermelon Seed 3 Maple Seed 3 Rune Bars -------------------- 129 Shadow Creatures -------------------- 20 Adamantite Ore 14 Grimy Ranarr 15 Grimy Irit 17 Grimy Cadantine 7 Grimy Avantoe 37 Blue Charms 27 Crimson Charms ------------------------------ 123 Order of Ascension Members ------------------------------ 441 Ascension Shards 6 Blue Charms 96 Crimson Charms 1 Sirenic Scale 1 Ascension Keystone Secundus 2 Ascension Keystone Primus 2 Ascension Keystone Quintus 1 Ascension Keystone Sextus 30 Adamant Bars 90 Mithril Bars 17 Magic Logs 79 Yew Logs --------- 161 Elves --------- 1 Tooth half of Key 130 Rune arrow heads 165 Raw Lobster 48 Limpwurt Roots 40 Grimy Cadantine 52 Grimy Irit 95 Gold ore 104 Mithril Ore 32 White Berries 32 Grimy Kwuarm 82 Yew Logs 15 Blue Charms 31 Crimson Charms ------------------- Level 87 Slayer now ------------------- [spoiler=SHOW] ---------------------- 173 Desert Strykewyrms ---------------------- ------------------ 29 Mithril Dragons ------------------ 29 Dragon Bones 1 Chewed Bones 16 Adamantite Bars 2 Rune Bars 14 Rune Dart 43 Runite Bolts 4 Blue Charms 44 Crimson Charms 44 Green Charms 20 Gold Charms --------------- 95 Iron Dragons --------------- 95 Dragon Bones 47 Molten Glass 8 Blue Charms 16 Crimson Charms 1 Tooth half of Key ----------------- 104 Steel Dragons ----------------- 144 Dragon Bones 8 Rune Bars 1 Crystal Key 20 Soul Runes 133 Rune Arrowheads 1 Ferocious Ring 3 Blue Charms 30 Crimson Charms --------------- 89 Iron Dragons --------------- 2 Blue Charms 18 Crimson Charms 1 tooth Half of Key 89 Dragon Bones 1 Dragon Platelegs --------------- 298 Waterfiends --------------- 229 Crimson Charms 5 Blue Charms 42 Mithril Bars 76 Raw Lobster 26 Raw Shark 2 Uncut Sapphires 1 Uncut Emerald 5 Water Talisman 3 Rune Helm 1 Dragon Longsword -------------------------- 200 Waterfiends co-op task -------------------------- 8 Water Orbs 6 Battlestaff 1 Water Talisman 6 Raw Shark 92 Crimson Charms 2 Blue Charms ------------- 150 Grotworms ------------- 12 Crimson Charms 9 Runite Ore 18 Adamantite Ore 5 Royal Dragonhide 9 Saradomin Brew 2 Long Bones 1 Dwarf weed seed -------------- LEVEL 88? -------------- [spoiler=SHOW] ------------------------------ 186 Order of Ascension Members ------------------------------ 1 Dragon Helm 123 Crimson Charms 8 Blue Charms 42 Magic Logs 39 Adamant Bar 103 Mithril Bar 2 Ascension Keystone Quartus 2 Ascension Keystone Secundus 1 Ascension Keystone Quintus 1 Ascension Keystone Tertius 1 Ascension Keystone Primus 603 Ascension Shards (2,550,269 GP) --------------- 258 Waterfiends --------------- 7 Water Talisman 40 Water Orb 96 Raw Lobster 15 Battlestaff 20 Raw Shark 8 Blue Charms 210 Crimson Charms ------------------------------ 166 Order of Ascension Members ------------------------------ 582 Ascension Shards 35 Adamantite Bars 115 Mithril Bars 33 Magic Logs 2 Ascension Keystone Quartus 1 Ascension Keystone Secundus 1 Ascension Keystone Tertius 4 Blue Charms 131 Crimson Charms (1,574,578+868,000 in gold and alchs = 2,442,578GP) ---------------- 106 Iron Dragons ---------------- 105 Dragon Bones 8 Adamantite Bars 47 Teak Planks 101 Torstol Herbs 1 Tooth Half of a Key 4 Blue Charms 18 Crimson Charms ------------------------------ 130 Order of Ascension Members ------------------------------ 4 Blue Charms 98 Crimson Charms 35 Adamant Bars 91 Mithril Bars 30 Magic Logs 465 Ascension Shards 1 Ascension Keystone Secundus --------- 176 Elves --------- 1 Crimson Charm (Screw this task) --------------- 244 Waterfiends --------------- 209 Crimson Charms 5 Blue Charms 7 Battlestaffs 32 Water Orbs 3 Water Talisman 24 Raw Shark 68 Raw Lobster 1 Uncut Dragonstone 1 Uncut Emerald 1 Uncut Sapphire 1 Spirit Emerald ------------------------------ 170 Order of Ascension Members ------------------------------ 7 Blue Charms 138 Crimson Charms 607 Ascension Shard 188 Gold ore 53 Adamantite Bars 82 Mithril Bars 46 Magic Logs 1 Sirenic Scale 1 Ascension Keystone Quintus 1 Ascension Keystone Tertius 1 Ascension Keystone Secundus 1 Ascension Keystone Quartus 1 Ascension Keystone Primus 1 Dragon Longsword ------------- LEVEL 89 ------------- [spoiler=SHOW] ------------------------------ 151 Order of Ascension Members ------------------------------ Forgot to log Level 89! ---------- 128 TzHaar ---------- 2 Uncut Rubies 4 Law Runes 68 Earth Runes 80 Air Runes 3 Death Runes 5 Pure Essence 1 Onyx Bolt Tip 4 Blood Rune -------------------- 235 Mutated Jadinkos -------------------- 21 Blue Charm 7 Crimson Charm 3 Grimy Kwuarm 9 Grimy Ranarr 7 Grimy Toadflax 6 Grimy Avantoe 2 Grimy Lantadyme 2 Grimy Cadantine 5 Grimy Spirit Weed 40 Magic Logs 284 Yew Logs 152 Mahogany Logs 1 Spirit Ruby 1 Grimy Irit ------------------ 223 Abyssal Demons ------------------ 3 Uncut Dragonstone 1 Tooth half of a Key 1 Spirit Emerald 127 rune Arrowheads 149 raw Lobster 66 Magic Logs 28 Fire Orbs 1656 Pure Essence 78 Big bones 30 Adamantite Ore 14 Dwarf Weed Seed 48 Molten Glass 1 Runite Ore 21 Uncut Ruby 12 Uncut Diamond ---------------- 111 Iron Dragons ---------------- 110 Dragon Bones 3 Rune bars 14 Addy Bars 48 Molten Glass 68 Big Bones 476 Flax 77 Adamantite Bolts 2 Ferocious Rings 1 Clue Scroll (Hard) 2 Blue Charms 22 Crimson Charms ---------- 129 TzHaar ---------- 2 Onyx Bolt tips ---------------- 101 Iron Dragons ---------------- 100 Dragon Bones 6 Blue Charms 22 Crimson Charms 6 fire Battlestaff 1 runite battleaxe 3 runite limbs 1 dragon platelegs ---------------------- 111 Desert Strykewyrms ---------------------- 13 Crimson Charms 3 Green Charms 2 Gold Charms 15 Death Runes 27 Goat Horn Dust 46 Potato Cactus 70 Yew Logs 3 Grimy Toadflax 1 Grimy Irit 1 Dwarf Weed Seed 1 Toadflax Seed 1 Watermelon Seed 12 Adamantite Bars 1 Elite Clue Scroll -------- LEVEL 90 -------- [spoiler=SHOW] ------------------ 258 Abyssal Demons ------------------ 3 Rune Bar 1 Blue Charm 88 Crimson Charms 2,366 Pure Essence 60 Magic Logs 18 Fire Orb 7 Runite Ore 24 Adamntite Ore 5 Uncut Dragonstone 1 Crystal Key 1 Loop half of a Key 241 Rune Arrowheads 1 Dragon Helm 1 Abyssal Whip 2 Ferocious Rings 1 Spirit Ruby (620,695) --------------- 272 Dark Beasts --------------- Forgot to log ------------------ 184 Abyssal Demons ------------------ 6 Uncut Dragonstone 2 Spirit Ruby 2 Blue Charm 116 Crimson Charm 296 Yew Log 1,501 Pure Essence 3 Runite Ore 20 Adamantite Ore 486 Raw Shark 14 Fire Orb --------------- 230 Waterfiends --------------- 1 Uncut Ruby 6 Water Talisman 11 Battlestaff 14 Raw Shark 38 Mithril Bar 20 Water Orb 326 Crimson Charms 14 Blue Charms ---------- 121 TzHaar ---------- Ancient Effigy 45K Tokkul 4 Uncut Ruby 2 Uncut Sapphire 3 Onyx Bolt Tip 6 Blood Rune ------------ 161 Aviansie ------------ 10 Rune Arrowhead 103 Rune Arrows 4 Fire Talisman 33 Blood Rune 80 Adamant Bars 8 Air Orbs 2 Rune Bars Warpiest of Armadyl Cape 20 Soul runes 2 Battlestaffs ------------------------------ 152 Order of Ascension Members ------------------------------ 5 Blue Charms 122 Crimson Charms 542 Ascension Shard 58 Adamantite Bars 91 Mithril Bars 32 Magic Logs 1 Ascension Keystone Secundus 2 Ascension Keystone Primus 1 Ascension Keystone Sextus 1 Tooth Half of a Key 1 Dragon Helm -------- LEVEL 91 -------- [spoiler=SHOW] ------------- 253 Nechryael -------------
  4. Sounds good. :) On a side note, after Royal Crossbow, are ascension crossbows best end game ranged weapon?
  5. I'm mainly doing slayer tasks, bossing, and farming for drops places. But Alright so GWD armor looks like it's my best bet than in terms of long term, I haven't started ports yet, but when I do than i'll probably upgrade to tetsu and death lotus granted I have a couple sets or something. Either way, i'll save up for one of each set. :) So thank you for the advice! (If I come into a ton of money may try out the degradables for the bosses.) As for weapons... The Royal Crossbow is what i'm working towards right now but from what i've been told on reddit and such, it would be a good idea to either have a 1-handed cbow and DFS or one handed weapon and DFS, or Super anti-fire pots and weapon of choice for QBD to get my royal crossbow. Another thing i'm working towards right now since I don't have it, is ancient curses slowly doing the quests so I can use the armor's even more efficiently at bosses when I do them. All in all thanks for the help! As for the last thing you said, thank you! Yeah I think you are the one I talked to about frost dragons, and I want to say I have tremendously improved when it comes to them! I can stay there almost endlessly with SGS, granted I don't run out of prayer pots (Since protect from mage seems to negate the firebreath with my healing ability) so I usually stay for about 350 kills than bank and do something else. :) (they're also the main reason my melee has gone up besides slayer. :P)
  6. So, I recently just bought my first set of Drygores, and now it's time to upgrade my armour. At the moment I have 300K left to spend, however I can farm for a d-pick or kill some frost dragons to make some money no problem. Here is my armour set Guthan's helm (Full Slayer helm) Guthan's Platebody Guthan's chainskirt Bando's Boots Bando's Gloves Saradomin's Whisper Obsidian Cape Beserker Ring Here is my ranged Armour set Full Slayer Helm (Or Karil's Coif) Saradomin's Murmur Karil's Top Karil's Skirt Armadyl Boots Armadyl Gloves Archer's Ring Ava's Accumluator Karil's Crossbow Ranged level is 92, and defense level is 86 (But I can bring it up to 90 in a day or two no problem) What are the next set of armour and weapons (For ranged) I can tier up to? and if possible could you give me costs for low cost, medium cost and high cost as well please? (It will take me a week or two maybe more to afford 100M+ armour). Thanks!
  7. I'm buying 1,000 willow branches and they don't seem to buy on ge. Name your price and i'll let you know how much i'll buy each for! User: Themooingcow
  8. Figured I would provide an update, Frost dragons are amazing! Whenever I find an empty world, I can stay from 250-325 kills each time, and I use the Guthan's warspear while bringing 2-3 Bunyip pouches, so thanks for the suggestions!
  9. Ah, sadly for now I can't afford it. lol
  10. Is the warspear actually any good though? I've never bought the spear for the guthan's set. I may do that.
  11. I could use a melee setup, here would be my melee setup. http://imgur.com/qCmW1mD Also, with the setup, and my skills, how long do you think I could last? (Also that's a Saradomin Sword, not godsword)
  12. http://imgur.com/JQhLCaf So, i need some help with frost dragons, I was able to only get about 18 kills before i had to leave and couldn't fight anymore. What am I doing wrong? (img above) I also have (Which isn't shown here), Karil's crossbow, crystal bow, however I don't use them so I can use antifire+dragonfire shield combination. Also I don't have much money (as shown) so I can't buy super expensive gear for this, I can only spend about what is shown. :/ The gloves and Boots are demon slayer boots/gloves. But yes any help is appreciated, thanks!
  13. Ok awesome, well thank you for all the help! You'll see my post there in the next couple of days! :)
  14. Alright cool, i'll get all my data together and than post it on the forums for 80-90 dungeoneering. And how much xp per hour of an average player doing solo, what levels and prestige I have, and 5 teams. Also with bonus EXP as well. Should I post it in this topic or another one?
  15. Yeah I can't find anything sadly, and if I do, it's from years ago. But is there a way to set a timer on runescape so I can see my hourly XP rates with my key bonuses? I don't mind keeping track of my 80-90 journey and marking the progress here with and without bonus EXP to give an hourly rates for other people?
  16. I probably should also mention, I do some of the surveys and will get like 10-15 keys a day from one survey, and dump all the bonus xp into dung before i start dungeoneering for the day. So 16 hours doesn't sound to bad at all. :) That's very do-able. :)
  17. Well until I start up work again I have all the free time pretty much till my membership ends, I think I start work half way there, but i'll have at least 8 hours a day to play minimum. But you have a point when it comes to woodcutting, so i'll put that off till I go f2P and just try to get that to 85 that way. As for after the 20th, I plan to play a little here and there, but probably won't play like I do now until I get membership again which should be 2-3 weeks after the 20th. So it's mainly for when I play p2P again I have that to be excited for. Thanks for the help by the way! Do you by chance know about how long it should take from 80-90 dung? If I were to do solo? Or do 5team?
  18. So, my memership runs out on the 20th, and i probably won't be able to pick it up again for a couple weeks after so I have about 6 days to train as much as I can. I have set a couple goals for myself to achieve before my membership is up but I was curious if you all think I could make these goals in 6 days? 80-90 Dungeoneering (Just reached 80 yesterday) 82-85 Slayer (I have 116,000 remaining till 83 with 47,000 bonus exp) 82-85 Woodcutting with about 115,000 remaining till 83. If I don't have the time to get all those, my preffered goals would be dungeoneering first (For the gems resource dungeons), than slayer. Thank you!
  19. Thank you Arceus. :) And Juhaa, i''m adding you right now. :)
  20. Hello everyone, had a couple questions. Who would like to help me raise my dungeoneering level up? I'm looking to get a group of 5 to raise it as fast as possible so I can have 80-90 Dungeoneering, i'm only 57 at the moment. My stats are below (Ignore the 0 QP, I have no idea how to find out how many QP I have) As for the slayer question, who would like to do some co-op slayer tasks with me? I recently just got my account back after getting hijacked, so I only have guthan's armor and an abyssal whip+Dragon Defender, but co-op slayer seems fun considering it wasn't around when I used to play. Thanks!
  21. Have a couple questions. First off, what all has changed in 3 years? Last thing I remember coming out was the second dungeoneering update. Than I kind of just quit. Decided to play again, and been playing F2P Till I can make 7mil to buy some bonds without using up my original money (Which seems to have disappeared somehow). But was curious about that, and also, what is the best way now, for a F2P To make some cash now a days? Minus merchanting, I know how to make cash P2P, just not F2P.
  22. Get your farming up to 70, than farm snapdragons with magic secuatars at least, juju potions help immensly, i'm pulling in a huge amount of cash a day, about 5-7 mil just from this. although i'm not selling my snap's till i use them for herblore, if you sell just the snap's you make a lot of money, and if you sell them clean, they make more money for some reason.
  23. Where do I do the juju potions and stuff? I can't seem to find the guide on the site >.<
  24. So I want to start farming again after a long break from Runescape (6 months i'd say). Mainly Herbs, and once those make me some money than tree's for the extra experience. What's changed in farming? And what was used to get more herbs per patch again? I've completely forgetten most everything :( Thanks ^.^
  25. Will some people dung with me? I've only done dung solo and i'm level 48 now, i just want some people i could dung with that won't be rude, and will help me out a little. thanks. :)
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