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  1. Ty for responses, I'm still looking.
  2. I been in a good amount of clans on my main account but now I am looking for a smallish-medsized clan that I can chill with on IRC, 76k with, and have some wars. I'm a good tank and I bind and I'm a pretty cool guy, so yeah hit me up :)
  3. Want warring clan with good community. I got enough rune. I'm EST based. [email protected] Convince me^
  4. Alright, I'm looking for a fairly active warring clan. I don't mind cwa but I do prefer pvp. I don't play the game that much anymore besides events so don't expect me to level quickly. I want a clan I can retire in to because I want this to be my last clan. I don't mind big or small as long as we are warring frequently. I do bind, and I have enough rune that returning isn't a problem. I have both TS/Vent and am just looking for a good community. Event-wise if you are GMT based I probably will not make events because I am at class and then sports until about 5 est which is past events and on Sunday I am usually busy. So ideally if you are EST based and war mostly on Saturdays that would be good. So if your interested in recruiting me I don't mind a copy-paste as long as you give me somewhere I can personally contact you at, IRC nick/MSN whatever. Thanks thumbsup.gif
  5. Hi there I'm a level 103 F2P, 107 P2P (Currently F2P) Looking for an active warring/pk clan. What I am Looking For Good organized experienced leaders who know how to lead and carry themselves in a respectful way A clan with a great welcoming and fun community 2-5 Wars Per Week. I enjoy clan wars the most but I still enjoy PVP An Active IRC Channel A clan that doesn't require TeamSpeak or Vent What I am Not Looking For A no honor clan A non warring clan A clan that has 4 hour+ PKRI's frequently A clan that requires TS or Vent Please post something else a little more personal than a pre made recruitment topic or at least give me a MSN or something to contact you with if I have any questions. Thanks for reading and hopefully you will get to know me better soon Cheers thumbsup.gif
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