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  1. when I rethink about it the scimi is currently my most valuable item(since my defense is 35 I can't wear rune) so even if I die there I will not lose it. Thanks for all replies, this topic can be closed.
  2. No, just rune scimmy. Silverlight is a rune longsword against demons, and scimmy > longsword. Maybe I should just use silverlight as not to risk my scimi? scimi's are not that much less than longswords.
  3. Thanks for all the replies. But you still haven't answered one question: Which will be better against the demon, silverlight or rune scimi?
  4. so what will be more effective: silverlight or rune scimi? or maybe mage?(max hit 12 with mage and rune scimi+potion and pray, I don't know silverlight)?
  5. I am a level 47 f2p and I want to train magic(crumble undead) on the skeletons on Crandor(I am not yet thinking on Elvarg lol). My stats are: 40 attack, 40 str, 40 Hp, 34 def, 25 pray, 24 ranged(I don't think I will use that), 35 magic(but soon 39 for crumble undead), max hit 9 with rune scimi. I have the 2 easier map pieces( the mine one and the goblin's) but I don't know about Melzar's. I am sure I would be able to kill Melzar, but the demon... I don't know about him. Questions: What form of attack does Melzar use(magic?), what is his max hit, what is the demon's max hit, and what are my chances agaist both of them with 25 Tunas and fire bolt/melee(rune scimitar against Melzar and silverlight/rune scimi against the demon)?
  6. I hear many people are making private servers and creating their own rules in it. If one makes a private server, can he become a member in it for free? I mean if people can make stuff like these wilderness training zone, why an automatic free membership should not be possible?
  7. if I can craft combination runes,can I craft combination staves?and if I am trying to convert a staff at my POH,can I make a combination staff?
  8. namrud


    many times browsing through tip.it I saw the guides using the term square.How much is a square?
  9. laws are one of the most used runes in the game(after elemental runes)some people train magic only for teleportation spells.Laws should not be quest only items.
  10. namrud


    can I have more than one cat at a time(overgrown or grown)
  11. In Tip.it bow max damage calculator,the most damage that can be done using a berow is 25.But I have seen people dealing over 100 using a bow.And what about dragon arrows?whats my max damage if I am using Dark Bow and Dragon arrows?(range lvl 99)?
  12. namrud


    in the bestiary,Tip.it claims that green and black dragons are members only.but green dragons are roaming south of the lava maze(stated by Jagex wilderness guide)and Jagex also claims that black dragons are on the ground floor on the lava maze.Are those dragons f2p?in if so,what do they drop in f2p?dragon bones or big bones?
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