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  1. If you are f2p, I recommend you do not raise Attack any more, if you are p2p, you can go to 60. Get your magic level to at least 70. You could do this through mining and super-heating or through high-alching I also recommend you train strength to atleast 78, which allows you to hit 20s with a 76 strength bonus (power amulet and rune 2h).
  2. I'm assuming you are going to be using this a lot. Train your Attack to 40 AND LEAVE IT AT 40! Train your strength as high as you want it. Get your Magic to at least 25, 33, 37 or 59+. This will allow you to Teleport to Varrock, Telegrab, Teleport to Falador, or cast all F2P Spells [respectively]. Get your Ranged to at least 40 for d'hide. When Training Strength, your attire should be D'hide legs, Iron Plate, Iron Helm, Strength/Power Amulet, and EITHER a Rune 2h or a Rune Skimmy with an Iron Kite or Antidragonfire shield. If you decide to PK You should wear the same as your training clothes, plus bring about 10-20 Binds [to hold your prey] 2 or 3 Strength Potions(4 doses) and all but 1 spot for Lobsters (you need space for your first kill's loot. As for making money... The extraction skills are the most effective way [Woodcutting, Mining and Fishing]. On my PKer I also tend to buy around 1k rune essence [44k] and go run Airs in world 16. If you go to at least an 8x every time you will get 8k airs, this is 104k, which means, in about an hour or so, you made 60k profit, for doing barely anything. Hope I helped you. If you need more help feel free to PM me here.. Or in game at "Mxiia", "Hy Mx", or "Def Mx" (Main, Hybrid, Defence pure)
  3. If you really want to use THAT account to PK. Get your strength to around 60. Leave Attack and Defence WHERE THEY ARE. Ranged and Magic can go to about 60 as well, it won't hurt. You will now have a low leveled Rune Strength Pure. I hope you did Dragon Slayer already, because if not you are not able to do it without leveling Defence. You should have done it at or before 33 Defence. And, for a level 56, that will get TORN UP in PvP. Picture this... 40 attack, 70 Strength, 75 Magic, 75 Ranged, 1 Defence, 68 HP, 1 Prayer... Combat level 53. Now, this pure meets you.. casts 3 Fire Bolts, they each hit a 10, you eat a lobster... you are at 34 HP now, they switch to thier Rune 2h and hit a 16, you are at 18, they cast 2 more Fire bolts at you, you are down to 3 hp, you eat, they switch to thier Bow as you try to run, hit 3 12s on you.... you died in about 10 seconds and didn't stand a chance. Now, A decent rune pure would be level 80+ before it's effective Part of this, is beacause at 40 attack 99 strength 99 Magic 99 Ranged and 99 HP you are at level 73, this cannot attack 80+ The rune pure would have 40 Attack, 99 Strength, 99 Magic, 99 Ranged and 99 HP as well , but be level 82 due to it's 40 Defence. Rune Pures tend to train Strength to 40+ then do Dragon Slayer, at 1 Defence, then they raise their defence to 40. You, have a Main on your hands... I'll give you myself as an example. I have a Main (see my sig for current stats). I also have a PKer with 50 Magic, 50 Ranged, 40 Attack 41 Strength, 45 HP and 1 Defence... Combat level 37. If you want to have a PKer, I suggest you make another account.
  4. Ok, thank you all of you! I will get my strength to 50, magic and ranged to 60 and then PK. I will be about 45 combat.
  5. Very nice guide 9/10 I myself have 2 pures Hybrid(Hy Mx): 40 Attack, 40 Strength, 1 Defence, 44 HP, 50 Magic, 50 Ranged, and 1 Prayer at 37 Combat. Defence(Def Mx): 5 Attack, 12 Strength, 20 Defence, 17 HP, 1 Magic, 1 Ranged and 1 Prayer at 14 Combat.
  6. I just started my defence pure. He has 20 defence with 15 hp, combat level 9. Should I get his attack to 5 and strength to 12 at this point? It would put me at level 14 combat.
  7. 40 Attack 40 Strength 1 Defence 1 Prayer 50 Magic 50 Ranged 44 Hitpoints 37 Combat 1 Defence Hybrid. I'd PK in a PvP world.
  8. I hope you are joking. No, go look. I'm pretty sure that they just added it, because on my pure, I just hit 40 attack, went and bought a Rune 2h and a Power ammy, I had time to equip the 2h and look at the bonus before the update took place, then when I went to add the Power ammy I noticed a 3rd button.
  9. They added a price check in the Equipment Interface as well!
  10. I'm currently level 31 with 30 attack, 30 strength, 40 ranged, 45 magic and 33 hits. still leveling though :P
  11. With the Green Dragons, they could easily just drop Big Bones, much like wolves drop bones as opposed to wolf bones.
  12. Ok, My point of view is: All three combat types should have their best stuff at 40 for f2p. [*:1no47sy9] We already have Rune armor and weapons at 40, Melee is sufficient in f2p already. [*:1no47sy9] We have Green D'hide in f2p, but no level 40 bow, the Yew bows could be released to f2p without harming p2p at all, as well as the Rune arrows. [*:1no47sy9] Magic.... oh no! All magic equipment (except FOG stuff) can be used at magic level 1. They could release Elemental Wands for level 40 mages in f2p, these wands could have +12 magic attack and defence, they could also strengthen the wands from the Mage Training Area to around +15 (beginner) and follow suit with the rest. Now, the robes, Robes with similar stats to the Mystic robes (without the boots) could be released. This would vastly help f2p, therefore attracting quite a few more people to p2p. This next part is kind of iffy. - Maple trees could be added to f2p, possibly around Draynor Manor or something along those lines. - Green Dragons could be added into the Varrock Sewer, adding a section after the Moss Giants, This would both give a use to the Anti-Dragonfire shield and supply f2p players with green d'hide, then, the crafting skill could allow f2p players to create green d'hide armor. - A magic spell, at level 40, that enchants Silk into Enchanted Silk, which can then be crafted into the new f2p robes with level 47 - 53 crafting (same as corresponding snake skin parts) (these items would also be tradable). Thank you for reading this, please critique appropriately.
  13. Ok, you all are saying that if Jagex gives f2p a decent set of robes, like +25 magic total, that members are going to say "Oh, no reason to be a member, f2p gets magic robes not even as good as our basic Mystic robes..." that's down right stupid. Personally, I think Jagex should just add boots to the Runecrafter robes and a magic shield, similar to the elemental shield. Maybe they could even add +1's across the offensive board to all capes (team and regular) and increase all defensive stats by one as well. This wouldn't completely destroy p2p, but would help f2p. *support btw*
  14. attack 61 defence 60 strength 60 hit points 60 magic 49 ranged 42 prayer 40
  15. Thanks for your suggestions. I see what you mean with the 50 vs 55 thing. Also, the mage, I've been training with Super Heat Item and before that I did curses on the Monk of Zamorak in Varrock.
  16. If not Mystic robes, at least robes that are better than the current FoG robes in stats. The FoG robes would still be popular due to the returning of runes occasionally. But, due to the degrading of these robes they aren't as good as they could be.
  17. These should be available to f2p too, if an f2per gets all the f2p stats above each benchmark. Possibly, the f2p one could be a different color than the p2p one though.
  18. Right now I have 26 attack 20 strength 31 hit points 40 ranged 45 magic and 1 prayer/defence This puts me at 29 combat. My goal is 40 attack 60 strength 10 defence 60 hit points 68 magic 68 ranged and still 1 prayer. This will make me level 50 combat What are your suggestions, and also what sort of equipment should I bring into BH with these stats.
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