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  1. 3 Targs, 4-5 randoms. I'd be 1Mish richer, i got [bleep]ing 500k. [bleep] this [cabbage] (and I do small risks, 90% of my k0s today where on 5hp in DH with non-welfare (300k+ gear). [bleep] this [cabbage]. I got so many rune legs..
  2. Hello. What's so good about them? And also, why do they mostly have 60+ Attack and use whips/SS's 95% of the time? I've got an 40/45/1 + 50 range/50 mage + 1 pray account thinking of making it mems, but rune is to expensive to keep replacing (PJers with Claws/AGS...), but is 20 high enough? Prayer will be 11 if I keep 60 attack (Lose 250k-300k P/Death) or 31 (lose 100k less). Or should I get 70 Attack/34 prayer? Thanks.
  3. How come some [bleep]ing lvl 69 with Granite plate + dskirt + dds just [bleep]ing said GF 10 times to me in Castlewars? How the hell does he know the term??? It's like a virus, it won't stop spreading in a chaotic world of 'Good fight' and fighting, it's wrath determines one's soul decision has now come to a collage of spamming it. I agree with your sig :[
  4. So would you rather be 99/99/45 or 75/75/99? Or 99/99/71 (ME soon :D :D) or 90/90/90? EDIT: Situation is 2 PPl's with full rune and whip + defender + barrows gloves with no pjers around :o Impossible now, but was impossible to GET pjed 2 years ago :[
  5. Dude thank you so MUCH! Been looking for this! repeated the video over so much! + Respect, would give respect points if the forum allowed it Thanks both of you :D
  6. I'll list me and some friends: xO WN 3D x1 Onyx7890 G0od 4 happy ^ All New Zealanders Where the NZ sub thing? :P Anyway all New Zealanders - NORTH ISLAND
  7. Well hey guys, just considering seeing many of you 99/99/85, and the rest 99/99/99, is Defence really worth it (This is a tally, I'm STAYING 71 Defence for a longggggggg time ;) ) for you, does it help when PKing? Because at 99/99/99 you're VSing only like 99/99/95 at the most in Honour, and at say 99/99/45 you're VSing 75/75/75.
  8. Not going through 1.25K comments, any idea on 2nd song? Very much like it. Thanks :)
  9. WoW is horrible, no skill involved addict playing POS. If Mechscape is like that, well Jagex screwed up AGAIN. Anyway I'm still playing RS, I want that 99 Attack. $50 all the 9-10 year old's will go to Mechscape to build a SPACE SHIP! WOW! And all the old'er players will stick to RS. ;)
  10. Any idea on the new quest line for Zaros/Continuing? DT was pretty fun ;)
  11. I'm assuming that is in his price range, and if it is, those specs are terrible. 2g of ram and a 160g hdd? They are starting to come out with 6 gigs of ram and 500 gig hdd, for about 1000 euros(at least in America) If you buy a computer with 2 g and 160 it will be considered obsolete in a year, especially since the new windows should be out by then. I agree. Everyone uses 6GB's of RAM, even Crysis + AVG running scans doesn't use it, but RS HD + Crysis + AVG will OWN 6GB of RAM. It's not like those 3 App's run FINE on 2GB QUALITY RAM. 160GB HDD, we all need 500GB. We all DL tons of p r0nz + Music/Moves/TV series. It's not like a Desktop is used for it. People must be stupid in this sub-forum.
  12. Yes because everyone PKed in Addy chains in old wildy.
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