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  1. 3 Targs, 4-5 randoms. I'd be 1Mish richer, i got [bleep]ing 500k. [bleep] this [cabbage] (and I do small risks, 90% of my k0s today where on 5hp in DH with non-welfare (300k+ gear). [bleep] this [cabbage]. I got so many rune legs..
  2. Hello. What's so good about them? And also, why do they mostly have 60+ Attack and use whips/SS's 95% of the time? I've got an 40/45/1 + 50 range/50 mage + 1 pray account thinking of making it mems, but rune is to expensive to keep replacing (PJers with Claws/AGS...), but is 20 high enough? Prayer will be 11 if I keep 60 attack (Lose 250k-300k P/Death) or 31 (lose 100k less). Or should I get 70 Attack/34 prayer? Thanks.
  3. How come some [bleep]ing lvl 69 with Granite plate + dskirt + dds just [bleep]ing said GF 10 times to me in Castlewars? How the hell does he know the term??? It's like a virus, it won't stop spreading in a chaotic world of 'Good fight' and fighting, it's wrath determines one's soul decision has now come to a collage of spamming it. I agree with your sig :[
  4. So would you rather be 99/99/45 or 75/75/99? Or 99/99/71 (ME soon :D :D) or 90/90/90? EDIT: Situation is 2 PPl's with full rune and whip + defender + barrows gloves with no pjers around :o Impossible now, but was impossible to GET pjed 2 years ago :[
  5. Dude thank you so MUCH! Been looking for this! repeated the video over so much! + Respect, would give respect points if the forum allowed it Thanks both of you :D
  6. I'll list me and some friends: xO WN 3D x1 Onyx7890 G0od 4 happy ^ All New Zealanders Where the NZ sub thing? :P Anyway all New Zealanders - NORTH ISLAND
  7. Well hey guys, just considering seeing many of you 99/99/85, and the rest 99/99/99, is Defence really worth it (This is a tally, I'm STAYING 71 Defence for a longggggggg time ;) ) for you, does it help when PKing? Because at 99/99/99 you're VSing only like 99/99/95 at the most in Honour, and at say 99/99/45 you're VSing 75/75/75.
  8. Not going through 1.25K comments, any idea on 2nd song? Very much like it. Thanks :)
  9. WoW is horrible, no skill involved addict playing POS. If Mechscape is like that, well Jagex screwed up AGAIN. Anyway I'm still playing RS, I want that 99 Attack. $50 all the 9-10 year old's will go to Mechscape to build a SPACE SHIP! WOW! And all the old'er players will stick to RS. ;)
  10. Any idea on the new quest line for Zaros/Continuing? DT was pretty fun ;)
  11. I'm assuming that is in his price range, and if it is, those specs are terrible. 2g of ram and a 160g hdd? They are starting to come out with 6 gigs of ram and 500 gig hdd, for about 1000 euros(at least in America) If you buy a computer with 2 g and 160 it will be considered obsolete in a year, especially since the new windows should be out by then. I agree. Everyone uses 6GB's of RAM, even Crysis + AVG running scans doesn't use it, but RS HD + Crysis + AVG will OWN 6GB of RAM. It's not like those 3 App's run FINE on 2GB QUALITY RAM. 160GB HDD, we all need 500GB. We all DL tons of p r0nz + Music/Moves/TV series. It's not like a Desktop is used for it. People must be stupid in this sub-forum.
  12. Yes because everyone PKed in Addy chains in old wildy.
  13. But you PC and SW, correct? Or is this a joke topic? I'm confused.
  14. VERY STUPID! THEY HAVE SLOW RAM. Disappointing behavior, stealing slow stuff. Go to you're room and write an apology letter to you're computer THIS INSTANT.
  15. Hello :) 50 Attack/60 Attack (Claws Maybe) 80-90 Strength Defence, i'd get 45 if UNTRADEABLES become pick up able again like old wildy, if not stay 1, wait for new BH. Magic, 85 or 94. Veng vs Barrage vs TB + Entangle. Range should be 90, MSB to claws rips, wish I had claws :[ Gl, I see by you're main you're no noob, and STICK TO IT. 1st things 1st, make a good 5M bank :)
  16. Did you just say PC or SW?? I thought you were a Pro PJer?
  17. Thanks, 20K less spells than High alches, double the XP rates... 30 hours? I could do an hour a day, and be done in a month (or less since I go addict :P) Thanks very much :) Anyone else (Might burst, how much to 94? Under 20M? Charms are usless to me...).
  18. Hello. I find soulwars moderately boring TBH, but is auto clickers while at the computer banned (so I can talk + alch), but if its not then I won't, don't wanna make this account unlegit now. Stunning is A LOT more just for a tiny bit faster than alching, like 15-20hrs faster but the cash to make it will be 20-40 hours.
  19. Hello. Well I have 1M (Could easily make 20M+ if its a VERY fast way), thinking of high alching in PvP Hotzone away where normal people Do NOT go. If they find me GL 20+ brews, 3 rests + Tab + close to bank + I play at very weird times, so barley anyway will be on :] Anyway that or SW + Cursing the monsters. Also, thinking of Maging steel drags. Currently have 1M in Nats, could sell for Ahrims + sell some junk for 20K Chaos's. NOT trying to make money, losing 20M is fine if its bloody fast. Cheers
  20. PvP sucks. New wildy should be sweet. Just make an account like this for P2P. 60-85 Attack (60 For Aggresive Style dragon weapon attacks, 70+ for whip, 75 for Dragon scim + GS KO) 80-90+ Strength 1-45 Defence (IF you can pick up untradeables 45 WITHOUT a doubt, if not 1-20) 85+ Range 94 Magic (Veng/Barrage) Perfect :]
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