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  1. i remember playing before the ge came, buying almost anything was a pain in the ...., they dont spoonfeed us, e.g never giving out tones of updates at a time , they keep us guessing on updates etc etc , and f2p rarely get updates for 1 reason, they play for FREE
  2. i must be the most impatient person ever, but i stupidly bought 5k supplies of yew longs, any help with the boring part ? SORRY CAN U MOVE THIS 2 ADVICE PLZ!
  3. very small, i dont know how to make it bigger lol, 80 fetch anyway, almost 81!
  4. im confused lol by mousekeys, do you meen the 5 key method , or clicking with your mouse ??
  5. i know thats allowed but is the 5key allowed??
  6. u know the thing where u press number 5 instead of clicking ?
  7. making tele tabs takes ages! so that would be 30,000 clicks , i wouldn't do it if i were you
  8. this is the best summoning guide video, it tells you what to make with your charms at all lvls and explains everything else!
  9. if ur bored, do the penguin weekly game, but DONT go soul wars it is the worst place to go if u get anouyed easily
  10. no i think i only have 4 gold and 2 blue lmao! my budget would be around 3-4 mill , after i finish making my natures btw, i spend my penguin points on summoning every week and i get 25k i have tried waterfiends, but i waste to many p pots for a decent amounts of charms per trip
  11. they may have improved it but it still sounds terrible, the music and combat sounds, cant compete with any game
  12. summoning, ppl say slayer is the best method for charms , how long roughly would it take?, thanks!
  13. lol ppl get away with alot worse than that , jagex workers must have had a bad day lmao
  14. i wouldnt recommend goin 2 pc with 1 range, u will barely get the 60 hits mark, it took me 2 weeks for the full range void then another 2 weeks to get the other two helms
  15. change ur helm to a neziot helm, better stats and change ur rune to a rock-shell plate and dragon legs obby shield
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