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  1. Thanks, I'll calculate but, but when I looked at Rocktail they seemed to be dropping might wait a bit.
  2. If i were to do this from 99 about how much would it cost using a certain method? And what is the average exp/hr?
  3. This is wrong, Avg was best before, now its just worse than ever (alot of false reporting). Third party reviewers have given Microsoft Security Essentials the top score lately. MSE isn't slow on blocking the newer viruses either, just as fast as everyone else. I would even say Avira is better than AVG. tl;dr MSE>AVAST>AVIRA>AVG (according to 3rd party testers, on the web and in PC World Norway) Also make sure you dont have two antivirus installed at the same time, it clogs up the quarantine folder. Its also proven that you dont need any paid antiviruses, they're just memory hogs. Okay I'll try out MSE thanks everyone.
  4. I have been using Avira yet I've been getting some virus's is there a better or recommended antivirus available for free?
  5. Never heard of this before never even been to DKS. I don't really like usinga cannon but I might. I don't have 85 dungeoneering :(, I've been to bandos once but was only able to get 1 kill I've leveled a little bit since then though. But I do get a little shackey some times. I might start doing quest to get Tormented Demons. With Dungeoneering I don't really have any friends that play this game and the one that does just started playing and can only play 1 hour a day.
  6. I'm starting to get restless with skilling and want to take up combat with Maxed Melee and 88 range. Would slay range be a reasonable thing to do? Is there some monster that has a good constant gp/hr? Is Dungeoneering even worth soloing?
  7. Thanks I'll try this. 99's are pretty and I already have maxed combat plus quest are sort of boring to me.
  8. I haven't really used mousekeys for much more then dropping how exactly would I do this?
  9. Okay for fishing I'll probably do Barbarian, Woodcutting I'll do Ivy, Thieving I'll most likely do blackjacking although not sure how to do it, Hunting I'm not sure, and for Fletching I'd probably do one of the Broads but I've tried Broad Bolts before and it hurt my hand a lot.
  10. Thanks for the help, and with Ivy does the Adze get FM exp?
  11. I've recently gotten back into RuneScape with a membership and I would like to go for more 99s, I've been thinking of fishing, woodcutting, thieving, fletching, and hunter. What would be the best way for me to go about training this skills. Thanks in advance for your time.
  12. I still think it's messed up I thought that they had made it so nothing from members goes into ftp.
  13. While I was playing I got a Locked Door that required agility and I'm in ftp right now... They kinda messed this skill up.
  14. Oh, that is very confusing putting a Mods name in there.
  15. Why does it say he was in my party? And is there any tips to earning good exp in Dungeoneering? I'm currently in ftp. Thank you for your time.
  16. I haven't trained Dungeonering but it seems interesting I'll need to try it later. And I'm looking at RS Wiki for the Void thing now.
  17. The game I was playing took a turn for the worse and I quit. I stopped playing RS a little bit after the Dungeoneering update is there anything that I should be aware of that they changed since then? I have been reading RS wiki though. Thanks for your time. New question what is a somewhat effective way to train dungeoneering with max combat? I'm in FTP for now.
  18. I'll be using Zamorakian staff, fury, d boots and skill cape. Should I use void or karils/black dhide? And what should my inventory look like?
  19. Familiarisation is a recent D&D. Basically, you find an obelisk with Pikkenmix (Pikkupstix's apprentice), and then you'll enter the obelisk, and you're transformed into a familiar, and you walk around the area picking up raw shards while avoiding certain familiar's who will reduce your energy bar, and once it's gone, you'll get booted out of the plane. http://www.tip.it/runescape/?page=familiarisation.htm there's our guide on it. Thanks.
  20. What exactly is "familiarization"?
  21. I'll consider Dust Devils or Demons but would Bronze Dragons be any good since there are two of them right next to the Black Demons.
  22. What would be the best equipment for this accuracy gear or void? And should I use a cbow or something else?
  23. With my stats what is a good way to collect charms in a scenario where you don't lose money and don't have to pay complete attention?
  24. Okay I'll take all of this into consideration.
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