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  1. so what do I do with my rune bars and rune ores that were worth about $18M before the update?
  2. so is my best bet to smith them into rune items that have the highest alch value per bar?
  3. I have over 1K rune bars and like 400 rune ores, that now the prices have tanked wiht the new mining, but I listened to the update and it talked about doing something to rune armor that is now salvage plates or something and those you can sell to not lose money with the update. How does this work? Also I tried the new tier 90 ore and it is pointless with my dragon pick, how do I get the new axes and what is now profitable to mine and smith and what is the GP per hour to see if it is worth it. I used to just mine the two rune ores when recharging my glories and handing in my daily tasks, but now they are gone.
  4. I have 17 of them and have no idea what they do. It says to use with my slayer helm and it will reset kill count. I assume that means if my current assignment is kill 50 glacors and I finish the assignment, that I can use the spirit of battle to reset the task and do it again. But nothing happens I use it on my slayer helm and nothing, I use it on the slayer master, again nothing....
  5. will BXP trigger when dismantling an item? That would be a ton of BXP if it works....
  6. What is it used for and is there anything good to put in that slot?
  7. Can I take a dragon hatchet and dragon pickaxe off my toolbelt and then augment them and then put them back on my toolbelt?
  8. so I finally hit 60 invention and it says now my items can go up to level 15, but they keep getting more exp but never hit level 11, is there something else I hve to do or are levels past 10 ficticous?
  9. ok I still dont really understand this part of the skill, so I have augmented Tetsu armor, and drygores, also a whip and torag plate, and next will augment a torag legs. Which of these do I level to the highest currently possible and then siphon? I dont mind losing the torags and whip, but the rest I would like to keep if it makes sense. Money isnt a big issue, but also dont want to just piss it away. So once I get these to the highest level currently possible which is 10, which of these items do a siphon and what do I do with each when the exp runs out? I believe I keep them all, but not sure what to do when exp goes back to zero, how do I undo the siphon and start to build exp back up???
  10. so I buy barroes, augment it, level it to level 10, then add a siphon, continure to use it unitl it gets down to 0exp and then disassemble it? IS that correct?
  11. someone said level my "good" gear to level 12, but I am past level 10 and it doesnt level up to 11, so at what exp do I start to siphon the exp I have earned, and what happens after that when the exp runs out?
  12. got my chest and legs and whip augmented, all are up to levle 7 or 8, but now they stopped gaining experience and they say uncharged. What happened? What do I need to do?
  13. and does it ruin the gear? I assume not since I was told to attach it to good gear and level to 12. What happens when the exp is fully siphoned? Can you augment again?
  14. so once my "good" gear is augmented and then gets to level 12, HOW do I siphon it?
  15. so it sounds like the best way to level is to augment gear and do slayer, but doesnt seem like I get any experience until I level the gear up to 10 or 12.
  16. I augmented a dragon pickaxe, which kinda sux cause I had one in my toolbelt, so I had to buy another one to augment
  17. I dont really have any "main" Gear, what is siphoning, and how do I level? I assume this means I have to fight with the gear on to level it. I havent fought anything in years..... basically ever since the new comat came out with having to use the boxes and hit numbers while doing combat, I stopped fighting... hate active fighting, much prefer the old combat.
  18. I have leveled to 50 using lamps, but it is going real slow now. I have done all the discovery items. What is the best way to train from level 50 up and what things can I do with invention at this level and what will I be able to do with invention later on?
  19. I have the max of 2000 points, and I have the carrion jadinko attrached, but I also think there is a potion I am supposed to add or something else like warding off commons as well. Is there a potion I am missing or just now ward off the commons and go collect?
  20. Why is there no invention skill guide? hasnt this skill been out for almost a year?
  21. I havent played RS in about six months. Last new thing I remember was when invention came out. It seemed pretty boring and didnt do much of it and then havent really played much lately. my only skill to really train at this point is DGing, and I have more than enough gold right now. Any new fun things to do, new gear to get, and places to camp without a HUGE risk of dying but still can get some good stuff? Thanks for catching me up.
  22. what do you mean dont bother with the HD remake. The one I see on steam say Age of Empires 2 HD. There are no others ones that are NOT HD.
  23. the problem is you get to a point where all you have to do is get to one unit that dominates build enough of them and it is game over. In Civ 3 I think it was the howitzer, in Civ 5 some alien type thing. With Beyond Earth I like it but keep hvaing the game end to some weird thing being built, about sending soemthing back to earth, and not sure I can turn that option off like turning off diplomatic or cultural victory. I liked Civ 2 with player made scenarios, not sure how to get player made scenarios for the newer Civ's. I used to lov C&C 2 playing against a buddy of mine, and I have C&C 4, but I literally cannot get past the intro part, so I gave up. didnt ever figure out how to launch my base or something like that, maybe I will go back to that. I like Stronghold, but that gets old. So looking for a new kind of strategy world domination or building up type game. I like clash of clans, but if is so hard now just to build any upgrade wiht them each costing like $6M elixir just to upgrade a dragon from 3-4. I was even looking into the old warcraft games, but 1 seemed to simplictic and horrible graphics, didnt look into the ones after that. I wont ever do WOW.
  24. is it single player or MMORG? I couldnt find it on steam
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