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  1. Finished an elite clue from barrows today for this! New clue tab as well Bank space getting tight :s
  2. now go for amulet of torture! Just go this today, did not know it was an item. For those interested: current clue scroll tab
  3. Got a new BIS item today! Made a list of all my eventual BIS item goals that I will post here eventually, decided to start with some easy ones. Got the Guthix God Cape and headed to barrows for the day. 14 chests and this level today, sadly no items. Still chasing Karil's crossbow, will get it eventually.
  4. Today was watch a melee tourney day. Did some afk skills which got me another prosepector piece and these levels! Soon: smithing level, magic level, farming level, maybe return to zulrah?
  5. LAST TWO DAYS: Just more slayer, did bloodveld task then spiritual warriors, then black demons. also hard clue w/ sara bracers as the reward. Got 85 strength, and 84 combat. One more combat until I can switch to Nieve.
  6. Desert is actually great for Zulrah because you get a free teleport to Nardah statue which recovers health and then some + prayer as well.
  7. YESTERDAY: did some more chaos ele, got killed once or twice, got a rune 2h drop lol. KC = 57 also did some mining, got 71 and almost 72 soon. TODAY: started my bloodveld task, got 74 range
  8. TODAY: did Falador medium achievement diary, then did some medium clue scrolls. Updated clue tab: hopefully I won't max out my bank space before hidey-holes come out in july with the new clue scroll expansion.
  9. TODAY! I started the day off with a Chaos Elemental Kill, managed to pick up the loot before i was piled by a team! Oh no! BUT WAIT... our fabulous hero manages to tank the freeze, switch prayers like a boss, tank eat with curry, and protect magic to avoid freezing all until i made it to the teleporter and none of them were able to jump in! A quick glory teleport to edgeville and my 150 rune arrows were safe. (shit pkers 4Head). Current Ele kill count is 45, still going slow but I'll get the pickaxe eventually. After that I got a runecrafting level getting some cosmics for battlestaves. And after making some battlestaves, it was time for agility. This got me toooooooooooo the magical 1500 total level! Immediately hopped to new world. Aaand finally I was all ready for bed when I got a stupid farming level. Gosh leave me alone Good gains today, also watched a bunch of tv and fished some more. Should probably do my bloodveld task at some point. Also closing in on 77 magic at which point I should do Lunar Diplomacy and superglass make some more orbs. Once I reach 80 i can finally start stringing amulets, but I will need a lot more gold. sooo maybe more chaos ele soon?
  10. So only 49 items left? Not an rs3 player but this looks like a sick goal, would be cool to see a list of what you still need and watch you cross em off! Good luck
  11. TODAY: 77 fishing. Also continued to kill cockatrices which is a thing i've been doing a bit recently for limpwurts and medium clues. Got 2 cockatrice heads the other day. ALSO got a pair of black platelegs (t) today, will update clue tab eventually. Bank space starting to get full :///
  12. Great day today! Started off with this BEAUTY shortly after getting 66 thieving, on the road to 67 for my elite. A short while later, I achieved the level required for my elite clue. I would say that thieving is no longer my least favourite skill, as I found pyramid plunder to be at least decently enjoyable. I wonder what will be my new most hated skill? Probably will come back here sporadically to finish off 72 so I don't have to mess with rats in the future; it actually took way too long to get the boost. Finished my elite off also a while later Actually forced me to start Lunar Diplomacy for one of the steps so I might actually complete that sometime soon.
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