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  1. thanks for all the help guys! (cuz I miss A LOT of things :P) but i tested the stats using Nezzy vs. Proselyte Nezzy will take away 1 prayer bonus and give an extra 3 strength bonus. to me, thats a toss up, use whichever you like. :
  2. hey guys! sorry i havent finished the reward section yet. ive been kept really busy lately =/ im working on it thought! so keep checking back! *psst* if you have any reward drops you would like to add, just include them in a post, but please put them in a drop down menu, or else this page will be realllllllly long. thanks!
  3. ill add those in, thanks! and yah, the flail is a pain in the $#% to remake. not much we can do about that though. =/ and yah, id reccomend the pots. they really do speed up kills just watch out, cuz once you freeze a vyrewatch, another one can attack you. so you might not want to do that until theyre unagressive ^_^
  4. hey, that would be great if you could put up your drop log im gonna start adding the rewards in once i get a free day to work on it now that ive got all the basic stuff down, im gotta start adding cool stuff (like the burning 2 at once thing), so thanks for your help!
  5. scribbles001 i was gonna add another section for those who did want to tank them, but was unsure about armour and such. thanks for the suggested stuff, ill make sure I add that!
  6. It's coming along, but still have a few places to clean up and add stuff. Yellow Titles -- A Main Section of This Guide Blue Titles -- A SubSection of a Main Section Green Titles -- Specific Information on a SubSection Red Titles -- A DropDown Section Containing Extra Information After the completion of "Legacy of Seergaze" you discover a whole new creature to kill The Vyrewatch! Basically, a Vyrewatch is a flying vampire. But, unlike regular vampires, they have some very nice drops. But, unlike regular vampires, you have to cremate their body to recieve those drops. This guide will explain in detail where to find them, how to kill them, and how to get the rewards in a relatively efficient manner. So read through and enjoy! : EQUIPMENT This section deals with the set-ups for killing Vyrewatches. You don't have to follow these exactly, they are just guides for ways that are effective. Feel free to experiment with your own set-ups. : These are the set-ups for two commonly used methods. Pray Method [hide=]Armour As I've shown, what we want here is a high Prayer Bonus. The higher your prayer bonus, the slower your prayer drains. What I've shown is a pretty standard set-up to have a high prayer bonus. Helm: Proselyte Torso: Proselyte Legs: Proselyte Cape: Saradomin Cloak Gloves: "Barrows" Gloves Boots: Dragon Boots Necklace: Saradomin Stole Weapon: Ivandis Flail Ring: Explorer's Ring -A Fury Ammy will trade 5 prayer bonus for 10 bonus on all attack stats. Whichever you choose is up to you. -A Trimmed Skillcape will give an extra 1 prayer bonus as compared to the God Cloaks -Zamorak or Guthix items will give the same bonuses as the Saradomin stuff -If you have not completed "Recipe for Disastor" fully, use the best gloves you can -The Explorer's Ring gives a +1 prayer bonus, but you can switch that if you prefer another ring Inventory -Bring 2 or more Super Attack and Super Strength Potions and you'll be hitting fairly well -The Holy Wrench is obtained from "Rum Deal" and helps you restore extra prayer points with every prayer potion dose -The Monkfish are in case you have a bad attention span and get hit for some damage -Feel free to use any other food, it's just for emergencies[/hide] Defence Method [hide=]Armour This is also referred to as the Tank Method. For this set-up, you want a high defence bonus. Torag's Armour gives some of the highest defence bonuses avaliable. Helm: Torag's Helmet Torso: Torag's Platebody Legs: Torag's Platelegs Cape: Skill Cape Gloves: "Barrows" Gloves Boots: Dragon Boots Necklace: Amulet of Fury Weapon: Ivandis Flail Ring: Ring of Wealth -If you have a Fire Cape, wear that instead -If you have not completed "Recipe for Disastor" fully, use the best gloves you can -I don't know of any rings that give defence bonuses, so wear any ring you like -If you can't afford an Amulet of Fury, wear an Amulet of Glory Inventory -Bring Super Defence Potions to boost your defence even more -Bring food to heal when the Vyrewatches hit you -If you feel the need, you can bring Super Strength and Super Attack Potions as well to boost your offense. -Monkfish heal 16 HP and are a great choice of food, but if you want to use sharks or anything better, feel free -If you have completed the Seer's Village Achievement Diaries, you want to get your Excalibur enchanted. Then you can bring that and use the special periodically. This will heal you 20 HP and give you the same boost as a Super Defence Dose. Not required, but reccomended, since it only takes up one inventory spot. -If you have 68 Summoning, you may want to bring a Bunyip. It will heal you every few seconds which will save you food.[/hide] Ivandis Flail If you're going to kill Vyrewatches, you must become one with the Ivandis Flail. Granted, it isn't the greatest weapon in the world, but we're just gonna have to deal with it, cuz it's the only weapon that will hurt Vyrewatches. Flail Stats [hide=] As you can see, the stat bonuses are pretty sad.[/hide] Flail Special Now, there is a compensation for the flail's poor stats -- Its special attack. This attack will paralyze a Vyrewatch for a short time, meaning it can't attack you. This can only be used if the Vyrewatch is BELOW HALF HEALTH, but this will save you a lot of prayer points. The flail has 30 of these special attacks. Unfortunately, after you use the 30th special attack, your flail will *poof* and disappear. However, just like you made your first one during "Legacy of Seergaze" you can make another one. Making Another Ivandis Flail [hide=]Now, this is the MOST COMPLICATED weapon to make so pay attention. : Items These are the items you will need to make ONE Ivandis Flail. -1 Rod Clay Mould -1 Chain Link Mould -2 Silver Bars -2 Mithril Bars -1 Cut Sapphire -1 Cut Emerald -1 Blessed Sickle -1 Rope -1 Chisel -Runes for 1 Sapphire Enchant -Runes for 1 Emerald Enchant Process If you don't remember from "Legacy of Seergaze" pay attention ;) 1) Start with ALL the items listed above at any furnace 2) Use a bar on the furnace and click "Make Silvthril Chain" This will use 1 bar of both silver and mithril. 3) Use another bar in the furnace and click "Make Silvthril Rod" This will use your last silver and mithril bars. This will also use your sapphire. 4) Enchant the Silvthril Rod using the lvl 7 enchant spell for Sapphire Jewellery. 5) Use the Emerald with the Blessed Sickle. This will add the emerald to the sickle. 6) Enchant the Sickle with the lvl 27 enchant spell for Emerald Jewellery. 7) Now, you will need to give the Silvthril Rod a "divine" enchantment. In order to do this, we need to go back to the Temple on the River Salve Once you reach the Temple, enter and go to the downstairs room with the statues. In the center of the room there will be a well. 8) Use your Sivlthril Rod on the well. You will automatically use your rope to lower it down and bring it back up. You now have an Ivandis Rod. 9) Finally, use your new Ivandis Rod with your Sickle. This will combine the two pieces into a new Ivandis Flail with 30 more charges! 10) You can make as many of these as you would like. There is no limit. Notes -If you have *misplaced* your Chain Link Mould, you can find another in the Myreque Hideout in Meiyerditch. Search the crates in the southern room of the hideout. -If you have *misplaced* your Rod Clay Mould, you will need 1 soft clay. Take this back to Ivandis' tomb, which is located in the tunnel system behind Canifis. Use the trapdoor behind the pub to enter. Go through the wall passage, and Ivandis' tomb is the first crevice on your left. Go into this crevice and use your soft clay with the tomb in the middle of the room. This will produce a new Rod Clay Mould. -If you need another blessed sickle you can get another by visiting the Druid Grotto in the Mortyania Swamps. Take a regular sickle (you can buy from other players or GE or you can make using a silver bar and a sickle mould) and use it with the Nature Altar inside the grotto. This will bless your sickle. -You can only have ONE blessed sickle at a time, so if you want to have more than one, drop the first one you use on the Altar. Then use another sickle on the Altar and pick up your first one. Repeat for as many sickles as you need. -The Nature Altar will also give you an extra 2 prayer points if you pray at it.[/hide] Vyrewatch Hunting Now that you've got your inventory set up, let's go find some Vyrewatches! Since you've completed "Legacy of Seergaze" you've also completed "In Aid of the Myreque" which allows you to use the bank in Burgh de Rott. This is awesome because as the picture shows, Vyrewatch are only a stone's throw to the east. Just walk along the shore or east of the furnace and you'll be finding these flying vampires very quickly. :) They are the only flying things around, and if you can't find one, chances are they'll find you. :shock: Vyrewatch Fighting Now that you have the appropriate items and have found a Vyrewatch, it's time to kill it! This is an image of fighting using the Pray Method Basic Info -This is NOT a multi combat area, so only one enemy will attack you at once. So don't worry about fighting all the Vyrewatches at once. -Vyrewatches attack using melee type stabs with their spear, so use the protect from melee prayer. -There are FOUR different types of Vyrewatches east of Burgh de Rott. Vyrewatch (lvl 110) - 95 HP - 15 max hit Vyrewatch (lvl 120) - 105 HP - 16 max hit Vyrewatch (lvl 130) - 115 Hp - 17 max hit Vyrewatch (lvl 140) - 125 HP - 17 max hit There isn't much difference between the four, other than the HP. If your praying, all you need to focus on is their HP. If your tanking, make sure you dont let your health get below 15. Attack Plan Fighting a Vyrewatch plan is fairly simple. Pray Method 1) Use Protect from Melee prayer 2) Attack a Vyrewatch using the Ivandis Flail 3) Keep attacking until you kill it 4) Use prayer potions when needed Tank Method 1) Attack a Vyrewatch using the Ivandis Flail 2) Keep attacking until you kill it 3) Eat when needed -After you kill a Vyrewatch, it will flutter down to the ground and curl up into the fetal position. Then, you can pick up its corpse. Pick it up. Guthix Balance Potions [hide=]Guthix Balance Potions are a potion unique to vampire and Vyrewatch fighting. They allow you to deal a random amount of damage, which means less damage you have to deal with the flail. These potions will noticeably speed up your kill rate. These potions can either be obtained through the herblore skill or from other players and the GE. Making a Guthix Balance Potion This is EXTREMELY less complicated than making another Ivandis Flail. :D Items This is what you will need to mix ONE Guhtix Balance Potion. -1 Vial of Water -1 Clean Harralander -1 Red Spider's Eggs -1 Garlic -1 Silver Dust Process 1) Use the Harralander with the Vial of Water 2) Use the Red Spider's Eggs with the unfinished Harralander Potion This will create a Restore Potion(3). Don't freak out. 3) Use the Garlic with the Restore Potion 4) Use the Silver Dust with the Unfinished Guthix Balance. This will create a Guthix Balance(3) 5) You can combine these with other Guthix Balance Potions to create Guthix Balance(4). This will save inventory space. Using a Guthix Balance Potion Guthix Balance Potions require a few things in order to work correctly. 1) The Vyrewatch must be BELOW HALF HEALTH 2) You must USE THE IVANDIS FLAIL SPECIAL ATTACK on the Vyrewatch. This will paralyze the Vyrewatch for a short time. 3) Once the Vyrewatch is paralyzed, you can use the Guthix Balance Potion on it. Since the potion is made of things vampires can't stand (garlic and silver) the Vyrewatch will scream and take a random amount of damage. 4) You can repeat as many times as you like as long as the Vyrewatch is paralyzed. Each time you use a Guthix Balance Potion, you will only use one dose of the potion. Notes -Silver Dust can be purchased from other players and the GE or can be made -To make Silver Dust, go to the Ectofuntus with a Silver Bar Go to the second floor and use the Silver Bar with the Hopper You will automatically put the Silver Bar into the grinder and take out the Silver Dust. -You can buy restore potions and add the other ingredients -Guthix Potions will earn you 113 Herblore exp -You might want to seperate these from Prayer Potions in your inventory due to the similar color so you don't use the wrong potion -You can bring as many as you would like, just remember to leave space in your inventory for corpse drops.[/hide] Notes -Make sure you don't kill a Vyrewatch too close to the water. If you do, its corpse may land *in the water* and you won't be able to pick it up. -If you want to fight the ones close to the water, make sure you lead them away from the edge so you don't lose your drop. Vyrewatch Cremating Congratulations. You successfully found and killed a Vyrewatch. Now, go ahead, I know you wanna ask. "WTF AM I GONNA DO WITH A CORPSE? I CAN'T SELL THAT ON THE GE!!!" And that's a great question. Here is where Vyrewatches differ from most monsters. As you learned in "Legacy of Seergaze" (unless you weren't paying attention. shame) you have to cremate that corpse to earn the reward. I will now explain how this is done. Pay attention this time. : Items This is what you need to burn ONE corpse. -1 Vyrewatch Corpse -1 Set of Pyre Logs (Teak or better) -1 Tinderbox If you wish to burn more than one corpse at a time, just bring one set of these items for EACH corpse. Pyre Log Information[hide=]Coming Soon! :P[/hide] Process Now that you have all the stuff, we need a place to put it together. If you remember from "Legacy of Seergaze" Vyrewatches must be cremated in the Columbarium underneath the temple on the River Salve. If you don't, pay attention. : This is the quickest way to reach the temple. Walk from Canifis bank WITH the items needed for burning the corpse. Once you are at the temple enter through the trapdoor and you will be downstairs with all of the statues. Look for the hole in the wall with the stairs leading down. Go down the stairs. Once you are down the stairs, you will be in a room shaped like the Saradomin Star. The walls are lined with wall coffins (but we'll come back to those later ) and there are funeral pyres near the columns. These are the final piece to the Vyrewatch burning process. There are three simple steps to cremating a Vyrewatch. 1) Use your logs on the Funeral Pyre 2) Use the Vyrewatch Corpse on the Funerl Pyre 3) Use your tinderbox on the Funeral Pyre The funeral pyre will begin to burn and you will see the Vyrewatch's spirit rise from its corpse and disappear into the breeze with a flush of color. Now, a key will appear on the stone stand at the end of the funeral pyre you just used. Pick it up. You should now have a key that looks like this. Notes -DO NOT leave logs and/or corpses on the funeral pyre for too long. They WILL disappear. Rewards We're finally at the end of the long process that is Vyrewatch killing. Now that you have the Columbarium key, go back to those wall coffins (told you we'd get back to them : ) Search along the wall for a place that allows you to search it. Click it. Your key will disappear and you will have a reward in your inventory. Reward List -Note, this is not everything that Vyrewatches drop. This is simply what I have compiled so far. Want to see if this whole process is worthwhile? Well then take a look at the rewards! Armour & Weapons [hide=]Coming soon![/hide] Runes & Arrows [hide=]Coming soon![/hide] Herbs & Seeds [hide=]Coming soon![/hide] Miscellaneous [hide=]Coming soon![/hide] **More Information on Rewards Coming Soon** Lecturn Within the Columbarium, at the Southern Most "point" of the star, there is a lecturn. -This lecturn records the number of Vyrewatches that you have cremated. -When you have cremated 50, your Ivandis Flail will be upgraded! -Each upgrade will give the flail a higher max hit and make it more accurate. -This upgrade happens every 50 cremations until you reach 500. Conclusion I hope you found this guide useful and found Vyrewatches as an interesting monster to kill. I WILL be adding additional information in the not-so-distant future, so keep checking back. If you have any comments, suggestions, etc... leave a post! Acknowledgements I would like to thank... Chop0714 -- For being my personal spellchecker and fact-checker. Scribbles001 -- For the Tank Method Info GibberEsh -- For the Excalibur info yuyu13 -- For the Bunyip info Peace out!
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