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  1. dang witchy, sure got a lot of stalkers lol, see whatt happens when your nice to people?

  2. thank you, glad your one to realize i am not on here to have fun and joke around.

  3. lol keep the hate mail coming you tards, you just make my day.

  4. well, be curious with your own kind Dragon, i aint here to be your friend alright so no point in trying to look me up. i class witchy in a totally different area then what you do for reasons i wont get into, but either or i'll just say, G.F.Y. and have a miserable day on rs dragon.

  5. well i cant be there myself so i dont have a clue wtf is going on.

  6. well idk, im just going by others since i cant and havent been able to play. so i am not sure whether to listen to people i talk to everyday or yourself which barely gave me the light the of day after u got 99 herb. so im at a crossroad

  7. Uhhh :S No-one has stopped talking to me

  8. 200m aint worth the time, even hitting 15m is fair enough on anything, long as u got that cape on your back the xp after doesnt mean crap except you have too much free time on your hands to continue doing soemthing you already completed.

  9. heard u trimmed herb without anyone there and now no one talks to you cus of it. kinda sad to see how much you've changed in the past half a year. you hang around/let Archa joke stalk you, yet you dont realise EVERYONE hates him, well except for you and some other ppl i dont wanna name.

  10. Oh i've given up on 200m xp goal :D

    Maybe i'll get it someday but not any time soon.

  11. well i partially apologize for my rudeness, as i havent been around in a while, then i read ur status about trimming herblore (personally i think trim herblores hotter, but not my choice, besides you woulda got it trimmed no matter what cus theres no way u could get 200m herb xp without having another if not multiple cash maker 99s. ) i stopped playing cus i moved, no pc and i got a job. worki...

  12. creepy people, no kidding, they aint my friend, i aint here to check them out, so why they view me w/o i having viewed them i have no clue. I'm ugly people, not attractive nor kind to strangers. so just making that noted. i dont play RS anymore i have no desire to meet new people

  13. And sorry I got busy and half forgot.

  14. :S

    Anyway....don't mind the people that look at your profile, those are just the creepy people.

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