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  1. Lol, you have no idea. I had to bank to grab some logs and my friend was fishing @ barb fish spots. I told him when I come back he should watch me get a dfh. He couldn't believe me until I showed him my ALOG, haha. I also had to screenshot my GE History to prove to him I didn't just buy it off the GE, LOL. Anyways that's my story, hope it was 2cool4u :shades:
  2. Wow. So I had a mith drags task and told my friend I'd get a dfh from the one chewed bones drop I got Still in awe from this, never thought I'd ever get one LOL Couple levels too
  3. I seriously dislike hunter also. I am sad that I have no more bxp or brawlers for it lol.. That's in the resource dungeon in the Meilyr section of Prifddinas
  4. Completely unrelated to anything to do with maxing but... I went on a quest to get an offhand rubber chicken. A bit of story time behind this.... A friend of mine told me about the offhand rubber chicken after seeing me with my mainhand one, so I decided to go on a quest for one. Until said friend and clanmates came to crash me @ lumbridge chickens rofl... he ended up getting one after about 20 kills on the world that he took from me. Meanwhile, it took me 767 kills to finally get mine LOL The salt was real :~(
  5. Slowly but surely... Is there anybody out there? Hello? Is this thing on? ....
  6. Not sure, the wikia states that the brawlers 300% bonus only works with div locations in 40+ wilderness. So I just go to lava titan tele spot since it's easy access. Anyways, finally got all 80+ :D... but I didn't get an in-game chat message for all 80+ :^(
  7. Box traps and brawlers + extending limit is super exp :^) (Had to finish off 2k @ Jadinkos to get 90)
  8. Thanks everyone, I won't be playing much this week due to my vacation. The gains will be back next week :^ ) (I promise)
  9. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwyeahhhhh :^) All these got me this :^) O Just got this too :DD yeee buddy
  10. Welcome friend, I see you too are a fan of the gains :^) many are to be had here I assure you :~)
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