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  1. second clue reward, seems to be bad luck today =I
  2. Well we are using salamanders and sgs. Healing with guth down at tunnels. And thanks supporting=) So far im winning, thanks to skirt
  3. :lol: So my brat mate (Brat master0) and i (brat miss) decided to do race to see who will get the best loot out of barrows in 12 hours. We will post pictures after each trips and tell how many chest. We will have break at 2.30gmt till brat wakes. After that we will go on till 12 hours is done so estimate time for ending is 4.30 pm gmt. So, wish us luck.. or to me ;) ~~ VS ~~ Race start at 8.20 pm gmt ! Alright 1st banking 2nd banking 3rd banking 4th banking 5th banking Well after all these chests Brat master0 won with very nice loots :^_^: Even i thought i would win it. :unsure: Good job, thanks for race <3:
  4. Very nice bank i give 9/10 <3, lots of nice items and i can see you have done hard work for those.
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