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  1. Thanks for the replys, really helpful to hear how others got there and the info on the dalies ect will help :)
  2. Hey all, 99 prayer for some reason has been a goal of mine since i started playing rs. Not sure why I just like the skill/cape. My question is how did you all get it? Did you buy the bones or farm them yourself? If you did just buy the bones did you get the cash through monster hunting? I worked it out from 70 prayer it will cost roughly 170mil using drag bones at a guilded alter, considering im on 18m im at a loss. My lvls arn't that high im 85att, 90str, 85def, 70 prayer, 70 sum, 72 range and 73 mage. Im thinking i might have to just put the goal aside for now and lvl thorugh slayer untill i have higher stats for boss hunting.
  3. As this person said, summoning is only having a minimal increase during double xp weekend. I don't think it justifies the extra cost of buying all the secondary products to train your summoning for a 10% increase when you could put the money into more worthwhile areas e.g. Herblore. ah didn't realise this, thanks for going me teh warning. Will be lvling something else instead thnaks for the help everyone
  4. Hey all, I'm in the process of trying to make some quick money due to the bonus xp weekend coming up. I want to train summoning as much as i can, but i need the money for the shards. In your opinions do u think i sohuld mine rune (85 mining) or do barrows (cbt 109 73 mage 72 range) runs? cheers for the help legion
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