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  1. Here are my stats What kind of pk builds could I create with this? I like to range for pking so I was thinking maybe void ranger or f2p pker.
  2. Thx i think ima do canfis one beucase i just got a really easy task for burthope that was totally not worth my time =] what quest do u think i should do?
  3. So, i am a pure that wants 55 slayer for magic dart and broad tipped bolts. I was wondering because i have 1 def should i go to the 1st slayer master in burthope. Than the one in canfis. Is the exp different? What would be faster exp. Sometimes with the canfis task its a little hard so i go back to the burthope one and get a easier task. What im trying to say is that what would be more exp. im lvl 54 pure with 50 at 62 str 1 def 25 prayer (want 31) 61 range 59 magic. THX =]]
  4. Thank you so much! u saved my pure =] i was about to get 20 def 0.0 =]=]
  5. Is there any way to get a new slayer task then?
  6. i am currently 1 def, but i was wondering if 20 def would be good for a g mauler/ranger. Plus 20 def would make me able to complete my slayer task. i want 55 slayer for broad tipped bolts/arrows/magic dart, for training at green dragons for money. i am currently 31 slayer.
  7. thx Gandorf61 didnt see that thank u eh a little off want be to bad
  8. The ranged max hit calculator sorely needs to be updated, as it is missing many of the new weapons. Dbows and Its spec,Darts,knifes,Bolts along with all dragon ranged items aren't included. Also, I wants to be able to type in the combat stats that I wants and have the calculator estimate what your hp will be when you get those levels.
  9. Sorry for my typing earlier. I had to go and i was in a rush and late , but i knew i wanted to type it before i left. So i am sorry
  10. If u want all these certain stats but u dont know what ur hp would be for the combat calc. for me i know what all my stats like 70 range 70 magic 70 str 50 att but idk what the hp would be that would be really usefull and update the range max hit calc beucase u dont have dragon arrows or d bow or knives or darts. my suggestion thx for your time
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