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  1. Uhm.. That wasn't a very smart reply :l "You might wonder how you can get 99 HP and no other 99 combat skills". Easily? You switch between them, and when you hit 98, use the next one. There's your un trimmed hp cape.
  2. What do you believe the longest skill is? It's obviously narrowed down to: Slayer Runecrafting Farming I'd like to clear this up.. It's getting on my nerves wondering to.
  3. Nope :) I did willows to 99, since I didn't feel like powering teaks. I managed to sell all 96,000 willows overnight somehow =p Edit: Updated thread. 98 reached! Thanks for all of your support :D
  4. I know it's not a big deal. I'm a level 65, it's my second cape, and it's my first trim so it is to me. Don't spam my thread please.
  5. Sorry, I'm new here. I've fixed the hide tags. @Staff, can you move this please? :) (I couldn't find any better or more qualified boards) Thanks for your congrats.
  6. This Sunday or Monday! My RuneScape Character will be getting 99 fletching, and a trim cape to accompany his woodcutting cape. Read below for more information! RuneScape username: Ii k0 y0u Combat Level: 65 Current 99's: Woodcutting. Current XP: 30 Million total. Information. Current Fletching level: 96. Current fletching XP: Between 11, and 11.5 Million. Party information: World: 2. Location: Catherby, in front of the castle gate. Time: Add me on MSN, I will add a conversation with all participants with a time. MSN: [email protected] !!!NOTE!!! If you can't get in because the world is full, hold down enter on the login screen. It'll login soon! :) Expected Attendance: Right now, over 20. Please invite ALL your friends or anyone who'd like to come if interested. Status of Level up: (The party will be recorded) [hide=pictures] [/hide] Stopped pictures there. I do have videos of 90-96, which I will upload on the final video edit :) If you're going to attend, please post here. Thanks for reading!
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