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  1. loldielol

    Fire giants

    Ok thanks mate, didn't know about this rare drop table until arceus mentioned about it lol Thanks again :)
  2. loldielol

    Fire giants

    Hi, I just had some hellhounds to slay, same reward for charms, so maybe something to do with eoc? Been so damn long since I've actually paid attention to some stuff, so may be I might be incorrect lol
  3. loldielol

    Fire giants

    Hey all, Well I've noticed that since or possibly before the new looting system came out, I have started to receive more charms than it stated on the website as such; I don't know how also, but I some how got 324 raw lobsters (noted) as a drop Possibly new rare drop for them? Any way; Would appreciate it if someone else posted proof for the lobsters as confirmation, just its weird how I some how got that drop lol Another, I noticed on the drop list it says 50 rune bars, so there's another.
  4. Hi, well first off: If this has been bought up in the past and has been explained, then I apologise, I rarely visit the forums. Any way, down to what I am wondering about... When I installed SwiftKit, Avast said that the uninstall[Caution: Executable File] contained some sort of malware??? Print screen: I have been using Swiftkit in the past, and never encountered this before, is it Avast over reacting, or does it truly (I have doubts that it does) contain a malware?
  5. Or on a likely case on my side, tip.it is trolling me. I searched shark fist earlier, and no result came up :/ but now it is -.- Ughh Mod just frigging lock/burn/shove this post as far down in the ground as possible. Edit: Just to clarify, the post is still valid in some sense, it says you get it from SoF (Which as we know has been replaced by this treasure thing lol), *Not careing about credit or anything, just saying* :L Edit 2: Also, correct me if I am wrong - The stats need updating on the items too, or does the stats vary depending on your level? (Haven't paid much attention to how the stat ratio works, but I am sure it still works as said).
  6. Hey, Well I searched tip.it, and couldn't find any mentioning about the shark fists, so here they are; If you need any other images of 'em then do say, or another user who has them post it xD P.S. I got this from the Treasure reward thingy xD P.P.S. I hope I posted in the right section :x (Haven't been on in ages)
  7. Basically it's telling you to install JRE 6, as apparently from what I just read JRE 7 still has issues Although, this link on that thread they provided may be out of date, so if that doesn't work then I wouldn't know without actually trying to fix it myself o-o
  8. Dunno what to do :x

  9. Did some searching on the forums and came up with this, maybe it'll help; http://forum.tip.it/topic/315008-says-i-dont-have-java/
  10. Yeah, just thought Id check just in case, and did so which they're all correct :)
  11. np, I'll go through the others whilst I haven't got anything to do after I clean these tarromins :)
  12. Also Cleaning Tarrormin should be 3.8 EXP, not 5 EXP As proof:
  13. Hey well, if this seems a bit off or if it doesn't make sense then please forgive me, I have a really bad ear infection that is causing me issues x.x Any who on to topic; As a coder I am, I noticed that when searching for something IE: "Sinew " without quotes of course, but notice the space, well when ever that type of search is performed it turns up with no results, so my suggestion is to add a trim to trim off any spaces that are obvious, or make the search engine a little less aggressive in its searching function, because this will probably cause a lot of confusion, or inconvenience. So say for example if this isn't clear enough; If someone searches for like again "Sinew " with space it should trim away the space, but on another note if it's something like "Air Rune" then for obvious sakes it shouldn't trim :P I know for a fact that there is a PHP function being trim($variable), so it should at least be doable. Any who if this could be done then it'd be highly appreciated :) P.S. If this is the wrong area to be posting this then I apologise in advance.
  14. Well I haven't seen any topics mentioning updates for Tears of Guthix, and I think Id post them; Juna Light Creatures That's all :)
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